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Matthew R. HaeckerBy Matthew R. Haecker
First created
Matthew R. HaeckerBy Matthew R. Haecker
First created
pledged of $5,000pledged of $5,000 goal
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Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Sat, February 10 2018 6:28 PM UTC +00:00

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    1. Daniel DeOlden on

      Looks like I will it up via thegamecrafter.com.
      Did add the images you had here to the BGG page so that it looks more filled out.

    2. Amanda Haecker Collaborator on


      I'm glad you found us! I did submit our game to BoardGameGeek on day 2 of our KickStarter, but it is still in the approval queue. Do you know of a way to get that sped up?

      Thank you for the heads up!

    3. Daniel DeOlden on

      The game looks very good and the rules help in understanding the game better then the video.
      Your GameCrafter page is well set up and should have been more of a presence here on Kickstarter as it explains better.
      You might want to load the Rules here as a download to those who come to the page rather then keep them over on the Gamecrafter page.
      Also please add you game to the Boardgamegeek.com site as games listed there get far better traffic on Kickstarter then games that are not listed there. 90% of all Kickstarter games I back are because of Boardgamegeek. If I had not decided to just browse the games today I would not have seen your campaign.
      You will get far better traffic if you had a game page there and could load images and videos there as well.

    4. Amanda Haecker Collaborator on

      @Nigel Roper,
      Hi there! Thank you for taking the time to comment on our game. We love hearing from people. :)

      I am a little confused as to how we could better explain the mechanics - update #2 features the video "How to Play Tactician". Would you be willing to suggest ways we could better communicate the mechanics?

      While we would love to be able to please everyone when it comes to design elements, the focus of Tactician is the battle of wits between the players. Still, the medieval theme is consistent throughout the instruction manual, the token artwork, and the style of Tactical Terrain. We have kept the field side of the board fairly simple, but most of this style of warfare was conducted on plain open fields to allow for solid masses of troops.

      Again, thank you for your suggestions! We will consider them when designing our expansions, which will be based on Seige Warfare, Naval Combat, and a few others.

      Good luck on your game,
      Matt and Mandy

    5. Missing avatar

      Merlin Games on


      I like the concept of your game and whilst I’m a fan of abstract games Tactician looks a little too abstract - more like a prototype to test mechanics than the finished thing. I’d love to commit to it but I believe you need to reconsider the whole look of it. Here are my thoughts, given with the intention of them being supportive of Tactician’s evolution into something I’d want to own and play - other opinions are available of course.

      As others have commented you don’t really explain much of the mechanics and the video doesn’t show much to excite the eye and the imagination of the prospective players. Admittedly some games achieving their goals explain nothing of the gameplay, but they heavily sell their story elements and gorgeous graphics and models.

      The idea of Tactiician’s game mechanics sounds exactly like something I would want to play, but I don’t see enough to know the game actually delivers what you promise.

      Tactician has the potential to look very beautiful if you put more thought into its design - perhaps drawing on medieval sources, if those are your inspirations in terms of the kinds of battle strategy and tactics.

      Tactician doesn’t need heavy figurative artwork and medieval fantasy elements (although these seem to be the most popular games on Kickstarter), as these promise a role playing experience that the game doesn’t look like it delivers, but it would be immeasurably improved by more thought being given to what kind of simple Romanesque or Gothic abstract decorations would make the board and its components more unique and appealing look.

      At present you box design promises a theme that the board and components don’t match. You need the two to be congruous. The packaging looks too much like much of what else is on offer without rising above the average. To get noticed, in my opinion, the visual design of the game and its packaging needs either the best of its kind, or distinctly different to what else is on offer in the genre - whilst signalling that it belongs in the genre.

      Reconsidering and satisfactorily completing all the design elements may be too late at this stage in your campaign, so if you are successful perhaps this is something for a relaunch. Design costs time but needn’t have much too impact on printing or component costs - it costs the same to print something plain as it costs to print more elaborate designs.

      How much you can trust my opinions on your game will be evidenced by how successful my own campaign for my abstract game ‘Thieves’ is in two months time - perhaps not much!

      Anyway I wish you the best for the rest of your campaign and am following it with interest.

    6. Matthew R. Haecker Creator on

      @Caper Games, Thank you for your feedback! We hope the updates better showcase Tactician's features.

    7. Caper Games on

      Looks like a very interesting game. The gameplay and pieces might need to be shown better or more. Keep up the good work!

    8. Amanda Haecker Collaborator on

      @elDamahj, Thank you for your comment! We appreciate feedback on what areas of our campaign need improvement and will be updating our Kickstarter with the information you've requested.
      Check back with us shortly to see your questions answered!

    9. elDamahj

      Hi. Congratulations on your idea. Umfortunately, you haven't provided much detail about the game or how you intend to have it produced. Do you have a copy of the rules or anything to show how this game will be different from others? What components will be included in the game? How will the game be shipped to backers? These basic questions need to be answered to have any hope of getting people interested.