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Prepared Televisions for Voice's video poster

Help me get all these TVs to the Bent Festival! Read more

Brooklyn, NY Mixed Media
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This project was successfully funded on June 20, 2011.

Help me get all these TVs to the Bent Festival!

Brooklyn, NY Mixed Media
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About this project

Lately I've been modifitying black and white TVs to make them audio reactive.  I've been sussing out variations on the popular Wobblevision hack and I've found a good number of them.

Later this month I've got an installation going up at the Bent Festival in New York, which is an annual festival for circuit benders, audio experimenters, synth builders, and DIY electronics enthusiasts.  The project, Prepared Televisions for Voice, will have 15 TVs linked together that create a visual display which reacts to the sound in the room.

I've got the TV's and much of what I need to get the whole thing working, but I'm lacking a strong enough power supply to run all the televisions, a handful of components, and, most importantly, a big enough car to get them all down there.

Thanks in advance for your support, and give me a call if you want to get a beer later or something.



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    Donations of any amount get a digital download of my new EP Palace of the Lightbulbs. All the sounds on the album are from circuit bent instruments, handmade synths, or video game consoles.

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    For ten American dollars you get a handsome vinyl copy of my album. Take a look over here:

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    Twenty bucks gets a simple sound machine. These guys are tuneable oscillators with a /14" out. They make a nice lo-bit sounding square wave.

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    Pledges of $40 get the super hi fi deluxe version of the above mentioned sound machines. These ones have several oscillators and are housed in hollowed out hardcover books. They're like this:
    The book they're housed in will differ from the one in the video.

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    Donations of $50 end up with one of the previously mentioned book oscillators as well as a vinyl copy of the Computer At Sea record. Hi five!

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    Fine people who wish to pledge $60 will get one of the small TVs from the installation. They're audio reactive and will display a rough approximation of the wave form of whatever you plug into them. They work with any line level audio source like an iPod or keyboard.


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