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The 1st heart rate monitoring armband made of a magnetic phone case to easily check your apps and gauge your performance while running
The 1st heart rate monitoring armband made of a magnetic phone case to easily check your apps and gauge your performance while running
The 1st heart rate monitoring armband made of a magnetic phone case to easily check your apps and gauge your performance while running
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    1. Missing avatar

      Schwoob Collaborator on

      Also with the time and by wearing it the armband should extend by few centimeters.

    2. Missing avatar

      Schwoob Collaborator on

      Hi Alexander ! Thank you for your feedback, we are sorry that the armband feel too tight on your arm. We have made a survey before producing to adapt the size in order to satisfy a maximum of backers. Do you have your arm circumference ? Thanks!

    3. Missing avatar

      Alexander Langenstein on

      I like the idea of the Armband but i have the same problem like others. The armband is to small.
      In general case it fits realy tight, but when i do my workout and contract the armmuscles, it is to tight, so that i can't use it.
      And i am not a pro bodybuilder, but i have a little bit muscles.

    4. Antoine Chuob on

      Hi Mika, just answered you

    5. Missing avatar

      mika on

      Please reply me if you get the mail.

    6. Antoine Chuob on

      Hi Mika, can you send me an email at
      Thanks !

    7. Missing avatar

      mika on

      I haven't receive the product and no response by email. Could you help me to check it?

    8. Missing avatar

      Schwoob Collaborator on

      Bonjour Momo,

      En effet, il me manque encore votre numéro de téléphone pour vous envoyer le colis ! Nous avons expédié avec 3 semaines d'avance de notre côté.

      Vous avez du recevoir une dizaine de mails qui ont malheureusement du atterrir dans vos spams ainsi qu'un commentaire sur votre profil Kickstarter + une mention dans les actualités Shapeheart.

      Je vous invite à m'envoyer un mail au plus vite à avec votre numéro de téléphone je vais faire de mon mieux pour faire partir le packet avec les envois du jour afin de pouvoir vous livrer avant Noël =)

    9. Missing avatar

      Momo on

      J'ai précommander un Shapegeart armbands que de taille 5,5 couleur noire, que je devais recevoir en novembre 2017
      Nous somme en décembre et je n'ai toujours rien reçu

    10. Missing avatar

      Schwoob Collaborator on

      Hi Everyone ! We have released all tutorials in English + French to pair your device with your favorite running app (Strava, Endomondo, Runtastic, Runkeeper, Nike+) on our website :

    11. Missing avatar

      Schwoob Collaborator on

      Hi @Ryan Connors ! Your survey shows 10" as arm circumference but i see that you have ordered 2 armbands. I'm sorry that it cannot fit... :( can you tell me the size of your arm at ? The survey was made to find the best size for our backers.

    12. Missing avatar

      Ryan Connors on

      Did I miss in the survey where you asked the arm size? The unit I received was to small for my arm.

    13. Missing avatar

      Schwoob Collaborator on

      Hi everyone ! If you have difficulties to pair your device, we have just released 10 brand new tutorials with screenshots.

      You can see them at in the Menu under "Manuel"
      They are in french but it will be soon available in english. Yet, i think that it will be easy to compare thanks to a lot of screenshots. Cheers !

    14. Missing avatar

      Grant G

      I am having issues unfortunately pairing sensor with my Samsung S8+, running kernel version 4.4.16

    15. Missing avatar

      Archimbaud on


      Qu'appeler vous commentaire kickstarter ? Je n'est rien reçu dans la boite de réception kickstarter.

      Merci de le l'envoyer par mail à



    16. Missing avatar

      Schwoob Collaborator on

      Bonjour Cyril, négatif j'ai checké dans ma boite mail, rien.
      Je vous ai laissé mon portable par commentaire Kickstarter.

    17. Missing avatar

      Archimbaud on


      Je vous est envoyer mon numéro par mail. Lavez vous reçu?

      Pourquoi n'ai-je pas reçu mon brassard shapeheart ?


      Cyril Archimbaud

    18. Missing avatar

      Schwoob Collaborator on

      Bonjour Cyril, vous faites bien de revenir vers nous ! Mes quelques mails de relance pour avoir votre numéro ont du passer en SPAM, mais tout va bien votre produit est à l'entrepôt ! Pouvez vous me fournir votre numéro par mail à ? Merci d'avance !

    19. Missing avatar

      Archimbaud on


      J'habite en France dans le département 63. Je n'est toujours rien reçu avait vous un numéros de suivi ? Une date d'estimation de livraison pour la France ?


      Cyril Archimbaud

    20. Missing avatar

      Schwoob Collaborator on

      Hi everyone, we are continue to improve the user manual + setup guide based on your feedback, a new version has been downloaded on the website.

