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We all want to know why so many bullets are killing people. We all want to know how to stop this.

We all want to know why so many bullets are killing people. We all want to know how to stop this. Read More
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Kris Harrison

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About this project

Tell us your story!

This is your chance to be a part of the solution to this important problem. Tell us your story! Make a video clip, post it on your favorite social networking site, and send us the link.  We will post as many here as we can!

We want to hear about your experience. If we are successful here on Kickstarter we could be filming your story for the film.

Here is an example:


“Bullets can KILL” will deliver valuable information from both sides of the issue of violence from real people with real concerns through stunning visuals and true and dramatic stories that must be told.  It’s not about politics or opinions; it’s about the struggles, the facts and the stories of violence that can only be told by the people affected by it. We need to know, and with your support, I will be able to pump 100% of my skills and experience into this film. Let’s tell this story like it really is.  If our film could save just one life- mission accomplished!

Every couple of days I will post a new clip in hopes that it will generate interest in helping this film become a reality.  This first one shows many cuts and we all have to wonder what was said in the footage that was cut out.  Our film will leave nothing untold.

A word from Producer-Chris Petrella

Why Kickstarter?

I can go to a single Investor but that would be “the same old same old”. This platform is the only way to get to the real stories without a third party motive. It’s the only way for America to tell the stories. This film needs to tell real stories from a non-political, non-media, and non-biased point of view. I believe that most of us want to hear about this issue this way rather than from third parties that are motivated by self-interests. If this film is not funded here, then I will not pursue it with private Investors. What would be the point? Just turn the TV on if you want the "same old same old".  This is your story America! It's our issue, and the only way to fix it is to be part of the solution.  I believe that this platform is an excellent way for all of us to get involved and contribute to finding a solution.

Your contribution will make it possible for me and my team to travel. We must go to where the story is. Not in a media format. Not in a political format. This story will be told by America. It will make it possible to deliver state of the art production so that you can immerse yourself in each segment of the film. Contributions will help us re-enact the stories you need to experience.  Ultimate goal here is to educate with facts and real experiences. Your pledges will make it possible to hire a celebrity Narrator.  


This film will go into the Theaters first. With the ultimate goal of winning awards.  It will be an Educational tool as well and be distributed into Schools....etc. With that in mind I will film this with the Red One Epic X camera at 4k and do all the post in my state-of-the-art facility in 4k.

Pics here!

About me:

30 years in the film and video business now.  Several feature documentary films and 1000s of successful projects over all the years.  I have so much fun doing this and always come through on every project. 

Contributors can be confident because I have the experience in every aspect of the production process. I also have the gear and know how to use it.  Should I be fortunate enough to have your support here and get this film funded, I will gratefully follow through and complete this project.

Here is a link to some of my recent work:

Also, I currently own a full service production facility currently producing high-end projects.  Some of the capabilities include:

24 tracks digital audio studio for surround sound film production,

8 HD cameras,

Licensed Adobe cs6 suite,

Mac Pro with with 8 cores and maxed out (Mac Daddy)!

Macbook Pro 15" retina-loaded.

Full grip-LED and Tungsten lights-large kit.

Somuch More here!

Why make this film?

Because it’s the right thing to do. I would do anything to help my Country and since I am a filmmaker this is how I can help. We all want information and this film will allow us all to experience real stories told by America.  No politics, no media, and 100% non-biased.  The stories that we can deliver in this documentary will be real, UN-censored, and raw.  It's the only way to get the real facts and real information about this serious issue.  So please consider joining us in an amazing adventure in film.

Risks and challenges

Only Challenge is scheduling locations and Interviews. Since I started doing production in the early 1980s, there have been times that a location or interview can only be scheduled a certain date. This could push our deadline out a bit but I will still finish the project.

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  • No!

    It’s about how violence is currently used incorrectly. My hope is that anyone that has seen this film will avoid using violence in any form to offensively harm another.

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