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Vicious fighting in the canals of Venice. A 28mm scale miniature game.
Vicious fighting in the canals of Venice. A 28mm scale miniature game.
Vicious fighting in the canals of Venice. A 28mm scale miniature game.
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Magic! Gondolas! Exclamation Marks!!


Hello everyone! It's Friday afternoon, which means time for more Carnevale!

Today we're going to look at some rules and some miniatures! First up, today's video:



As you can see, today we're talking about magic! Magic was a brilliant feature in Carnevale, and using the ethereal energies of The Rent (or wherever you choose to draw your powers from) is an integral part of combat in the canals.

That hasn't changed!

What has changed is the way that spells are chosen, and the way they are cast. This is a big change that should make a lot of sense.

First of all, there are five disciplines of magic, each one with its own focus. For example, black magic focuses on offensive spells, where are support magic... well that one is quite obvious. These names are just placeholders at the moment, we'll have nice, thematic names when we come to print, don't worry!

Each Mage has a list of disciplines they can take. So a Morgue Doctor can choose from Black Magic or Support Magic, where as a Magi-Rashaar has a great choice from Black Magic, Control Magic, or Mixed Magic! Each Mage can only choose spells from one Discipline, but those can change from game to game, making those with more to choose from a lot more tactically flexible depending on your opponent!

Selecting spells has become a lot more straight forward too. You don't have to pay any additional points for each spell, you just pick from the list. And why? Because the spells are (or at least will be) balanced! No more good spells and bad spells, just spells with different uses.

 So how do you cast spells?

Well, as we see above, each spell has a name, a cost, a difficulty and an effect. Mother Hydra's Claws is a Black Magic spell, by the way.

  • Name - easy. 
  • Cost - how many Will Points it costs to cast the spell.
  • Difficulty - the number you need to roll to score an Ace.
  • Effect - exactly what the spell does.

As you can see, the big change is that there's a variable amount needed on your Mind roll to successfully cast a spell. Different Disciplines are easier or harder to cast, so someone with a lower Mind value might be better off choosing from Support Magic, and those with higher Mind might risk the higher Difficulties of Black Magic.

Oh, that (x) value in there? That's equal to your Mage level. So the better you are, not only do you know more spells, but certain spells will be even better too!

Another spell? Oh okay!

 You may have noticed in the video a little comment about extra spells. Well, each Discipline comes with a free Cantrip. These Cantrips aren't always easy to cast, but every Mage gets access to their chosen Discipline's Cantrip in addition to any other spells, and each one costs 0 Will Points! They're not as powerful as the bigger spells, but are still useful in the right situation.

So with a 0 Will Point spell, couldn't you just cast it over and over? Well, no. You can only cast each spell once per activation. So choose your spells wisely!

Ooph that's a lot of rules talk! There's obviously a lot going on with magic, so if you have more questions, feel free to ask either on this post, in the comments, or on the Facebook fan page. We're happy to enlighten!


You may have seen in Backerkit that our Gondola render is only a mock-up. Well I'm delighted to tell you that the real one is here!


 That's one nice gondola right there! I'm really excited to get one of these on the board!

Gondolas should fit two characters on them... Does this one?

Yes indeed! This Gondola was specially designed for the game, and everyone with a 2-Player Starter Box will be getting one! Amazing. I really love this piece of kit!

You know who else loves it? Siobhan. I came in this morning to find my precious gondola on her desk. She's been fumbling around in the resin room's miscast parts box and... well...

"Just one Cornetto..."
"Just one Cornetto..."

Fantastic. Well at least we know that the Ugdru-Rashaar will fit in a gondola! That gondolier better do a good job otherwise he's going to be fish food!

All The Rest...

Important dates:

- Backerkit closes in two and a half weeks! Get your pledges in now, and get your friends to join the fun via the pre-order store.

- Next Friday the new beta rules will be released! We'll be giving you all the basic rules needed to play, and stat cards for the Faction Boxes of five characters each. If you'd like to playtest, we'll be setting up a response form for your comments and criticisms. You don't have to fill these out, but you can help shape the game if you do!

And finally... painted miniatures!

 I didn't say they'd be particularly WELL painted miniatures, did I?

These are some of my playtesting miniatures which Matt lovingly sprayed for us! Now not only do we not have to proxy minis, but we can actually see what's what from across the board!

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    1. TTCombat 2-time creator on

      @Jorge: Thanks! We're really happy with them!

      @Midnight: I know right! A little brown wash over them and you've got some surprisingly effective gaming pieces.

      @Neil: No can do I'm afraid! Some of the miscasts are put in there because of the resin not curing correctly, which means it's very unhealthy. You want corpses though? Hmm...

    2. MISTER neil FLOOD on

      Love the gindolas �
      Out of interest all the muscast pieces do they jyst get chucked away? If so could it be an idea to sell random bag fulls off? Can be used for conversions or corpses etc.
      (Kingdom Death do it and you get some awesome bits).
      Or maybe even chuck a bag into each backers shipment ;-)

    3. MidnightBlue

      Hey...that's my kind of painting!!!

      I can do that!


    4. Jorge Arrasate on

      Awesome gondolas!! Love them guys!!