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Vicious fighting in the canals of Venice. A 28mm scale miniature game.
Vicious fighting in the canals of Venice. A 28mm scale miniature game.
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Backerkit Info

Posted by TTCombat (Creator)

Good morning Venetians!

I have two bits of information for you this morning:

  • Backerkit surveys and pre-orders close at the END OF OCTOBER
  • Any late pledges WILL get any applicable stretch goals!


 Let's talk about them a little more for a sec.

Backerkit will be closing at the end of October. That means you have until October 31st to fill out your surveys, add extra add-ons, or to late pledge.
Cards will not be charged until after that date, so make sure you have funds in the correct places at that point.
We will let you all know when the surveys are going to close and will post frequent reminders to that fact. We'll also give you all a heads up before cards are charged.

Now, stretch goals! We had a little talk about whether late pledges should receive stretch goals. We'd previously thought that they'd only be for Kickstarter backers, because it's you all that helped to breathe new life into Carnevale!
Then we got to thinking that we're still improving the game right now. The more support we get, the better we can make the game, and that includes help from people that missed out during the campaign. We had a lot of people messaging us that weren't able to secure funds in time for the Kickstarter campaign, or only found it after it ended but were still just as enthusiastic as the rest of us, and it didn't seem right to penalise those people!
So that's why we've decided that the stretch goals will be available for everyone! If you're an early backer or a late pledger, simply put whatever you want in your cart - we'll add everything up and pop in the correct stretch goals when we fulfil the orders.

Speaking of stretch goals, we can't end an update without a cool painted miniature, right? So how about a stretch goal Strigoi?

Two words: Bad. Ass.
Two words: Bad. Ass.


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    1. Stacy Young on

      @TT: I don't know that I would call 40+ pounds "extremely cheap". That's what I was charged in shipping, to the US, on that lot of Streets of Venice I ordered months ago. That said, after the initial shock, I wasn't unhappy with the overall total as your per building price IS extremely reasonable and the total was comparable, if not still less, with other companies out there. That box was quite heavy seeing that it included the starter set, plus quite a few more buildings and bridges. I just don't want shipping to bite you in the butt.

    2. TTCombat 3-time creator on

      @Unseen You definitely aren't in the minority. We've already had quite a few people messaging today telling us that they've upped their pledges now because they couldn't afford to before.

      @Stacy Don't worry about us! We've been shipping MDF for extremely cheap postage (free in the UK!) for years now. The only pledge level that might sting us a little is the Prince of Thieves, but I think that's worth it to provide to those fellow Carnevale crazies! It's all worked out fairly exactly, which is why we know we'll be able to provide the stretch goals to late backers too. More than anything, we just want lots of people playing the game! More people = more opponents!

      @Handle Sorry not sorry! We can't keep Stretch Goals unlocking post-campaign, but who knows what else we'll be able to throw in before we're through packing? ;) The response to the campaign has already meant we were able to commission some awesome new minis and scenery (no I won't show you).

    3. Handle on

      @TTCombat - Nooooo! Adding stretch goals means I'm more than doubling my pledge now!! But it's a good move on your part, and ultimately good for the game ;)
      Counting new pledges towards stretch goals would also be awesome - we were so close to those frightened citizens, it'd be great if the new backers could carry us over the line ;)

    4. Stacy Young on

      Oh...and I'm easily in for another 200, give or take 40. So, yea, newly unlocked SGs would be nice. But again...only if it doesn't hurt the company.

    5. Stacy Young on

      I'm right there with Midnight. While I started the KS at just the starter box level, I quickly jumped on the Capo when it was offered. I then upped to 300 for the stretch goals. I figured I would be in for that eventually anyway so I dug deep. While the decision stung initially, it really doesn't bother me in the end.

      As to PM totals effecting new stretch goals, on that I have mixed feelings. I love the idea of getting more stuff. At the same time, I've seen companies go under for overstretching on SG's and free/flat rate shipping. It down right bankrupt them. Shipping on MDF terrain kits can get really high due to the weight of the box. The extra shipping costs can cut deep into the companies margins if they do free or flat rate. I really like TTCombat and would hate for them suffer at the hands of a successful KS.

    6. MidnightBlue

      @unseen Giraffe:

      I doubt seriously that you are in the minority. It's a good benefit for the campaign, those KS backers that want to add more to their pledges, and any that missed out on the campaign for whatever reason.


    7. unseen Giraffe on

      Well I for one seem to be happy with the new state of affairs. I'm pledged for myself and a few bits for a friend in the hope he liked it. Now he's keen so we have tipped the scales well over the £300 mark. I seem to the in the minority, but I'm happy as a pig in , er well pig stuff I suppose.

    8. MidnightBlue


      I have no doubts.

      I know you are upstanding folks just trying to do what's best for everyone.


    9. Missing avatar

      Gary on

      @Eyne Nacht... I was just about to ask that question... only just got home from work.

      At the end the of campaign we were on the brink of 800 backers and £130K. We got one of the two things offered, but can we scrounge up the second one now?

    10. Eyne Nacht on

      If there are enough late backers, could it possibly count towards an advance in stretch goals, opening up a few more?

    11. TTCombat 3-time creator on

      @Midnight If we'd have known during the campaign how many enquiries we'd get about it, we'd have definitely had that talk back then and let everyone know. I definitely understand the frustration, but completely feel like this is the best way to move forwards.

    12. MidnightBlue

      While I don't share David Smith's frustration over the change in decision, I do understand his point. I know I cashed in some chips and dug a deeper hole, stretching myself way too thin in the budget than I should have to make sure I got in on the stretch goals. If I could have pushed that off for a couple of months, it would have been nice.

