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Two guys hand-crafting fine chocolate from the bean to the bar in the Washington DC area.

We are two guys who love chocolate! We love it so much that we want to try our hand at making fine, hand-crafted chocolate from the cacao bean all the way to the bar. We will distinguish ourselves from other chocolates by ensuring that the terroir of the beans, just like a fine wine, is an integral part of the chocolate, instead of being hidden with large quantities of sugar and other ingredients. We will create chocolate that is best savored in order to work through all of the nuances of the flavor in the cacao beans.

We are creating the Washington, D.C. area’s first bean to bar chocolate and we want to be known as local guys making local chocolate. By being local chocolate makers, we know that we can contribute something that will excite the community and ultimately something we are all proud of.

We're just starting out and our plan is to have our first real bar finished this fall. To accomplish this, we need to have funding for the large quantities of beans for experimentation and eventually production, and possibly additional equipment to refine the process and standardize our chocolate.

For more information, check out, our Facebook page, and our Twitter feed.

Justin & Ben


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    We’ll send you one of our first chocolate bars in a special first edition wrapper featuring the names of all our backers. We’ll also keep you updated on the development of our first bar and put a big thank you on our site.

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    Three of our finished first edition chocolate bars, updates on our progress and the thank you on our site.

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    Five of our finished first edition chocolate bars and three development bars sent at different points along the way.

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    Seven of our finished first edition chocolate bars and five development bars. Also, you’ll get exclusive first access to any new bar we create in the future. We’ll send you one before it is available anywhere else.

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    All of the $100 rewards and we’ll put on a chocolate tasting for up to 10 people, featuring fine chocolate from around the world and interactive insights into the chocolate-making process (DC, Virginia, Maryland area only)

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