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We're creating the next generation of super-scientists with a game-based app series, starting with Tornado Maker and Tornado Master.
We're creating the next generation of super-scientists with a game-based app series, starting with Tornado Maker and Tornado Master.
740 backers pledged $75,630 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. SparroHawc on

      More like failed to properly budget. They made a token attempt, then realized that $75,000 doesn't get much programmer time when they still need to pay themselves. Not that it excuses their behavior, but Hanlon's Razor still applies here.

    2. James Brasic on

      Absolutely no updates on this. I take it they took our money and ran?

    3. Somewhat Enlightened on

      It's been over a year since the last update. What gives?

    4. Missing avatar

      Toby Meyer on

      >> Outthink Inc. on December 6, 2012

      It's not just us . . . we're all in this together! <<

      By "together" I take it you mean you have our money and the rest of us are together in the shared experience of you having our money?

    5. Ryan Moore on

      Last update in July and no comments since 2013 - it's feeling more and more like EarthChasers is going to be a no-show. Are you still working on this?

    6. Missing avatar

      Dan Helfond on

      Last day of the year and 6 months since the last update ... any news?

    7. Outthink Inc. Creator on

      Thank you for your encouragement and for posting this perspective, Zach. It is helpful and makes a lot of sense.


    8. Missing avatar

      Zach Johnson on

      First off, thanks for the update. I'll start off saying, most backers understand that projects run well beyond the expected completion date; as a backer we (should) know what we are getting into. Ways to help ease the concerns is more frequent updates... whether it is positive or negative we just like to know things are still moving forward. I think when people back a project they are often just as interested in the process of creating the product, issues the team runs into just as much as the outcome of the project.

      Keep up the good work, seems like things are moving forward for the team. Remember keep us posted with positive or negative steps in your process!


    9. Outthink Inc. Creator on

      Sorry for repeating the empathy, but it is overriding. And I feel this pace every day, along with the faith placed in us to deliver.

    10. Outthink Inc. Creator on

      Hi guys. I posted a new update and also emailed Adam personally since his comment came to me. I did not see yours Zach or I would have emailed you too. You are definitely not "out" your money. I really appreciate you backing and if you want it back, we still have it. The upshot is that the raise was enough for product but not the full team. So we dialed back payroll. That meant everyone is working multiple jobs while also trying to get this where we want it. This really hit hard on our timeline, but we do have all of the capital intact. We can refund your money if you like. It is definitely disheartening because we need people like you who believe this is a possibility. But as I wrote Adam, I get it. I often feel like you. This has been a longer tougher road than expected. But what we have created works and it makes sense. So personally, I can't give up even when I want to. But you can! I completely appreciate your initial leap of faith. And I often feel like you so I get it!


    11. Missing avatar

      Zach Johnson on

      It's starting to look that way Adam... Aug 1st was the last update.

    12. Missing avatar

      Adam Koile on

      I guess we are out this money!! :(

    13. Missing avatar

      Adam Koile on

      Just wanted to get an update on this been a while since we last got an update. Thanks!

    14. Missing avatar

      Zach Johnson on

      I read you Update #16, I was curious if everything is still on track? Being in the software business I know how easily things can change.

    15. David Tominsky on

      Congratulations! Please let me know if you need a beta tester. My 9 year old would be ecstatic to be a part of making cool stuff like this! Keep being awesome!


    16. Outthink Inc. Creator on

      Hi Jason!

      Great question. The tactic we're planning to use involves releasing a free demo of the game which may be unlocked with a code provided to backers. A full version will also be available in the store for non-backers.

    17. jasonhuber on

      Wait. How are you going to "ship" an iOS game to my device through the app store but only offer it to some? You only get a limited number of promo codes, and the app cannot be offered free when it launches right?

    18. Missing avatar

      fischer on

      Very nice presentation, great idea. From one developer to another (EdGE at TERC) I am following your progress closely. Just wish I could have found you sooner to help get the word out. Next time I'm in NYC for G4C, or other work, I'll try and look you up. I think you are going to make your goal.

      Good luck.

    19. Outthink Inc. Creator on

      Thanks for the support, Robert, and thanks for the tips, David!

    20. Missing avatar

      Robert David West on

      Love love love you're reddit post, happy to help (I played Carmen Sandiego on the Sega Mega Drive)

    21. David Rawlins on

      I know there is only 22 hours to go, but for your next project consider a pledge that will allow people to receive a copy of the game but *not* have to have anything shipped to them. (Digital download, etc.) (Perhaps in the $10 tier)

      I think you would see a very large rise in the number of backers. From international buyers who don't want to pay shipping to people who simply don't want any physical merchandise... Check out some of the other really successful Kickstarter games and see how they have arranged their pledge options. ;) Good luck!

    22. Outthink Inc. Creator on

      It's not just us . . . we're all in this together!

    23. Jeremy Schwartz on

      Thanks for making this happen, Outthink!