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Project Different is a Magazine Designed for People with Disabilities to Show That Being Disabled Does Not Mean You Are Unable.

The Project...

Project Different is a magazine designed to be the voice for people living with disabilities and show the World that there is absolutely nothing wrong with being “Different.” The goal of the Magazine is to show that being Disabled does not mean that you are unable. The magazine will feature articles about people living with disabilities who have surpassed all expectation, pictures, interactive tools, product recommendation, and helpful advice. Our ultimate goal is to be able to connect people with disabilities around the World, through the magazine. According to the United States Census Bureau there are 53 million Americans living with disabilities. There are limited resources available and we plan to be the ones that help them find resources that aide in everyday living and quite possibly make their lives a little easier.

The Founder...

Project Different was founded by a 26 year old woman who was born with Arthrogryposis which is a neuro-musculo-skeletal disorder that affects various joints in the body. It is a rare condition often characterized by stiff joints and abnormally developed muscles.  Throughout her life she noticed there were limited resources and positive images of people with disabilities available. Many acted as if being different meant you were also Unable. Unable to think, speak, and unable to do the things others did. Camille never let being Disabled enable her from doing anything. Growing up she played basketball, swam, rode horses, was a manager for the Volleyball team, a Cheerleader, and attended College. She believes that others with disabilities need to know that being different is ok and there are people who are different who are successful. Our Message “Be Different, Be You” We welcome with open arms anyone who has something insightful they would like to share, contact us.

The Magazine...

The magazine will be sold electronically and provided in hard copy. The material will provide valuable insight to all who subscribe and will arrive in your mailbox Winter 2013.

The Funding...

The $5,000 will be used for printing, postage, design, administrative fee, and technical needs. The more money that we raise the better the magazine will be and the more people we can reach.

The Future...
Well, the first issue will be available January 2013 rain, sleet, shine, or snow. If you have spare economical resources we would love your help!




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