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We're creating the next generation of super-scientists with a game-based app series, starting with Tornado Maker and Tornado Master.
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Cheers to you (with game art!)

Posted by Outthink Inc. (Creator)
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When we first embarked on this project, a colleague commented that it was amazing how the passion and vision had drawn an incredible list of guests to the table. Right, I thought, now we just need to serve up the feast.

Well, as anyone who has hosted a great dinner party knows, it requires financial and logistical resources, time, and teamwork. It takes a lot of behind-the-scenes planning, preparation and elbow grease to make it all seem effortless and breezy.  And, since you have been following our progress, you know that preparation for this particular feast has involved many twists and turns and a few changes of menu that have felt anything but breezy.    But with the new tack and the steadfast attention of Tony and Nathan, we are happy to issue the following report from the kitchen:

The main dish is almost finished cooking and ready for consumption. The instruction is in place and Tony is garnishing it now. The Art is in the final stage with a new artist stepping in to get us to the finish. And, Tony and Nathan have come up with such a fun game for the X lab section that some people have suggested it for release on its own.

We wanted to close here with some game art, and a toast to you. Your emails of encouragement and patience during our travails have given us great faith in humanity.  We look forward to cheering all of you properly with a release this summer.

Andrea, Tony, and Nathan

EarthChasers: Mass/Volume Summary with Art

Right now the EarthChasers: Mass/Volume app flows like this:   Science and Technology are the key to ensuring Earth's future safety and you are recruited to be an elite cadet in this super secret organization of scientists tapping the talent of today to solve the problems of tomorrow. 

After being welcomed, you are sent to Mission Control to begin Basic Training.

Mission Control
Mission Control

  Next, you meet Digi, your robot guide to unlocking the mysteries of fundamental science concepts, in this case, Mass and Volume.

Digi sometimes needs YOU as much as you need him!
Digi sometimes needs YOU as much as you need him!

After completing Basic Training for Mass and Volume, you must best Countdown to gather the hydrogen fuel you need to gain entrance to the uber cool X Lab. 

Upon securing admission to XLab, you leave your molecular training behind and extend into real world applications with the MASSively fun, Seek Targets.  (Working title)  Here, you are challenged to use your hydrogen fuel to launch projectiles of varied mass and guide them toward high scoring targets.

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