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Vicious fighting in the canals of Venice. A 28mm scale miniature game.
Vicious fighting in the canals of Venice. A 28mm scale miniature game.
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More stretch goals! Best day of funding since the 1st! Social update! Videos and more!

Posted by TTCombat (Creator)

Morning everyone!

Wow, what a great day yesterday was, we saw a huge number of new backers and the best day of funding increase since day 1 of the campaign! Thank you all! We have sold out of the Prince of Thieves pledge level again and still have people messaging in asking for more. We have been limiting this pledge level as with all the new updates its getting pretty crazy. At the same time we appreciate its the best way for us to smash through more stretch goals to the benefit of everyone & that some late comers never got to see them. As such we will add 5 more today and review this again tomorrow. I will have an itemised list of what is now in this pledge and the others in this evenings update. There are more reveals yet to come in these final updates. I might even do 3 or 4 tomorrow!

Stretch Goals

OK, onto the multiple stretch goals taken out since the last update


A neat walled garden which fits alongside our buildings (both mdf and card) and a Barnaboti.

The wall is a £5 add on

The Barnaboti is a £5 add on


More requests for scale shots so I have included the below images. I picked a miniature standing up straight with a large hat to try and show the tallest human miniatures and a maid.


Social goals

To help us reach the share total we've decided to include all shares of our posts on the Carnevale page since the start of the campaign. As we are only so few shares away from hitting the goal I will repeat what has become a tradition of giving you the sketch now and the full art in the next update. Another preview of the Gifts of the Harbinger box!

Art Book

We've had a lot of questions regarding the art book and how many pages it will be. I am delighted to say it will be around 100 pages of art. We have some amazing people working on it and its already shaping up to be something really special! Being terrible at art I (Louis) am in awe of what our guys can do. I might share with you at some point how one of our models went from concept to model from my own sketch which will illustrate perfectly why I'm not having any dedicated pages in the art book :)

On that note

 Until later my fellow Venetians!

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    1. unseen Giraffe on

      I agree that it looks as if they will work well with both those minis. Just wish manifactures would face up and admit they are not making 28mm figures. Malifaux claim to 32 I believe. Would save a lot of confusion.

    2. Stacy Young on

      Especially love the walled garden! I'll be needing a few more for my board.

    3. GP on

      Another cool looking addition to the Gifts of the Harbinger box!

    4. MISTER neil FLOOD on

      Love it.
      Will work alongside Kingdom Death and Malifaux minis

    5. Mary Death on

      Thank you for putting the photo's up. It made it very clear!

    6. unseen Giraffe on

      Yep, 32mm figures. On the plus side the new Patrician figure is very cool, very period for 1790s I like. And the walled garden is very nice, a must.