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Ivory Tower is a one shot science fiction comic book.

    The Story: 

         This kickstarter will be funding our indy comic "Ivory Tower" . Set in the near future this comic finds mankind on the brink of interplanetary space travel. However, these vessels were not designed to test man's technological grasp, but rather life rafts for those wealthy enough to afford a seat. The story follows Franklin Kohler, an engineer involved with the construction of these vessels.

            Growing up my father worked on the shuttle program at The Kennedy Space center and his passion for space rubbed off on my brother and I. So when we came up with the concept for Ivory Tower we really wanted to make it as real as possible by using technologies that already exist today as well as some we expect to see in the near future.

   The Goal: 

          Our requested $700 ,with the exception of rewards, is entirely to pay our artist Michał Ambrzykowski. We have worked with Michał previously on other projects taking place in the same universe as "Ivory Tower". Luckily he is as passionate as us about the story and willing to develop this one-shot (about 25 pages) without promise of payment. 

 We think we have some good stories to tell and we want to see if you guys agree!

Stretch Goal: 1,000 

Any backer who receives a physical copy of "Ivory Tower" will also be given an 11" 14" original character illustrations by the artist.   

The Crew:

      Created by:  

 Zachary Terseck, Alex Terseck, Alex Abbott

       Art by:

Michał Ambrzykowski

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The biggest challenge for this comic was remaining faithful to the realism we wanted to portray. We did not want to create another fiction that only explains phenomenon through convoluted scientific jargon (i.e. reverse tachyon particles). Keeping that theme required many hours of research and calculation in order to satisfy the concepts we wanted in the story. Alex is a physics student with a focus in astronomy and he really wanted to bring a much more mathematically accurate realism to the story. We try to explain everything in the story in terms of real calculated possibilities even down to the size these ships needs to be in order to generate their own gravity.


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