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A live action space opera by SETH ICKERMAN & CARPENTER BRUT. A female ghost challenges two space hunters into a galactic chase...
A live action space opera by SETH ICKERMAN & CARPENTER BRUT. A female ghost challenges two space hunters into a galactic chase...
A live action space opera by SETH ICKERMAN & CARPENTER BRUT. A female ghost challenges two space hunters into a galactic chase...
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    1. Missing avatar

      Nathaniel Baker on March 22

      They sent out an email to everyone a while ago with alternative methods to download it via vimeo and another file hosting website. You might want to check your spam if you didn't receive the message.

      I actually received another email that was sent out just in case I missed the first, so I'm sure they cc'd to all the backers.

    2. Missing avatar

      Tero Ahlfors on March 22

      All the download options are still messed up. How can it be so hard to deliver videos in 2017?

    3. Missing avatar

      Ripperjk on March 15

      Yup, cant get the vids to play - Id like to request a link to the Vimeo vids =)

    4. Seth Ickerman Creator on March 13

      @Paul Molyneux: by sending us a message :) Videos sent

    5. Missing avatar

      Paul Molyneux on March 13

      Hi, I'm having the same video issues - how do I access the Vimeo videos? Thanks!

    6. Daniel Dippe on March 10

      Thanks. You guys are doing a mighty fine job.

    7. Missing avatar

      Beylie on March 10

      Yay! New videos on Vimeo are perfect! Thanks for the links guys! Loved the making off video, incredible what you have achieved. Just makes me more excited for the the whole movie! Can't wait!

    8. Nick Sutherland on March 9

      Hi! I'm also having stuttering/tearing issues with the video files. What is the link (and password) for the videos on Vimeo?

    9. Seth Ickerman Creator on March 9

      Dear backers,
      Sorry for the problems some of you have been having with the videos. We’ve run a series of tests and must conclude that it’s a codec related problem: the files don’t seem defective but not all the users have managed to view them properly. The compression of our files was made to get the best quality possible, but, to allow everybody to see the videoS without any problem, we now offer you to watch them in exclusivity on our Vimeo account (also downloadable!). We can also send you the pictures elements individually to limit the problems related to the heavy downloads. Thank you very much to message us via Kickstarter to let us know what you need and we will answer with the links.
      Thank you for your understanding.

      Chers backers,
      On s'excuse pour les problèmes que vous rencontrez avec nos vidéos. Nous avons fait une série de tests et arrivons à la conclusion que c'est un problème de codec : les fichiers ne semblent pas défaillants, mais tous les utilisateurs ne parviennent pas à les lire correctement. La compression de nos fichiers a été réalisée pour obtenir la meilleur qualité possible, mais pour que tout le monde puisse profiter des vidéos sans problème, nous vous proposons maintenant de les visionner en exclusivité sur notre compte Vimeo (téléchargeable aussi si vous le souhaitez via l'onglet téléchargement sous la vidéo). Nous pouvons aussi vous envoyer des liens individuels pour les éléments photo, afin de réduire le problème des téléchargements lourds. Merci de nous écrire un message via Kickstarter pour nous dire ce qu’il vous manque, nous vous répondrons avec les liens.
      Merci pour votre compréhension.
      Bien à vous.

    10. Missing avatar

      Tiffany Mires on March 9

      While I am excited about the project, I am disappointed at the quality of the 1st reward downloads. I second what The Last Junicorn said about the unreleased turbo killer video being extremely fragmented and 9 out of the 24 are corrupted. I am using WinRar to extract them since they are in a .rar file. Can you please reissue the download from another website? This one is corrupting a lot of the files.

    11. The Last Junicorn on March 8

      I too had corrupted wallpapers. Also noticed the pixelation/glitches in the Turbo Killer video. I assumed those were intentional. Haha. Love the thank you video!!! Very gorgeous short film. I'm just happy to have these files but wouldn't mind if they were updated as well. ;-) Thank you so much, you're all so creative!

    12. Peter Dodd on March 8

      4K wallpapers are corrupt tried to download several times and the Turbo Killer best quality video keeps pixelating when I watch it. Could we get another upload? Other than that everything else works fine.

    13. Missing avatar

      Kevin Butler on March 8

      this exclusive package business is amazing!
      Would it be too much to request the turbo killer wallpaper without the letterboxing? It's a perfect wallpaper though I would love it to span my whole monitor.

    14. Missing avatar

      Beylie on March 8

      Same here. Thought it was just me. Please reupload after rendering again.

    15. Missing avatar

      Jordan Smith on March 8

      Yeah, I can second Jakob's comment. With the previous download I had no trouble with the wallpapers and set photographs - they were fine. Like everyone else, however, I could never completely download any of the videos. With this new link, downloading everything was perfectly fine but all the videos have pretty severe compression artifacting like he says.

    16. Jakob MacDonald on March 8

      Hey guys! great work! just a little query about the turbo killer package download tat you've just stuck out, don't suppose you could switch it to a different host? I've downloaded the package, took me 6 hours for some odd reason, All of the wallpapers are corrupted and the videos have clear artifacting and are skipping frames during playback.

    17. Matthew Gronke on March 8

      Hey guys, great work so far. Unfortunately, I have been unable for the past 2 days to download the project videos. They often cut off the download before it's finished, and it's looking like your server has a limit on downloads over 1gb, because every one of the large files cuts off at 1.06 GB. (As in, Best Quality video, Actress Thank You, and Making Of have all stopped downloading at exactly 1.061 GB after multiple tries).

