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Moving out of your parents house is hard to do. Especially when you're 35. Read more

Des Moines, IA Shorts
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This project was successfully funded on April 25, 2012.

Moving out of your parents house is hard to do. Especially when you're 35.

Des Moines, IA Shorts
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Greetings film enthusiasts. Want to help get great material produced by normal folks?  Well we need you!


"I Think My Mom's Trying To Kill Me" is a dark comedy about a 35 year old man-child that refuses to get a job and move out of his mother's house. When she finally looses her patience, strange things start happening, and the son starts to question his own safety.


Son- Ron Lester

Ron Lester won hearts the world over with such characters as the hard-drinking 'Billy Bob', a gregarious linebacker who suffers greatly at the hands of his brutally demanding coach in "Varsity Blues." For his successful run as 'Sugar Daddy' on the WB's/Touchstone (now CW) hit show "Popular," Lester was nominated for two consecutive years in the Best Side Kick category at the "Teen Choice Awards." In "Not Another Teen Movie" as 'Reggie Ray', he poked fun at his own breakout role in"Varsity Blues." He has had recurring guest-star appearances on "All That," "The Keenan & Kel Show," "Freaks & Greeks," "Sabrina The Teenage Witch," "CSI: NY," and appeared in the first Warner Bros internet film "Drum Solo."

Mom- Mary Bricker

Mary has been active in Iowa theater and film for years. Recently you've seen her in spots for Iowa Lottery, Iowa Corn Growers Association, Mediacom, Jumer's Casino and Casey's General Store.  
She has also appeared on stage in productions for The Des Moines Playhouse, StageWest, Right Brain Productions, Drama Workshop, Mooncoin Entertainment (at the Des Moines Social Club) and the Repertory Theater of Iowa.

Wally- Micheal Davenport

Micheal Davenport  is a favorite among local audiences, Micheal credits more than 12 years in association with The Des Moines Playhouse where most notably he received critical-praise and audience affection as the tyrannical David Sarnoff in The Farnsworth Invention, directed by John Viars.  Mr. Davenport attended Grand View University studying both Secondary Education and Creative and Performing Arts.  He received much training at Chicago’s world-renowned Improv-Olympic and Second City theatres where he has several stage credits. 

Dr. Ramsey- James Stordahl

James is a retired  postmaster who fills up his schedule visiting with his five grandchildren and with a bit of acting. Stordahl got his first taste of Hollywood when he was a paid extra in 2008 on “South Dakota.”  “This 61-year old Norwegian farm-fed boy has a thing for movies,” he said of himself. “I was raised on whole milk, ice cream and real sugar in Minnesota.” He has appeared in a commercial for Casey’s General Store and was a featured extra in “Ticket Out,” starring  Ray Liotta. Stordahl has also worked on “Smitty” and was a background extra on “Janie Jones.” 


Your pledges will cover the production expenses for the entire short film.  Funds raised will go towards paying cast, crew, equipment rentals,coffee, props, food, special effects, make-up, coffee, costuming,editing, score, and did we mention coffee?..(It takes a lot to make a movie. Even a short!) The bottom line is that your dollars will help create an original comedy shot in an artistic light. 


After the film is shot we want to share it with the world. Once completed the filmmakers will explore several distribution avenues including  digital media sites. We'll also hit some great film festivals.


"I Think My Mom's Trying to Kill Me" is presented by Outpost 515 Productions in association with Rabid Artists Entertainment. The cast and crew are comprised of several filmmakers around Des Moines, Iowa. The collective experience of the group includes over 30 short film works, feature films and several television series. 


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    Have your name in the credits of the film.

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    Your name in the credits and a digital download of the film.

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    Get your name in the credits, a digital download of the completed film and an 8 X 10 still from the Movie signed by the actors.

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    BACKER SPECIAL: Attend a 2 hour acting workshop with Ron Lester. Ron has numerous Film & Television credits on his resume including "Varsity Blues" "Not Another Teen Movie" and recurring roles on several television series including "Popular" and "Freaks and Geeks." Get some tips and unique insights into the professional acting craft.
    (Event tentatively scheduled for Thursday, May 24 at 7pm in Des Moines, Iowa. Ages 16 and up)

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    All of the above: plus a limited edition DVD including the film and tons of behind the scenes features.

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    All of the above rewards, plus a prop used in the film.

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    Get all of the above rewards, plus recieve the behind the scenes treatment. Hang out on set and enjoy a meal with the film team*.

    *travel/stay is not included

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    All of the above rewards, plus an Executive Producer credit for the film.

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