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Aesthetic Apparatus needs your assistance in bringing this fussy, ultra-display, beveled typeface to life! Read more

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This project was successfully funded on January 31, 2012.

Aesthetic Apparatus needs your assistance in bringing this fussy, ultra-display, beveled typeface to life!

About this project

Aesthetic Apparatus is a small, three-person graphic design and screenprinting studio based in Minneapolis, MN USA. We have built a reputation over the last thirteen of years of… well… we're not exactly sure what our reputation is. We know some people consider us pretty good graphic designers, while others think we are not-too-shabby print artists. The truth is, we're both. And it's taken us over a decade to gain the confidence to say that. Regardless, one of our studio's main goals since it's inception is to value creative growth over financial growth. So, although this means we aren't the wealthiest designers in the world, we are filthy with creative fulfillment. With this, we feel extremely lucky to have always had the freedom to pursue our own side-projects and entrepreneurial ventures without fear of indebtedness to others' opinions or budgets.

In 2008 we produced a series of limited-edition, screenprinted window signs for a local gallery show. These signs parodied the classic OPEN sign, but substituted the language with alternate and absurd adjectives. The idea made us laugh, and that was really all we needed. A number of people have told us how much they also enjoy these signs (especially the one that reads, "Sorry, We're DRUNK") and the signs have also recently been honored for inclusion in the Communication Arts 2012 Typography Annual (Jan/Feb 2012).

Over the years since we released these signs, we have received a lot of inquiries about the typeface we used. The iconic typography— although initially inspired by gaspipe-style lettering on an open sign— was all hand-built from the ground up in order to construct the letterforms we needed. Unable to simply suggest a font, we had to turn interested parties away and simply tell them we made these letterforms ourselves, so they probably could too. BUT NO MORE! With this Kickstarter project we hope to fulfill the needs of designers and type nerds worldwide and finally convert these letterforms to a set of three overlapping fonts that anyone can have and own!

(CLICK HERE to view a larger preview.)

2010/2011 saw an influx in beveled typography, there's so many well-made bevel fonts out there. So why does the world need another one? Well, VALUCO is special in that the face itself will include diagonal hatched shading in the face. So a user is able to successfully produce a fairly dynamic shadowed bevel with only two colors, something that it seems few other bevels offer. This economy of color is the "value" in the  "VALUCO" name. Additionally, the font is a nice, hearty, gaspipe, which is currently our favorite typographic genre. You gotta love those tall, blocky S's.

Well, when we first produced our signs, all our tints were built with simple halftone textures. It was the easiest way to produce it at the time. We thought we could continue this trend as we built the actual font, but as we begin to flesh out the full character set we have quickly realized that a vector font made up partially of halftone dots produces way, WAY too many vector points to be usable as a manageable digital font. So all tints are now being converted to diagonal hatching to cut down on bezier points. It's working, but getting the hatching prefect is  s - l - o - w  going . The face will only be uppercase, but we are producing punctuation, numbers, alternate characters, and currency symbols. On top of this, we still need to convert our working postscript files to multiple typefaces with accurate kerning and letterspacing, that will interface with each other to successfully produce the bevel effect. This will not be the fun part, but your support will make it much, much easier.


  • 0-9
  • A-Z (uppercase)
  • A, R, W, Y, S, K & M alternate letterforms
  • All "keyboard" punctuation and symbols
  • ¢, ¥, €, £, ¿, ¡, ®, ©
  • UPDATE! (1/25/12) Spurred by overwhelming backer support, VALUCO will now also include the following intl. characters:
    Á Â Ä À Å Ã Ç É Ê Ë È Í Î Ï Ì Ñ Ó Ô Ö Ò Õ Š Ú Û Ü Ù Ý Ÿ Ž

We like to believe that we have some fairly valuable rewards available, so check them out and hopefully you can find it in your hear to give us a financial hand.

* HERE is the Aesthetic Apparatus End User License Agreement. We ask that anyone who receives the VALUCO font as a Kickstarter reward please observe a single user license agreement.

Thank you so much!
We love you.

Michael, Dan & Jonathan
Aesthetic Apparatus • MPLS, MN


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