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Small bean-to-bar chocolate maker creating new limited-edition single-origin chocolate bar and expanding production!
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    1. Potomac Chocolate Co. 3-time creator on

      Hi Sean.

      Yep, cacao does grow in Hawaii and I'd love to do a bar using Hawaiian cacao. When I've looked into it in the past, though, there has never been any available. Hawaii doesn't produce a large amount of cacao, and it is in pretty high demand. Also, some of it is, as you say, grown by chocolate makers for their own use.

    2. Sean Kennedy on

      Doesn't cacao grow in Hawaii? Would you ever consider a Hawaiian bean? Maybe those beans are already grown by specific chocolate makers and not available for purchase.

    3. Potomac Chocolate Co. 3-time creator on

      Thanks Ariana! Funny, Ecuador is an origin that has never been one of my favorites (with a couple notable exceptions, of course). But, I've recently been thinking I should try making it myself and see if I can make something I love.

      It's definitely on the list.

    4. Missing avatar

      Ariana Estariel on

      I might choose Arriba Nacional from Ecuador. Fruity, floral profile. I'm sure you could bring out flavours that would startle and amaze me. When you're comfortable with the results you might even reach out to Santiago and Carla of Pacari and do a collaboration bar. Thanks for giving us a chance to weigh in on your projects!

    5. Potomac Chocolate Co. 3-time creator on

      Thanks Kelly! What do you like about Madagascar chocolate?

      I should have asked this question to arrscott, too! What do you like about the origins you suggested, arrscott?

    6. Kelly Moravec on

      Would love a Madagascar bar!!!

    7. Potomac Chocolate Co. 3-time creator on

      PNG is one of my favorite origins that I haven't worked with yet.


    8. Kerry Beal on

      Actually what I really want to see is a Papau New Guinea - earthy and smokey.

    9. Potomac Chocolate Co. 3-time creator on

      Kerry: Ha!

      You can't trick me. I know that ruby isn't an origin. :)

    10. Kerry Beal on

      Maybe you should try a ruby!

    11. Potomac Chocolate Co. 3-time creator on

      Thanks arrscott! Belize is one I've been considering, but hadn't given any thought to Grenada.

    12. Missing avatar

      arrscott on

      Ben - I'd love to taste what you could do with Grenada-grown chocolate. Otherwise, Madagascar or Belize would get my vote for an upcoming Potomac bar.