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Update #6

Testing, Testing!


This project has been all too free of updates of late. There is a reason for that! I've discovered an obstacle that I need to work my way around.

The reason is not because I've had difficulty finishing the Ubercross C-Spot grid. I certainly had plenty of that, but the grid is now done! Now I just have to write 4208 clues for it. And then comes the editing, but more about that in a minute.

I am also just about finished with the Crossworlds project-- 50 crossword puzzles, plus a diagramless and a word search, for the science-fiction lover. Some of you have purchased  Crossworlds and some of you haven't, but you'll all want to pay attention to this.

My problem has been the test-solving. Because this collection of crosswords is so big and so nichey, I can't rely strictly on my friends to tell me when parts of the puzzle are too hard, too easy (yeah, right) or just plain wrong. My previous professional editors have stressed that science fiction clues aren't in their wheelhouse. So I feel like the puzzle collection needs more outside perspectives applied to it before I can call it complete.

And so, for a limited time, I am opening up Crossworlds as a free beta release. If you yourself are a crossword constructor, or a frequent solver, or otherwise want to help me perfect this recipe, head on over to and witness the fruits of my labors. If you're a good and enthusiastic test-solver, I will be more privately inviting you to test-solve the Ubercross C-Spot as well (because I'm anticipating problems getting that one edited too, again due to its size and ambition).

Those who purchased Crossworlds will be getting the fully vetted version of the puzzles, after which time I'll be taking the xworldz page down. (I expect to be doing that around early December, but we'll see how fast the results come back.)

More info on the e-book and the C-Spot coming before Thanksgiving! (To clarify, that would be AMERICAN Thanksgiving, not October 2012 in Canada.)

P.S.: I've also been lagging on some mailouts of the Ubercross Fiddy, for which I have no good excuse. I'll be completing those all before this week is out!

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