      But what's done is done and it was my choice to make the campaign and stretch goals a priority over other things.

      So while it would have been nice to have this info during the KS, I have no problems with new folks and additional Backerkit pledges getting stretch goals.

      The more the merrier!

      Oh...and if I could paint figs like that Strigoi above...or better yet, buy painted figs like that figure, I'd be a very happy camper!

    13. TTCombat 3-time creator on

      @Der Stille Don Ooops! I read Australia! Same thing applies to Austria though! No retailers I know of there at the moment, but there are some in Germany if you fancy the trip! ;)
      - There are two Syphilitic Nobles in different poses. One striding, one running (and his nose fell off!).
      - A feather boa it looks like! It's just a long, fancy scarf.

    14. Missing avatar

      der stille Don on

      Dear TT Combat Team,
      ... and already two more questions:
      – Are the Syphilitic Noble from "Patricians Bundle B" and the Stretch Goal Syphilitic Noble the same? At the moment, there are renders (?) of them to be seen, and they look not exactly the same, but similar enough anyway.
      – ... and just out of curiosity: what is this guy wearing around his neck down to his knees? Is it some kind of fur or is he actually a Rashaar Hybrid in the process of changing form???
      Thanks again & best regards,
      der stille Don

    15. Missing avatar

      der stille Don on

      Dear TTCombat Team,
      Thank you for your answers!
      ... and I guess that was the old Austria-Australia joke, was'nt it? I am in Vienna, Austria, Central Europe (the country that looks like a crumbed chicken leg on maps). Teehee!
      Best regards,
      der stille Don

    16. TTCombat 3-time creator on

      @Darth Yep! We'll calculate it based on the final pledge total. We had a lot of people after the Kickstarter ended who wanted to add more to their pledge but couldn't raise the funds in time for the campaign. This means you'll get whatever stretch goals you meet, whenever you pledge!

      @Pete No comment!

      @Der Stille Don Not a problem! Often someone in the comments mentions and earlier update or comment that I don't even remember! This way is easier, and I'm more than happy to repeat information that's been lost to the depths of the almost 3000(!) comments.
      - The painted Black Spectre will come, I just haven't had a chance to paint it yet!
      - The unhooded version is in the 2-Player Starter Box. There's no choice in the matter because he is a one-piece miniature (like the rest in the Starter Box), where as the hooded version is a little more complicated and comes in multiple parts (four pieces I think?).
      - There's no option to do that right now, but there's definitely the potential to add the odd thing into your pledge if you buy it from the TTCombat webstore in February and let us know. That will definitely be on a case by case basis though, and I can't promise any at all because I know how manic the fulfilment stage is already without more complications!
      - As far as Australian retailers go... we're working on it! If you get your local retailers to email Kingsley at then we'll add them to the list!
      Any more questions, keep them coming!

      @David I'm really sorry you feel that way. We had a long talk about it and ended up going in favour of the majority of enquiries we've had about adding funds later on. It seems it helps more people that for various reasons weren't able to pledge at the time (we had one enquiry from an individual who was out on tour with the military at the time of the campaign), and that's definitely a good thing, even if it means us giving away more free minis.
      The late pledge levels aren't quite the same as the Kickstarter pledge levels (they don't come with the Mask Maker as a freebie for starters), so early backers are already getting a great deal. And if it means more people are interested in playing the game, we all get more opponents to play against! :)

    17. David Smith on

      What opportunity, I'm getting none extra than what I got during the campaign, when I could have saved my money and upped now instead.

    18. Missing avatar

      mtatarko on

      @David Smith You got another opportunity to get more stretch goals and you are complaining. Sometimes I dont understand other people! I will support TTC and I am thankful for that.

    19. David Smith on

      Well that's a crap about-turn decision. I couldn't really afford to go above the basic £60 pledge for the game, but I did go to the £150 to get the stretch goals as you said they would NOT be given to those who up the amount in the backer-kit. Really pissed off with this, so what bonus reward will those who actually helped the campaign get to compensate?

    20. Missing avatar

      der stille Don on

      Dear TT Combat Team,
      Great work, thanks!
      I just had a first glance into the Backer Kit / Pledge Manager. Since there is still a bit of time remaining before its closing date, I am going to ask a few additional questions, if I may.
      If they have already been put and maybe even answered in the comments (or updates) section(s), I apologise beforehand for posing them again, but I am rather hopelessly overwhelmed to search the comments section, where there are almost 3,000 postings at the moment.
      So ...
      – I hope I am going to get one of those Limited Resin Black Spectre models (money is reserved); you mentioned once, you will show pictures of a (partly?) painted version. Did I miss that image somehow?
      – Which version of the »Capodecina« will there be in the 2 player starter box? Can we early backers choose between the hooded / masked and the non-hooded character?
       – Will there be a possibility to add any model from existing ranges, e. g. "Rumbleslam", into the flat-rate package? I for example would be interested in Mr Tavern (, but ordering him alone does not really pay off for me. – Additional question to this one: Is there any retailer of your products in Vienna, Austria, where I could get Mr Tavern as well (if so, then feel free to cross off the superordinated question) ?
      ... maybe two or three more questions to come ...
      Thanks in advance & best regards from Vienna,
      der stille Don

    21. Pete Ware on

      I reckon that looks more like a Nice. Ass. !!

    22. Darth tater on

      Ooooh so I pledged £60 during campaign but if I now add on £90 I will get the £150 stretch goals now too?