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A self produced indie feature about the greatest worst band ever; completely produced, paid for and played by a bunch of 22 year olds.

(To learn more, or even if you want to watch the entire movie right now, head over to, where it's currently streaming at. Just click the post it note and start watching!)

Welcome to the experiment. 

SCOUNDRELS is a mission, a claim and a dream. It's an attempt to pull off the impossible; a group of twenty-somethings, who can barely make rent, self-producing an entire feature length movie that is actually worth your time, money and laughter. 

Well, we've baked the cookies and now it's time for the world to dig in.

This kickstarter helps turn the already made movie into a reality. It takes it off of our desktops and puts it into your hands! If you help bring in the green, we'll turn it into more than just an indie film that may or may not get a laurel at a festival you'll never go to; we'll turn it into the next big thing. We'll turn it into a self distributed indie film: DVD's, shirts, posters, licensing, festival-fee's, theater costs, and maybe even film prints!

Thank you for your time.

- Sam Young


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    This minimalistic addition gets you written into the book of life; your name in the credits under "THE HELPFUL SOULS" moniker.

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    Getting a little bit of an ego, eh? By offering up your dollars in the amount of ten, your name will be etched across the great black under the "THE WISE MINDS" line in the credits, along with receiving a personalized, high definition download of the film.

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    You're a real risk taker. I like that. By shelling out the one, two, three, four, twenty-five shmick-shmack's it takes to reach this level of amazing, your name will be encased in the darkened enamel forever under the title of "THOSE OF INSURMOUNTABLE FAITH" in the credits, along with a high definition download of the movie and your very, personalized and signed DVD.

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    A true gentleman's wager. By pledging schfifty-five dollars, you've just solidified your path through the pearly film-heaven gates as a "GIVER OF LIFE", placed directly in the credits. More than that, you'll breathe life into an HD download of the movie, your very own signed and personalized DVD, and a fresh-off-the-print personalized poster, signed by the cast and crew. A poster signed by the cast and crew! How quaint.

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    Odd number, but even that won't deter you! You, sir, are a "TRUE BELIEVER", as it will be ultimately scratched eternally in the credits. On top of that, you'll get (can you guess?) an HD, DL of the movie, a per-signed-al copy of both the official DVD and the poster and even a free and open invite for you and a guest to any one single SCOUNDRELS screening in the future. If you get there, I'll pay for you myself if I have to. Seriously.

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    . . seriously? You think you can actually handle this? That's two-hundred and fifty two dollars. Still here? Perfect. You are now and forever "MY BESTEST FRIENDS", as told by your new found line in the credits. On top of that, you'll get everything detailed in much excess above, a signed copy of the script and a personalized video in your honor, edited into the end of the movie, acted out by the cast and crew of SCOUNDRELS. We love you "MY BESTEST FRIENDS" pledgers, and we want to show you.

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    By donating this absurd amount of money, you receive everything above and your name is forever inscribed in film history under the "THE MASTERS OF FATE" line in the credits, a personalized song and dance to be filmed and placed at the end of SCOUNDRELS in your honor, and . . . . you get to go on a date with my girlfriend. This is not a joke and was her suggestion. Here is a picture of me and her.

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    You're @#&(*$ing insane, you know that? Seriously and scientifically insane, but I wish I was you. By practically giving away your blood, sweat and tears for just a dream waiting to be realized, you are the epitome of the title "THE ABSOLUTE GREATEST, BEST, MOST EFFING AWESOME PEOPLE YOU WILL EVER MEET IN YOUR ENTIRE LIFE AND IF YOU MEET THEM YOU SHOULD HIGH FIVE THEM ON THE SPOT WITH THE MIGHT OF A THOUSAND HUGS AND MAYBE YOU'LL EVEN BE CURED OF CANCER BY THEIR TOUCH" in the credits. Who doesn't want that? Also, and I'm serious about this, if you can find your way to one or all of the Scoundrels, we'll throw you your own personalized jam session, film screening and laugh filled evening. That, and you get to give my girlfriend a kiss on the cheek. Don't get creepy with it. And no, this wasn't her idea, it was mine. She'll deal.

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