      /!\ When you plug the USB cable, if the LED is green after 2-3 minutes, you may have a small issue in the color managing firmware of the LED. It doesn't disturb the sensor, yet if you want an update you can send me an email to

    21. Missing avatar

      Schwoob Collaborator on

      Hi Juan Enrique, i'm sorry to hear about that. We have putted great effort into having a stable connexion. On all the samples we have tested, we didn't had any problems.

      Most of pairing bugs are coming from the app / smartphone.

      Have you tried to recharge the sensor for 1 or 2 hours ? Can you tell me which color it is after 5 min of charging (yellow / green) ? Do you place the smartphone in the armband when you test it or do you place it in the winter kit ?

      Thanks !

    22. Missing avatar

      Juan Enrique Sánchez Lasheras on

      - Two days trying to use Shapeheart:

      One hour trying to pair in Samsung and in a Sony telephone.

      When you pair Shapeheart you realized that it disconnects always in middle of your routine.

      After 5 trys pairing it with NRC and Runtastic in both phones none of this apps recognices the sensor.

      Conclusion: A very expensive armband.

    23. Jean Morlet on


      I just got my armband. I have a question about the cardiac sensor. Is it possible to connect it to the Sports Tracker application and if so, how? I haven't succeeded yet.

      Thank you very much.

    24. Missing avatar

      Schwoob Collaborator on

      Hi @Scott Douglas, i'm sorry to hear about that, yet :

      - on bluetooth pairing, it's possible, we are doing it regularly and i just sent you a video that proves it.
      - The design for M pocket fits with most samsung and iphone.
      - this is the first time we hear about that, it has always worked perfectly.

      so : which smartphone do you have ?

    25. Scott Douglas on

      I'm not satisfied. Here is why:

      - Heart rate monitor doesn't allow for simultaneous music from bluetooth headset using Nike Run App.
      - Hole in plastic is beyond irritating since the case was designed to fit a billions phones it doesn't line up with any phone.
      -Plastic covering(on both of mine) hinders touch screen use

    26. Missing avatar

      Schwoob Collaborator on

      Hi everyone ! Hi @Besnard, we are sending the package today, we had some delay to gather a maximum of phone number (yours is among the list i've just checked). We will keep you updated !

    27. besnard on

      Hi Shapeheart
      Seven days ago I receved an email from you asking me my phone phone number.
      I sent it to this email : with my backer and phone number.
      Since I have not had a call or received my package
      Is it possible to know where my package is or when could it arrive

    28. Antoine Chuob on

      Hi @Elijah. I'm so sorry to hear about that. Actually we have made more than 500 run with the product and we never broke a screen.

      Yet, as it's written on the flyer, this is a magnet system so you need to pay good attention to how you put it back : you need to hear the distinctive clap to be sure your smartphone is safe (we have made burpees, jumping jack, hiit...).

      Also we recommend :
      - don't go into someone or something, if you hit the shoulder of someone during a run it can fall
      - pay attention to the wire of your headphones, it can br caught in something and pull of the smartphone
      - finally, you can still put your smartphone with the case inside our magnetic pocket.

    29. Elijah Josh Chiang

      So I gave it to my girlfriend who was super excited to take it for a run. She said that it felt pretty nice at first. However, after about 5 minutes of running her holder fell off because the magnets didn't hold. Now her screens shattered. Not sure if I'm confident enough to use this product or really recommend it. Word of warning for all of you who haven't tried it yet.

    30. Missing avatar

      Schwoob Collaborator on

      Hi guys ! a very short set up guide is now online at :

    31. Missing avatar

      Schwoob Collaborator on

      Hi @Chau Hing Lun, we are very sorry to hear about that. We have made a lot of test with our Fabric factory to be sure the fabric was good. Can you send pictures of your arm to ? Thanks a lot !

    32. Missing avatar

      Chau Hing Lun on

      I have one more issue regarding the fabric of the armband. I only wore it twice for around 2hrs total, but my arm is already full of rash. My skin is allergic to this material when rubbing during the exercise. I have my another armband from muzino where I have no such problem at all.

    33. Missing avatar

      Schwoob Collaborator on

      Hi Nick, can you try with NRF Toolbox App (and then use Heart Rate Monitoring) to tell us if you see data ? It should work. You can also try with Endomondo / Nike Running just to check.

      You can also try to reboot the sensor + your smartphone. Most of the pairing problems are solved by rebooting the devices.

      For further assistance you can contact me :

    34. Missing avatar


      Hello, I received everything and it all looks great! I am having pairing issues. I let the device charge overnight. I am using a Note 8. The device comes on and flashes white. I can see it on the phone and hit pair. The device does go to my paired items list and the devices led turns a flashing blue. It doesn’t however actually seem to pair to the phone. I can see it sending any data or using any permissions. When trying to use it with runtastic it says the device is not paired.

