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featuring subversive communiques, art, poetry, and fiction from the front lines of the ecological resistance movement.

The Earth First! Journal features articles and artifacts from both the above ground and below ground ecological resistance movement. We want to build upon the 30 year history of the Journal by bringing in more creative pieces in hopes of expanding the culture of resistance to the industrial earth brutalizing nightmare.

This Journal connects the Boltweevils, the farmers who tore down power lines in Minnesota, the Earth Liberation Front, the underground cells of Elf ninjas that sabotage industrial infrastructure, and the mass mobilization of environmentalists carrying out civil disobedience. As well, we seek to include more cultural workers, artists, musicians, poets, and break-dancers in the movement.

All donations will go towards improving the quality of writers and artists exhibited in the Journal and to improving distribution. We are launching a new fiction writers guild and are seeking to spawn new genres of fiction: Biocentric Science Fiction, Zoomorphic Historical Fiction, Luddite Cyberpunk, Eco-Terrorist Steampunk, Post-Apocalyptic Western, Green Anarchist Spy-Fi, Bioregionalist Anime, Eco-Erotica, and Eco-Feminist Fantasy Fiction.

Through constant struggle, action, and creative story telling we will communicate to the broader world a strong message of ecological resistance and help liberate the wild and the true wildness of the human spirit. 


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    At the $100 level we will provide a one year subscription of the Earth First! Journal to a political prisoner. Our biggest readership comes from behind bars. Twenty-five percent of the world's prison population is incarcerated in the United States. We believe supporting prisoners is one of the biggest human rights issues today, especially in the belly of the beast.

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    At the $200 level we will send both a one year subscription to a political prisoner and one to you.

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    At the $500 level we will send you and a four political prisoners a year subscription.

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