      Do you have a fix for this in the works? Thanks!

    18. Daniel Dippe on March 8


      with iPhone or iPad it is not possible to open the package when clicking on the hyperlink. So everything is just downloadable content? There is no embedded video or something like that?

      Kind regards

    19. Missing avatar

      Hamilton Ford on March 7

      The Turbo Killer movie download is absolutely awesome!
      What a thrill ride - gave me a huge rush of emotions - like nothing I've seen or heard for years.
      Amazing quality. Utterly fantastic production. Simply can't wait for Blood Machines.
      Merci beaucoup et bien fait.

    20. Joshua Williams on March 7

      What others are saying, I've yet to complete a video download. I've only been able to properly fetch the wallpapers.

    21. Jon Vazquez on March 7

      The download links for the videos all keep prematurely completing. I've tried to download the commentary video a few times, but the files 'completed' at 60 MB to 320MB and were unplayable.

    22. Missing avatar

      Thomas King on March 7

      Would you guys please consider moving the downloadable rewards to a more reliable host, preferably one with a North American mirror? I'm constantly getting excessively slow download speeds, page timeouts, and maintenance messages from your host.

    23. Missing avatar

      Antonio on March 7

      Hey guys how do I download the mp4 from the link ??

    24. Seth Ickerman Creator on March 7

      @J. Scotty Emerle: you received the survey on your Kickstarter account on January 27th. Thank you for checking your notifications, we can't send you straight there as it's on your personal account. Thank you

    25. J. Scotty Emerle on March 7

      Hi, where is survey mentioned in email? The link in email is not taking me to survey, thanks!

    26. Mark Bennett on February 21

      Love to have access to 4K or higher res VR video clips I can load into my headset.

    27. Missing avatar

      Nathaniel Baker on February 14

      Monthly/month-and-a-half-ly updates would be greatly appreciated. I'd love to watch this project unfold as it happens.

    28. Missing avatar

      Beylie on February 12

      So quite. Any new news?

    29. Seppo Seppälä
      on January 28

      As the campaign is still going on on PayPal, is there any chance of smashing more stretch goals?

    30. Christian Kastaun
      on January 28

      Poop! I did not check my pledge level properly and accidentally backed at the Script/Music instead of the Film/Music level. Any chance for an upgrade via your ongoing late pledge system?

    31. Vitezslav Ures on January 27

      I just want to say you don't need to put my name on your website, so I won't fill this survey. I backed this project to support you at least with the little I have and looking forward to see the result.

    32. Seth Ickerman Creator on January 27

      @William G Klein: we can't include the add-ons to the survey so the ones who purchased an add-on will be contacted via Kickstarter message. Feel free to contact us first, it would for sure help :)

    33. Missing avatar

      William G Klein
      on January 27

      Didn't see anything in the survey about add-ons, are you collecting that information later? I pledged extra for the hardcover artbook.

    34. Seth Ickerman Creator on January 27

      @Ian Matthew Michael Burg: if you mean the special deluxe artbook it's only available with the Special Deluxe Artbook pledge. Otherwise, the CD Combo Pack Collector and the Vinyl Combo Pack Collector include the Limited Hardcover Artbook (it is slightly lighter but just as cool!)

    35. Missing avatar

      Ian Matthew Michael Burg on January 27

      Gonna ask again: Do the backers at the cd and vinyl collector levels get the special edition of the artbook?

    36. Missing avatar

      Tristan Allcock on January 19

      So stoked this got funded! Congratulations. I love your style and can't wait for the finished product!

    37. Tom Do on January 9

      Looking forward to the finished product! So excited!

    38. Peter Dodd on January 6

      Can not wait to see this finished, lookin forward to it

    39. Missing avatar

      DamienSFear on January 5

      Congratulations. Well done on successful funding! If it's half as good as turbo killer it will be amazing!

    40. Chris Clarke on January 5

      Congrats. Cannot wait for this. The production and music look and sound amazing!!

    41. Harley Hoskins on January 5

      Super excited to see this get funded!

      Has anyone received the pledge manager email yet?

    42. Missing avatar

      Juan Francisco Delgado Parra on January 5

      Yes!!!!!! This year will be one of the greatest

    43. Missing avatar

      Jean-Luc on January 5

      Félicitations! Affaire à suivre, donc.

    44. Missing avatar

      Diou Chris on January 5

      I have great expectations from you guys.

    45. Andrei Popa on January 5

      If anybody deserved to be funded it's you guys!!!

      Well Done!!!

    46. Missing avatar

      Malifarge Simon on January 5

      Waaaaaaa je suis vraiment impatient de voir ce que vous allez nous proposer! Bon courage à toute l'équipe! Vous êtes au top, je suis sûr que ça va déchirer !

    47. Gurdeep Singh on January 5

      All the best guys; expecting big things from this; I know you won't dissappoint

    48. Missing avatar

      Cubilié Eric on January 5

      Salut les gars... Bon le projet est financé, la barre est haute. Vous êtes les meilleurs... Faites nous rêver...
      Ps: J aurai bien vu un flash-back sur l' enlèvement de cette déesse dans sa pyramide et les raisons de sa disparition. Cet acteur pourrait jouer dans les films de Morricone. Patibulaire, sans pitié... Bref la quête du grââl.

    49. William Bennett on January 5

      CAN'T. F###ING. WAIT!

    50. Nathan Erickson
      on January 5

      Congrats! With all the crazy visuals and other cool stuff going on, this is one production diary I will actually follow. Look forward to seeing this baby come to life.

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