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We're creating the next generation of super-scientists with a game-based app series, starting with Tornado Maker and Tornado Master.
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Posted by Outthink Inc. (Creator)


We've pulled the trigger and now have an amazing team hard at work again.  


The schedule below was created to reflect the design needs for UI and art, and is a good illustration of the pace we are setting until we move from Beta to Gold. While our pivot path required scrapping our earlier code and prototype, the game mechanics and instruction have not changed. Since both have been user tested, the team can move quickly. 

The Team

Nathan Fouts of Mommy's Best Games is joining Tony Garcia, Mike Stout, and Jessie Rauch to complete the design and programming of our game.  It's a reunion and mutual admiration society  for Nathan, Tony, and Mike who all worked together at Insomniac games.  Put these three together with the multi-talented Jessie Rauch, the creative director responsible for all the conceptual art for the first prototype, and we are sure to realize something special. 

We also have an amazing team riding shot gun: instructional designers Melinda Sota and Derek Shanman, along with master teacher Sujata Bhatt, making sure the instructional integrity remains,    Amy Cloud, now a full time Editor at Simon & Schuster, sticking by us to make sure we set the right tone, and fellow backer and friend Mark Kawano, CEO and Founder of the extraordinary storytelling app,  STOREHOUSE , keeping an eye on our UI and design.      We will of course be hitting up Alex Kaminsky who just accepted a full time job as Creative Technology Lead at Wieden + Kennedy to look out for all fellow gamers.  (We know we will always have a piece of Amy and Alex's hearts, so you can be sure we will be trying to lure them back when we successfully raise for platform development.)  

We also want to give a shout out to Lesley Mathiesson and Peter Hastings of Inkling Games. Inkling has been phenomenally busy making games for themselves and others. Still excited by our goals,  Inkling helped us transition to our new Dev team and is staying in the loop reviewing our game docs and builds.   Lesley and Peter have both worked with Mike, Nathan, and Tony. 

And then of course, there are all of you.  We cannot thank you enough for your tremendous patience, and for the emails of support during a year that had a lot more downs than ups.    We are so excited to be back on track and sharing updates with you about what we are accomplishing together.

So, as Nathan emailed all of us at our new kick off....

Let's get this party started!


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