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a cross platform mobile multiplayer game (iphone, android, windows) focusing on medieval tournament with a new take on a familiar tale. Read more

Seattle, WA Video Games
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This project's funding goal was not reached on June 30, 2012.

a cross platform mobile multiplayer game (iphone, android, windows) focusing on medieval tournament with a new take on a familiar tale.

Seattle, WA Video Games
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Looking ahead

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 It's been a while since this kickstarter, but for those who are interested, we are still working on a title in the same universe. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for more info coming soon.

Plan B

Our project is nearing it's end, (check out my post project thoughts and advice to other hopeful project owners here) and while it may be discouraging to see how it has gone so far, we have plans for how to proceed from here. However I would like to open it up to our awesome fans and backers to let us know what you think should be the next steps. There are lots of options:

-retool and relaunch

-use another method of funding

-wait until we have more to show, then launch again

-forget crowd-funding and make a deal with someone

- (your idea here)

Giving up is not an option! Also, let us know what you think of the project as a whole and why you think it has failed.

Websites, Forums, and Card-games

As the kickstarter moves on, I am continuing to develop the game, the universe in which it lives, and this dev-brand that will eventually become a platform to make some cool stuff. We have a new look and feel for our website, we have a new platform for fan feedback, and we have a pre-alpha "mechanic-testing" card game that you can download (on the home page of our site) and play with your friends. Obviously there are some things that will change drastically, (the actual joust will be a bit more dynamic in-game of course) but it will allow us to introduce and test some features like 'perks' (we are calling them virtues) ... these will hopefully create more strategy and add interest in an otherwise rock-paper-scissors game. Feel free to print out the pages and try it out with your friends! We would love to hear some feedback!

It's tough to watch a static kickstarter project, (and I have a lot to say about the merits of kickstarter, and our plan-B) but we will continue to do what we are doing until the end. I can say, however, that with the addition of video view metrics that they have added, it's clear that we are simply not getting the views necessary to reach our goals.

Thank you all for your support and interest.

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Getting on the Map

I want to say a big thank you to and for featuring us on their sites. The most difficult part of this campaign has been getting views. (being a kickstarter video game during the biggest news week for video games ...E3 week... doesn't help) ...but giving up is not an option, and failure is not the opposite of success, it is an ingredient.

I plan on posting a more detailed report later that outlines some of my incorrect assumptions, timing issues, and marketing mistakes to give a fair warning to other kick-starter hopefuls, but in short... Kickstarter is a funding platform, not a marketing platform. And there is no guarantee that you will get featured by the site itself, regardless of the quality of the presentation. 

But enough about that. We will soldier on and continue writing articles, running marketing campaigns, and trying our best to spread the word. I still believe that once people see the project, they will want to get involved. We have an extraordinary average pledge amount of $61 which is no small thing.

About the image:

Instead of a traditional level select, the player will be able to pan, zoom and tap on the interactive map to progress to the next tournament. Once you tap on a sigil, an area screen will be displayed that will tell the player some background lore and information about that location, as well as give you options to visit a blacksmith, enter a tournament, battle a boss, and more.

I also want players to be able explore the universe through this map by tapping different areas (some will be obvious and some will not) and triggering some voice-over and concept art that will make the universe more rich and believable. If the player taps on an area in the mountains of Glein for instance, the voice over may begin to talk about the harsh environment, or the formidable, indigenous, animal life in that area. 

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It's about character

When developing games, you can't start out with the question:

How to I make a game about character, chivalry, morality, and honor?

Instead you MUST ask the simple question:

Is this game fun?

We have all seen the awful attempts to teach children something good by making a video game. One time as children, me and my brothers sent our mom to rent a video game from the local video store. (this was a reward for finishing all our homework in a timely manner) We gave her the name of the game we wanted, but were disappointed when she came home with Mario's Time Machine. (do you remember that nonsense of a video game) I'm sure Mom thought it would be great to rent a game that would teach her kids history, indeed that is what they were pitching to her on the back of the box. "Travel through time and answer history questions to proceed!" Doesn't sound like fun? Instead of jumping on mushrooms and fighting browser, you needed to find out where Isaac Newton went to school, and answer correctly in a quiz! Needless to say, we didn't enjoy it very much, and we didn't learn anything... because we didn't play it. 

On the other hand, I have learned quite a bit when doing something fun, like when you play a game or watch a movie about history that sparks your interest and leads you almost unconsciously to your computer to read up on a person or an event. Learning is not necessarily fun, but having fun is a good place to start learning. Knowing this truth, and developing such a fun game and story, I am not satisfied like so many other developers to simply entertain. If we have something fun, that means we have an audience. If we have an audience, then I feel a responsibility to that audience. Why not take the opportunity to challenge players to think about questions that matter ...questions like:  "What does chivalry, honor, character and courage mean to you?" I plan to bring these questions to mind through character driven storytelling. 

I have been telling my kid's bed time stories since they could understand (I have three boys of 2yrs 4yrs and 5yrs), and I love it. I usually start by allowing them to pick the protagonist and antagonist. (this usually results in a story about Spiderman fighting Darth Vader or something) Sometimes however, I will tell them a story from my childhood. I grew up drawing and writing about knights, dragons, and castles, and while most of these stories are lost in my cluttered garage, this tale begs to be told, and I can't remove it from my brain, or focus on any other story until I tell it!

My main inspiration for storytelling comes from mother, who (before she passed) wrote a few novels for young girls, which left an eternal window into her personality, values and character. I wish to do the same, but not with a novel for girls. (because well... all my spawn are manchilds)  I mean to tell my story through tightly developed downloadable games, games that will be enjoyed by geeks like me, kids like mine, and everyone else who loves character centered storytelling and fantasy. And in doing so I can promote the values that I think are so missing in today's entertainment, where gore, sexuality, and selfish actions are promoted.

It does not surpass my primary goal (to make a really fun mobile game) but it is a goal non the less.

The image shows the process of bringing one of the characters to life. I started with a photo (David is a friend who graciously loaned us his visage for the project) and quickly sketched over it to prepare it for another artist to finish up. The character is Sir Ector, a soft spoken knight who's renown for is impartiality, he judges others solely by their actions regardless of their race, heritage, or social standing. He is not without enemies though, choosing to dine with his squires and servants more than the dukes and lords of his land has earned him the nickname "The Indigent"

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