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Vicious fighting in the canals of Venice. A 28mm scale miniature game.
Vicious fighting in the canals of Venice. A 28mm scale miniature game.
Vicious fighting in the canals of Venice. A 28mm scale miniature game.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Gordy54 2 days ago

      Thanks for the update on Friday which clarified things immensely and so good to see postings on other days as well.

      Looking forward to the receipt of the parcel and dreading it as well - I'm in for some stern ear bashing

    2. TTCombat 2-time creator 3 days ago

      @Varian: Glad I could help! ;)

      @Rob: The rulebook is pretty crazy actually. I totally get the frustration of the delay, but it's a great example of how much the project has improved since going to KS. Considering our initial estimate was a paperback rulebook at around 96 pages, it's now a hardback coming in at almost 250! Pretty insane.

      @Adam: Playtesting is pretty much done yeah, just Scott and Michael ironing out the last few kinks. With any game you could playtest for ten years and it still not be done, but gotta draw a line somewhere! Looks like a standard game will be 100 Ducats, with 150 Ducats for a larger game. An average Henchman is coming in at around 9 Ducats, and a typical leader class is around the 20 Ducat mark, with Heroes somewhere in between. That means you're looking at around 8 characters per gang in a 100 Ducat game, with about a dozen in a full 150. That said, the Guild have lower costs than most gangs, and you can easily make a 150 Ducat list for Rashaar with barely more than 6 or 7 monsters!
      As for Gencon - we'll be there demoing, and should have the Legacy Capodecina on sale, but that's it. No pre-release until the Kickstarter has shipped.
      As for retail - that's the plan! We're working with a couple of US distributors with our current games. It's been a little slow to get off the ground since we took over Hawk (sorting out exclusivity deals and pricing and all that stuff takes a while), but it's now getting there. Soon enough we should have Carnevale, DZC, DFC, and RUMBLESLAM shipping to stores across the US. In the meantime, the best thing to do is to ask your local store to stock the games. One of the things that takes the most time is the distributors making sure there are enough stores that want the product, so the more stores that are asking for it, the easier that process goes.

    3. Adam Rosowicz
      3 days ago

      Another unrelated question: I know you said in the video that TTCombat would be represented at GenCon. Will there be any early Carnevale available to purchase at the show? Any new con special or preview model releases?
      Also, will Carnevale be seeing any regular distributorship in the US, once it finally goes to retail? Or will ordering direct still be the best option for us Yanks?

    4. Adam Rosowicz
      3 days ago

      So, now that playtesting is (hopefully) nearing its final form, roughly how large are crews on either side of a "standard" game? Meaning, what point level is the game solidifying at, and about how many models per side is average? Do some factions function with more models on average than another? I'm terribly excited for this game, and I'm especially interested in learning about the various scenarios and how they work. BATED BREATH HERE, GUYS!

    5. Rob Griffiths 5 days ago

      I appreciate that backers are impatient to get their pledges but I am confident that TTCombat will deliver. I am happy to wait that bit longer for a game that is thoroughly playtested with (hopefully) all the bugs ironed out. The fact that we are going to get a rulebook that contains much more than was initially offered is great, too many kickstarter projects are delivered that have been rushed to completion and are ultimately fustratingly unsatisfying to play. Keep up the good work guys!

    6. Varian 5 days ago

      Never mind, found it LoL!

    7. Varian 5 days ago

      Is there any way to access your Backerkit Info?

      New PC - and I have NO IDEA what I added on :-(

    8. TTCombat 2-time creator 5 days ago

      @Gordy, Adrian & Ian: Not to worry, the playtesting isn't holding anything up. The way we see it, you can never have too much playtesting, so any extra time available is spent getting some of that done. There are 8 people working full-time on Carnevale at the moment in the design department, and not everyone can be working on the rulebook. While I'm getting the rulebook together (final pages now), Scott and Michael are off playtesting, Ben is working on some of the art (he's actually got the artbook basically ready for print now), Jason is getting loads of extra photography done, and Siobhan and Chris are working on the digital stuff (we'll talk more about that in the future).
      We know it sucks waiting for the game to come - each of us have backed enough Kickstarters to know that frustration - and we are sorry for the delay on it.

