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Help me resurrect Electric Sheep Comix as a weekly-updating serial comics portal!
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Patrick Farley

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New Spiders pages are live!

Dear Friends,

This is a note to let you know: Electric Sheep Comix officially lives again! I've just posted the first 4 pages of the new Spiders graphic novel at:

The Spiders will update WEEKLY, from now until the story concludes. Also in the works: the site redesign (I'm *going* to make it work on the iPad if it kills me) as well as the reboot of Apocamon and Delta Thrives, both of which will appear later this summer.

Thank you thank you THANK YOU for allowing me this opportunity! You've made me a very happy primate.

Patrick Farley
Electric Sheep Comix

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    1. Creator Andy Baio on September 2, 2011

      Would love to hear a progress update, if only to hear why you stopped updating. I know weekly schedules can be difficult, but some transparency would be nice. No updates since October 2010 and the E-Sheep blog was deleted... And I hate to bring it up, but were the promised prints ever produced?

    2. Creator Gary Burke on January 7, 2011

      Weekly, huh? :)

    3. Creator Adam Coleman on June 21, 2010

      It's beautiful.