    35. Missing avatar

      Schwoob Collaborator on

      @Philip, we are shipping your product via Fedex, it is required to have your phone number. We won't use it for anything else than that :)

    36. Philip Duncan on

      Hi guys,

      I have received an email asking for my telephone number before my armband can be shipped. Is this a genuine email as I don't understand why you would need my telephone number to ship something to me.

      Thank you,

    37. Missing avatar

      Schwoob Collaborator on

      Hi @Peter Ng, what you can do is reset the sensor : push 5 times in a row the ON/OFF button. Then try to turn it on, normally you wouldn't be able to. Then put the USB cable inside to Wake the sensor up. Like that you can reboot the sensor.

      You can let it charge again. Then retry. Most of the pairing bug are coming from the app.

    38. Peter Ng on

      Hi guys I was able to use my shapeheart perfectly for my first run, my third time using I tried to use it during a workout but it randomly disconnected, now I can’t pair it properly with my iphone, it is able to detect the shapeheart c7 under Bluetooth but the status is unable to connect. I’ve retired multiple times, restarted both my phone and my shapeheart as well as charged it but I’m always able to detect the shapeheart but not go in connected mode, any ideas?

    39. Missing avatar

      Mohd Noor Rasydan on

      @Schwoob, Yes, I have already sent a contact request to your Skype account.

    40. Missing avatar

      Schwoob Collaborator on

      Hi @Mohd Noor Rasydan, this looks strange actually, can we schedule a skype to talk about it so you can show me ? My skype id : antoine.schwoob.

    41. Missing avatar

      Mohd Noor Rasydan on

      @Schwoob, Hi again, I received the two sets of ShapeHeart armbands last week. However I have since discovered that one of the heart rate sensor is not able to pair to my iPhone. Also, the same heart rate sensor (which cannot pair with iPhone) is also running too hot to the skin as compared to the other heart rate sensor set which is working perfectly fine (not hot), and able to pair with my iPhone.

      I believe that I have received a faulty heart rate sensor, and would like to know how to proceed with receiving a replacement heart rate sensor.

      Thank you, and I hope to hear from you soon!

    42. Missing avatar

      Schwoob Collaborator on

      @Chau Hing Lun, most of the pairing problems are coming from the app + smartphone. The connexion has been tested on our side and it's very stable. The battery capacity is around 35 hours.

      And yes, we will definitely make a user manual that's also why we need your feedback ! :)

    43. Missing avatar

      Schwoob Collaborator on

      Hi @Matthew Torres, some devices might be in shut down mode to save battery. So you will need to plug a USB to wake them up.

      To be sure that the device is fully charged, you can let it charge during 2 hours.

      The LED should blink in white / pink when it's ready to be paired, it should blink in blue when it's paired (and on the other side the green + orange led are flashing).

      The most of the pairing problems are coming from the app. So if you can't manage to pair it, you can reboot everything (bluetooth on your smartphone + sensor + app), it should work 99% of the time.

    44. themantimeforgot

      Got mine today (At my house) but I'm currently out of the state so I won't be able to test it until I get home :(

    45. Missing avatar

      Chau Hing Lun on

      I charged it the day I received it for around an hour or so. Run it for 1.5hrs, work fine. Then without charging it I run again for another 1.5hr but this time it stopped at around 1hr. When i tried to turn it on again the white led keep blinking.

      I think a manual is essential for a good finishing product on market though I'm managed to pair it up myself without instruction.

    46. Missing avatar

      Matthew Torres on

      Good day. Just received mine yesterday since I just got home and was tired I just decided to turn it on and test it out for a while. I successfully paired it with my bluetooth. Today I tried turning it on but it won't turn on even after pressing it for more than 5 secs. Tried connecting it to a charger and it turned on. Afterwards tried pairing it with my device again (Samsung S7) but it can't pair with it again. It's flashing a multi-colored light. On another note, how can I know if it's fully charged? When a green light is blinking?

    47. Missing avatar

      Mohd Noor Rasydan on

      @Schwoob thank you so much for your prompt reply! Greatly appreciate it.

    48. Missing avatar

      Fadhil Ramly

      Received mine today!

      Feels great to touch, i'm charging it tonight. Gonna test it out on Saturday!!

    49. Missing avatar

      Schwoob Collaborator on

      Hi @Mohd Noor Rasydan, of course :
      - turn on/turn off, push the button 3sec.
      - battery should be between 30% and 60% when it arrives to you
      - you can recharge it via micro usb during 2 hours to be sure it's fully charged
      - go to your running app (Strava, Endomondo, Nike, Runtastic...)

      for Android device, it should be in Parameter > Accessories / Heart Rate Monitor
      for Apple device, go to Health app

      Pair it, it should turn blue when it works (it's pink / white when it's ready)
      On the other side, you should see 3 LED blinking (2 green and 1 orange)

      If the device cannot turn on while pushing the button 3 sec, put the USB cable to wake up the device. It can be in shut down mode.

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