      @Christian: Like we've said, as soon as the book is off to the printer, we'll have a set date.

      @William: That's pretty much where we're at now on the book. It's out in the wild of the warehouse for everyone to proof read while the last few pages are done. Hopefully there won't be any mistakes that make it through because people here have had it the rules and things for a while now.

    9. Missing avatar

      Gordy54 6 days ago

      TT - If you are still reading this more than once a week I would suggest an early update & reply to the below today would be appropriate rather than waiting till Friday (even if it's only a day away) - At present you are not helping your reputation with investing public.

    10. Missing avatar

      Adrian Wain 7 days ago

      Still play testing.... Wow. So the gav has been bought on as author so its going to be late made no difference at all. You are just not ready with anything bar the models... Probably . Not great at all and really frustrating. The fact you don't have a projected date that you can give with any further conviction is worrying too at this late stage. I know it's the nature of kickstarter but the way it's being handled is making things worse.

    11. ian hill on

      I think August at earliest. If play testing still happening then that pauses rules going to print. Assuming layout is done in next week or so, and based on my print suppliers, printers proofs back after a week , I am assuming digital printing not out to and a run of around 1500 at 200 pages ish, At least two days final proofing of proofs and quality control. Then I'd say two weeks print run including finishing so as a guess earliest back 15 August...

    12. Missing avatar

      William Keyser on

      My money is still on August shipping. Still rules have to go to printer then proffing from printer etc. The more they rush that process the more mistakes carry over to the finished rules.

    13. Missing avatar

      Christian Jeppesen on

      Still no word on a release/shipping date?

    14. Missing avatar

      John Goodall on

      Late update today, hoping for good news :)

    15. Missing avatar

      Gordy54 on

      TT - Still in play testing mode doesn't sound very positive. i know that you are trying to make this perfect but there has to be a point where you have to say that's it otherwise it will be Feb next year when it's delivered.

    16. TTCombat 2-time creator on

      @George: I know what you mean! We're still in playtesting mode, but I can't wait to run our first proper campaign.

      @Colin: We had a couple of people with painted pledges that needed messaging (some people bought more minis than painted minis for example), and those questionnaires went out a few weeks ago. Everyone else should be fine. All the 2-Player Starter boxes are done, and we're getting ready to send the rest off to Mikey in the next week or two. So in theory there should be little to no delay on painted pledges going out. The main thing that we're waiting on is the last of the minis to be cast now. Not many left, just a few outliers. I'll try to get some photos up soon.

      @Adam: Annoyingly there isn't I'm afraid. Because Kickstarter handle all the funds, now that Backerkit is closed, we can't open it up again. It sucks because we've had quite a few people asking to update or add to their pledges and we'd be fine with that, it's just to make fulfilment easier we're not going to be doing another pre-order period using another system. That's a surefire way to mess up people's orders.

      @Bigandy: Haha that's ridiculous! So Venice though.

      @Marmormi: I wish! Sorry :(

    17. Marmormi on

      +1 with Adam adding something now would great :)

    18. George Adsett-Knutsen on

      @thebigandyt cheers for that :o)

    19. Adam Rosowicz

      Everything is looking SO GOOD! When can we buy more stuff? Any way to add more sweet, sweet wares before shipping starts?

    20. Missing avatar

      Colin Tanner on

      @TTC - any more news on the progress of the painted orders?

    21. George Adsett-Knutsen on

      @TTCombat Great update!! Am sooooo looking forward to getting this and getting my group playing... of course I’ll have a hellova lot if painting to do first...

    22. George Adsett-Knutsen on

      @TTCombat great news... kinda thought the picture looked like cards were overlapping a table that was too small.

      Decided to retire so that I can spend my time playing this... ;oD

    23. TTCombat 2-time creator on

      @George: Agreed! Loved the idea of double sided tiles, so I was glad to find out that we'd be able to print them.

