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We're creating the next generation of super-scientists with a game-based app series, starting with Tornado Maker and Tornado Master.
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The Name Game

Posted by Outthink Inc. (Creator)
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Happy May everybody, 

As we move toward the finish line for a Mass Volume app, discussion turned to finding a name for our app that both fits our current release and our future mission.  We are of course, still targeting the most likely group to save our planet,  kids!  And by creating a place where they can master fundamental science concepts, we prepare them to chase down solutions to the many problems that face our planet.   So, we decided to name the app: EarthChasers, with the first concept release being: Mass, Volume. So EarthChasers is our motherapp and platform, the alliance into which kids get recruited, and the concepts and missions will all be delivered within it.

Consider, in the not-too-distant future, top scientists have joined forces to launch an undercover operation to chase down solutions to the threats against mankind and the planet. They are recruiting savvy super-smart kids from Gen Z to join them. Together they’re called EarthChasers. And they’ve chosen you. First up, Mass and Volume, once you’ve tackled these critical concepts in boot camp, you’ll unlock opportunities to fuel and enter the X-lab, a futuristic holodeck where you get a chance to compete in games against other recruits to show what you’re made of.  Once you’ve earned enough rank, you’ll be promoted to density, buoyancy, wind speed and air temperature and other science concepts, gathering the skills and tools to increase knowledge, rank and privilege within the alliance.

We hope you are excited as we are.  Tony and Nathan have been instrumental in working toward a budget friendly solution that truly delivers for kids.  We are particulaly excited about what we are now calling X-lab,  where conceptual game play allows kids to take the science to the next level.

This morning, Nathan sent me a sweet birthday message, writing,  "Happy Birthday!  We'll make you a present. It's a custom learning app for kids about science. But we're not done with it yet."

He really made me smile.  Later he added that the first look at X-lab (with programmer art) will appear in our new build this week. Since, this was really the brainchild of Tony and Nathan, I am dying to take it for test runs.

Yours in continued gratitude as we approach the finish line,


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