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So many people ask: What's the Matter With Kansas, I wanted to know: What really happened?  18 Months, 30k Miles later...

So many people ask: What's the Matter With Kansas, I wanted to know: What really happened? 18 Months, 30k Miles later... Read more

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So many people ask: What's the Matter With Kansas, I wanted to know: What really happened? 18 Months, 30k Miles later...

About this project

12 Months ago, someone asked me what really is the matter with Kansas?  Could Kansas change?   How do the citizens feel about Kansas?

Since then, I and a few others have taken on a unique project:  We made a commitment to visit every single one of Kansas 105 Counties, from St. Francis and Elkhart to Columbus and Atchison.   What really is going on in Kansas?

I toured bridges and roadways in western Kansas.  Attended Town Hall meetings for elected representatives in Iola, Emporia, Elkhart, Manhattan, Topeka, Pittsburg and more.  

Everywhere I went the people had their own story of the past and future of Kansas.  Over the months, I've tried to build that story - what really happened here?   What is the future for Kansas?  

In March of 2014, after collecting more than 80 hours of video, a friend proposed to me: start putting more up on Youtube and elsewhere.  Let people see inside the townhall, inside civic meetings and show them what really goes on in their government.

Elected officials of both parties were given time to speak on the issues, to talk about what was happening in Kansas - and what they thought it would take to work to improve our state.

A few weeks ago I took time to LA to show early segments of video and to get a trailer cut together out of the video we have.   But rather than provide a slickly produced video edited to show you what this film will look like, I wanted to provide something in this kickstarter that shows you what this film is made up of - average citizens and groups of citizens who were willing to speak freely on the record about their government, from city to federal.  For those videos, feel free to check my Youtube channel, linked within my Bio.

Individuals and groups who appear include:

Jeff Coyler, KS-R Lt. Governor
Sam Brownback, KS-R Governor
Paul Davis KS-D Candidate for Governor
Lynn Jenkins, KS-R Representative District 2
Tim Huelskamp, KS-R
Jim Sherow, KS-D Candidate District 1
Kansas NEA Rallies and Members
Game On For Kansas Schools
Kelly Kultala, KS-D Candidate District 3
Salina City Council Meetings
City officers of over 75 City Governments throughout Kansas
Over 22 Elected House & Senate Members for the Kansas Legislature
Over 41 Mayors and Councilmen speaking to their issues.

Risks and challenges

We are on a hard and fast deadline. This project is being prepared for a Kansas City Film Festival and Presentation elsewhere in early September. Several of us continue to grab film and footage of major events ongoing in Kansas. Our last day of first-run recording is set in stone: July 4. After July 4, we must move our video content into the editing bays.

There will still be filming going on after July 4, but that will be aimed primarily at distribution via Youtube. Raw footage done after July 4 in accordance to our rewards will be edited together with a different editor so that we can get our project done on time.

Thankfully, we have access to up to three editors who have agreed to help work with us in editing together our content. On June 1, I switched over our recording to begin recording and editing footage in dual format: 4K for archival, and 1080P for internet services. I will also be livestreaming more civic events, from townhalls to public speeches so that Kansans can actually see what is happening in their state.

After an initial showing, all content will be available online as well as cut into segments based on counties and districts so that people can find content that really applies to them.

The most important part of this project, though, isn't just the completion of the film - it is a commitment to timely, detailed video, audio and interviews in areas of Kansas that simply don't have access to a bullhorn to get a message out.

How often have you watched real news about drought in Russell? The impact of school structure in Colby? How Amazon changes Coffeyville? When you sponsor this kickstarter, you aren't just backing the idea of a film documenting Kansas, but a commitment to ongoing efforts at providing Kansans a different way to look at their state, and a real look into their communities.

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    Donate $10 and receive a set of 25 exclusive digital backgrounds taken via DSLR throughout Kansas. See Kansas as you haven't seen it before; from Sunsets in Western Kansas to the view over bridges in the Southeast corner this entry photopack gives you an idea of the locations and places we've been.

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    Everything that the $10 Backer Receives PLUS plus receive a scroll credit at the end of the film.

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    Receive all in the $25 reward, plus receive a Blu-Ray copy of the film as it will be presented in Kansas City, as well as over 300 images taken from all over Kansas, giving you a look at the whole state.

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    Receive everything in the $50 reward package, but you also receive a special bonus: Access to unedited** public meetings in your district. 32Gb USB 3.0 Pen Drive (Please note: these are raw, and no normal content will be deleted, but long periods of dead air or in one case a camera recording while riding in a car with the lenscap on in a bag will obviously not be included..) Still, USB3.0 32Gb Pen Drive.

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    Receive everything below this reward Plus receive the "What Happened to Kansas?" T-Shirt, a phone call that says "Thank you Very Much" and at least one hour to discuss your area of the state with those involved in filming it.

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    $1,000 reward

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    Everything below this reward, plus something you can't get otherwise that makes this reward worth it if you have questions about where you live. At this reward level, we will come to your Kansas district, county or town to interview and provide research on any subject of PUBLIC INTEREST and provide you raw, unedited video of it. If you want to know what is happening in your community, this is it. We'll take what we have already recorded, and give you a chance to get an example of how this impacts your town. This must be booked, but we're willing to work with you to have you raw, 1080P or 4K High Def footage to you.

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    Everything before this reward and there is only one perk we have left to give: for 4 MONTHS several of us will follow up on important news stories within your county, provide them attention and credit you as one of those interested in the issue. We'll publish videos and keep on top of stories you care about.

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