      @Christian & Adrian: Unfortunately not. When the rulebook has gone to print we'll give everyone a date.

      @Unseen: Unconfirmed! ;)

      @Colin & Ian: Those ones were balanced on the very edge of a table, so they do look a little flimsy! They're printed on 400gsm laminated card, so they'll be plenty strong enough when placing them on a full table and not dangling off the edge!

      @Art: I've resent you an email with a link in. Check your spam folder if you don't get it.

      @Erne: What Art said!

      @William: Hopefully very soon! Figures are almost all done, dice are on the way, templates are done, terrain is done... Almost everything we make in-house is ready actually. Just need the rest of it (the book mostly) to start packing things up. As far as frequent updates go, we still do every single week! Any more than that and it's time away from production, which isn't good. :)

    24. Missing avatar

      William Keyser on

      Thinking late August, hopefully!!!! Still no word on status of all the other stuff, figures, die, templates, resin terrain etc. After what looks like will be a 6 month delay it would be nice for some more frquent updates or geee how about even a quick comment.

    25. Missing avatar

      Colin Tanner on

      @TTC - still no response/reaction to my query regarding the flimsy looking canal/street tiles?

    26. Art Steventon on

      @eyne - they said that as soon as the printing of the rulebook is done they'll let us know a hard date - expect it'll be soon!

    27. Eyne Nacht on

      Hello All, So what's the latest estimate for shipping this fine Game out to backers?

    28. Art Steventon on

      @TTCombat - could I ask for a link to access Backerkit please? I seem to have lost mine, it wanted to check what I’d ordered on top,of my pledge! Thanks!

    29. Missing avatar

      Colin Tanner on

      @TTC - any chance of a response to my earlier question regarding the quality of the tiles?

    30. Iain Macmillan on

      Loving the look of the tiles BUT can we get an assurance they won't be curled and warping like the ones in the pictures? reasonable thickness card shouldn't do that.

    31. George Adsett-Knutsen on

      Realy nice to see backer suggestions making it into the final product!

    32. Missing avatar

      Colin Tanner on

      @TTC - the card tiles in the top picture look a bit flimsy? Are these the finished article?

    33. unseen Giraffe on

      Will I still be getting my bacon kitten?

    34. Missing avatar

      Adrian Wain on

      Soooooo. Do we have a date to ship yet.?

    35. Missing avatar

      Christian Jeppesen on

      Still no word on a release?

    36. TTCombat 2-time creator on

      @William: Check the latest update.

      @Kancer: Hmm... My recommendation would be to hold off until closer to the time to see if we're sending them out when you're away, and if so, contact your local sorting office and notify them that you're expecting a parcel. They should be able to hold it, or deliver it to a neighbour.

      @Jarec: If you log into your Backerkit survey you'll be able to change it there. I resent the email to you just to make sure you have it. :)

    37. Jarec Basham on

      Hi. I've just moved house. How can I change my delivery address details

    38. Kancer on

      In July I will be out in holidays so how can I do to meke sure to get my pledge?

    39. Missing avatar

      William Keyser on

      Ok that is nice but how about a couple of words on where you are with the project. Figures done??? Buildings done ??? Dice and templates DONE???? Writing Done ??? Layout done? What has been sent out for production that is not being done in house????

    40. TTCombat 2-time creator on

      @Ian: Was nice to have a chat! Always love meeting Kickstarter backers in person - it's always easier to just talk in person and catch people up on what's going on.

      Was excellent to meet everyone else on the weekend too! Had some great demo games and long chats with lots of KS backers about all things Carnevale. There's only one thing I love more, and that's getting the rulebook finished. Off I go!

