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The World of Steam is a set of Twilight Zone-like episodes set in a Steampunk universe.
The World of Steam is a set of Twilight Zone-like episodes set in a Steampunk universe.
The World of Steam is a set of Twilight Zone-like episodes set in a Steampunk universe.
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Goblins Animated is LIVE!!!


Salutations Steam-folk!

Wanted to let everyone know that the Goblins Animated Kickstarter is LIVE! The fun project based on the webcomic by Tarol Hunt (who helped with The World of Steam Kickstarter) is starting to fund.  Please go and check it out and please spread it as far as you can!

The Kickstarter:

The video:

In response to Roger...


So one of the awesome WoS backers Roger asked a great question about whether I was on track to deliver the DVDs by 2018. It was a bit of a can of worms so I thought I'd post my response here:

Roger, that's what I'm trying to do. The obstacles are logistical and legal. For the webseries, it really depends on how many shots I can get done by the end of the year and how many shots the people who are helping me get done. We're spending hours and hours on them every day and it's crazily time intensive. For instance, yesterday we were working on a reflection in the window. The reflection was off, and we realized that based on the angle it wasn't in the right place. When it was wrong you couldn't do anything but stare at the weird reflection like he was some sort of off vampire. After we fixed it the actor just looked like he was standing in front of a window.

It took a stupid long time to get it right and in the end (hopefully) the audience will just assume that they are in the world. That's the stage that we're at right now in gettin 'er done which is great because it's detail work. But it's incredibly time consuming because it's detail work. So. Tl:dr yes you're getting a DVD. I don't know how long this is going to take because I'm beholden to what I can do in a day and what the CG artists I've paid and the CG school that is donating it's time can do. I don't know if dvds will be something you get appraised on antique roadshow by the time I'm done but you will have one.

The weird question of all of this is if I get this done at the same time the TV show with Henson comes out, will Henson want me to put the show out or will they want me to put the webseries on a larger DVD of the first season of the show? And what are the legal ramifications? Right now we're using a lot of my footage in finding a distributor, but that is all under a pretty big legal NDA. Henson/Hyde just approved my pilot and all of the other materials, and we just got another big hush hush partner, who will be bringing us to the distribution folks and the studios.

I used to wonder why there were 17,000 producers on everything and 3 entertainment companies on the back end of every show. Now I know why. My producing partners on Tarol Hunt's Goblins Animated are also about to launch so it's 6 years of work about to go live. Fingers crossed there. The basics of all of it are, the things I have a ton of help on are moving fast. The things where it's just me are moving slow. But it's all moving. Thanks for still caring. I'll get you a DVD if I have to etch it with my teeth.

Here's what an average day of shots looks like. You can see some are close to final. Some have had logistical bumps. Some are easy to solve. Some already look awesome. You can also check out the number of shots we're working on at the bottom. Now. Back to work! Check out Goblins Animated when it releases!

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Show News, Webseries News and New Kickstarter!


Video Update!

Check it out here:





Just came across this amazing kickstarter. Support art! And these guys are great artists! Astronauts! Sentient melons! What's not to like?

More update-y stuff coming soon.  I'm meeting with Henson this Thursday and hopefully will be able to say more word sounds then.

In steam, 




Hey, it's Matt.

Thanks for being great fans as always.

Just a word or three on ethics...

I was recently contacted through kickstarter by a company that claimed huge success using the kickstarter platform. They had made a backpack and were picked up by a bunch of magazines as the newest-coolest-geek-thing and were approaching me about my backer list. They wanted to have the names and information on my backers in exchange for this:

"We can provide you with the names, job titles, telephone numbers and email addresses for the right contacts for retail distribution at JC Penney's, Sears, Walmart, Macy's, Amazon, Best Buy et. Al. If you are interested in corporate sales revenue, we have all of the Fortune 1000, Global 500, Inc. 500 and millions of others. You can review our massive online database."

and then this little gem:

"There are many no-cost ways we can work together. The first step is for us to receive an export of your backers and in return we will provide you with an excel file containing retail, corporate, education contacts including phone, title and email addresses. "

Now, this campaign was a success. They have made in excess of a million dollars for their product. The more digging that I did, the more that I found that their product is flawed, and where it is not flawed it seems pretty much like an outright scam. And now they were parlaying their monetary success into suckering successful creators into data mining kickstarter for more potential gain, and I could easily see well-intentioned artists getting taken in by this.

This is modern day snake oil salesmanship under the guise of entrepreneurship, and it sincerely ticks me off. As a creator who has literally had to decide whether or not I should create this month or feed my kids (sorry, the kids always win), this drives me nuts. I have spent over 5 years in pursuit of bringing The World of Steam to television, stretching every dollar I got to the fullest, and the inevitable delays, reductions, cuts, sacrifices, adjustments, and eventual successes that I've had in order to make this show a reality, while these guys just use kickstarter as a piggy bank really gets me furious. I love kickstarter. I do. a lot. I think that crowd funding artists is one of the coolest things that the internet has allowed to happen. It took a simple dream that I had to putting it in a place where it looks like it can become a reality (GO JIM HENSON COMPANY!!!).

The fact that these guys are sullying this platform and making people have to be cynical with their altruistic desire to help artists and dreamers is outright opportunism at best and frankly scumbag behavior at worst. I don't really have a point here, other than to say that there are good artists doing amazing work out there. We try to highlight them on this page when we can. And we should all still try to support them.

As to the hucksters, if I was to give the words to one of my characters, it would go something like this:

"You are mumbling coves, mutton shunting hornswogglers, and you deserve naught but disrespect and ire. The smell of you sickens me. Get out of my sight."

/end rant