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The largest crossword yet that plays by New York Times rules, from the maker of the widely acclaimed Ubercross Fiddy!

Fund the creation of the largest crossword yet that plays by New York Times rules... and unlike the current record-holder, ours won't require a sixty-year-old dictionary to solve! No offense meant to Robert Stilgenbauer, whose 1949 record-setter, at 111x111, has had a good long run. But it relies on words that were obscure even when it was produced. That means it's not much fun to solve today. I feel like crosswording can do better. I feel like it deserves better. I see a mountain, and I don't just want to climb it, I want to build a bigger mountain for others to climb. The money is for labor costs, pure and simple: putting this together won't be easy! I estimate the final grid will contain 4,000 answers-- never the same answer twice, no two-letter answers, no uncrossed squares and, of course, nothing ungettable! Help me make the world of puzzles a little more fun and challenging today!


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    You'll get digital copies of the Ubercross C-Spot for Web, Crossword Solver, and iPad use! Note that this crossword will not be released in print versions (it's just too freakin' big)!

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    You'll get the above, plus a printed copy of its predecessor, the widely praised 50x50 Ubercross Fiddy (an independent sales value of $15)! Also solvable as a free sample at!

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    You'll get the above, plus digital copies of Crossworlds: 50 Crosswords For The Sci-Fi Lover (an independent sales value of $20)! If you're someone who knows more about Star Trek than about baseball stars from the 1950s, or if you'd like to give a gift to such a person, these are the puzzles for you! This 50% discount will never be offered again, anywhere!

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    You'll get the above, plus a special e-book edition of "Callin' Them Squares," the guide to crossword types now running at No expert solver or expert constructor should be without this resource, cross-referenced, updated and improved from its Web edition! Independent sales value of $15-- meaning that if you pledge for all this, you're getting a $60 value for $40, and the honor of helping to set a new world record!

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