    41. ian hill on

      Oh and to make thungs better they were like that even after i said i was the rulebook whinger. So even more kudos

    42. ian hill on

      Just a quick one. Spent a very enjoyable hour with TT guys at Expo. Minis look incredible and boards beautiful. Really open and honest team too and, although i still am grumbling re book, i have to say these guys are exemplary in their attitude, honesty and humour. Thanks all

    43. TTCombat 2-time creator on

      @John: I know right! Fin is annoying sometimes. Not sure Casanova will be making an appearance in the main book, but there is plenty more Carnevale to come after, so who knows what will happen. He'll almost certainly be losing his not-quite-Eye-of-Agamotto though!

      @James: Unfortunately not. Once we have the book done and off to print we'll be able to give a proper update. We're trying to get it all done as quick as possible, but don't want to say a date that for whatever reason we can't make.

      @Adam: The Venetian District that's part of the Kickstarter is a standalone kit, simple to put together so you get more for your money. So that means the extensions and things currently on the store won't be compatible. They do all look good next to each other though!

      @William: We're hoping that we'll be able to start shipping June/July. Again, we'd rather not give a definite until we know we can make it. Sorry :(

      @Leo: That's what we're going for! It's taken a little longer than we thought, but it's going to be good!

      @Ian: Sorry Ian. The reason we're not giving a definite date is because there are still a few things out of our control to get done. Book printing is the big one now, which is annoying because every pledge has one! Sorry if it seems like it's constantly slipping, but in the effort to be transparent I'm just letting everyone know what's going on and when we hope it'll be all done. I'm not really sure how we can be any more transparent than weekly updates letting everyone know what's going on - if there's something else you'd like to see, let us know. This delay sucks, and we know that. We want the game out more than anyone, but we're using the Kickstarter as a way to make it as good as we can - that's something we wouldn't have been able to do by going straight to retail. It may come across to you as whimsical to hire (New York Times Bestselling Author) Gav Thorpe to write the book, but we really do think it was worth it, and was something we could never have dreamed of before the Kickstarter exceeded its goals so incredibly. Hopefully when you have your pledge soon enough you'll agree that it was worth the short wait.

      @Paul: Four years?! 100% guarantee it won't be that long! That's crazy. There are still some bits being made in the warehouse (some of the Gifted and the lower selling individual minis are still waiting on production moulds for one), and that's despite the resin room having been making minis non-stop since the Kickstarter ended! It's pretty mad how much more popular it was. The main thing though is the additional time to get the book good. It's amazing to be able to have that opportunity. Sucks that it means delays, but we really do think it'll be that much better now after - as you said - four times the funding goal and 32 added stretch goals. :)

    44. James Stec on

      I am fine with the slight delay (it IS slight.) I'm not thrilled by it but it could be Way worse. I'll be happy to open my giant box in june/July. Sooooo looking forward to it!

    45. ian hill on

      Yes Paul I do recognise that. My frustration remains the totally unnecessary nature of this delay. This isn't, from the creators words, about having to make more stuff. Although they have said it helps, but rather the slightly whimsical pursuit of this background story writer. It's also the lack of transparency, the 'hopefully by the end of June' is just slipped into the middle of the update. Until then as far as I can tell it was May.

    46. Paul Grindrod on

      @Ian Hill - It's slipped by 4 months (so far) from the original Feb 2018. That's really not much in the grand scheme of Kickstarters (I had to wait 4 years for the Alas, Vegas RPG book - and that was just a single book: no miniatures, terrain, t-shirts or anything else).

      The thing you have to remember with Kickstarter is there is always an initial goal and an estimated date for delivery. Any stretch goals that add extra stuff to that original goal will inevitably add more to the estimate, for the simple reason that having to make and produce more things will take more time. And there is a lot of extra stuff that has been added to this Kickstarter. I appreciate you would like the game in hand (we all would), but an extra 4 months on a project that made more than four times its funding goal, with 32 added stretch goals, really isn't bad.

    47. ian hill on

      So in January it was due for April, then it was May and now it's hopefully end of June. Hmmm i know im a broken record but constant slippage getting a bit much.

    48. Leo Donkersley on

      Oh, this is looking wonderful. My box of goodies is going to be real fun to open!

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