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The ultimate Geek's musical. Starring puppets, our childhoods, and annoyingly catchy songs. NSF children.
The ultimate Geek's musical. Starring puppets, our childhoods, and annoyingly catchy songs. NSF children.
197 backers pledged $6,888 to help bring this project to life.

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Support Our New Crowdfunding Project

Now that Magic The Gathering The Musical has been put out into the world, work is rolling strong on our next project.  Though not a musical, and only partly made with puppets, the similiar artistic lines can be drawn between MTGTM and this new pilot we are creating.

The very best way to get the network to pick up your series idea is to marry the head of the network. The likeliest way is to write a spec pilot. A bible, which we do have, tells the reader what you want the show to be like. But it doesn’t prove that you can deliver a show like that. Essentially that is what the spec pilot is for us. With a focus in fabrication and the fantastical world we are creating, we want to show the charm and larger than life feel of the world that our show exists in and that has inspired so many talented people to give their time.

We have a great crew and a great cast and much like MTGTM, we are just looking to subsidize the money we already have and we hope you will be a part of it.

For your viewing pleasure: Pepper's Place.

MTGTM Available Online Finally!

For the first time, MTGTM is finally available online to see in anticipation of our new upcoming project: Pepper's Place. If you enjoy MTGTM please visit our indiegogo page and show your support. Hope you enjoy. 

Hello all!

And thank you for your patience.  The ball is rolling and kickstarter rewards will be going out very very soon.  We know that it has taken us longer than we would have hoped.  We are not offering excuses, other projects just keep coming up and we have been swamped.  We even have a pilot for a television show in the works which is very exciting for us.  Since it has taken a little longer than we would have hoped, we will be going to extra mile over the next two weeks and sending individual emails out to all of our backers just double checking that the addresses that we have are current and that all downloads have been completed.

We made our premiere at the Atlanta Film Festival and had our cast and crew screening.  A few places you can catch the film in the near future are:

1. Gen Con, a gaming convention in Indianapolis Indiana. The film is being screened Thursday August 15 and Friday the 16th.  Director Molly will also be speaking in three panels over the convention as well.

2. The Indie Gathering in Hudson Ohio, August 16-18.  Composer Michael Jones will be in attendance and MTGTM has taken first place in the musical category!

3. Dragoncon in Atlanta, GA.  We have not gotten a screening time yet but the convention runs from August 30-Sept 2.  The MTGTM puppets will be walking in the Dragoncon parade and Director Molly and Voice-Actor Keith Brooks will be performing in the Late Night Puppet Slam.

4. Phenom Film Festival in Shreveport Louisiana Sept 19-22.  Unfortunately, no one from the film will be in attendance but this is a super fun film festival that I highly recommend.

There will be many more screenings across the country over the next year.  I hope to see some of you guys there.  And again, thank you so much for your understanding.  Life happens and we are staying busy.

And don't forget to follow or to stay more up to date.

World Premiere at Atlanta Film Festival

The world premiere of Magic the Gathering The Musical at Atlanta Film Festival has come and gone and we are still reeling. We couldn’t have asked for a cooler premiere. A live puppet slam, 4 handmade puppet dreams films and our film finishing out the night. And the awesome feedback that we have gotten!


Invites to the Cast and Crew Screening have gone out so if you were supposed to get an invite, double check your email.  No one from Kickstarter has RSVP'd.  A RSVP is required so look for those emails. 

Also here is a video made regarding the film festival.  You can see Molly and MTGTM featured in it.

Btw.  We are now working on putting together the other rewards and we will keep you guys updated as those go out.

Reward Downloads and ATLFF

As I mentioned before, Magic The Gathering The Musical will be playing at the Atlanta Film Festival.  It will be a very cool puppet event with live slam pieces, four Heather Henson produced films and then our film headlining.  It is much to be excited about.  This is taking place on March 21st.  Tickets are on sale now.  And don't forget, if you were supposed to be invited to the cast and crew screening, please let me know and will be happy to host you at this event! 

If you were supposed to receive a download of the soundtrack cd or a download of the film, those should have gone out.  So, if for some reason you had a problem downloading or if you did not get an email, let us know at and please note your reward tier just so that it is a little easier for us to locate the details we have for you. 

We would also love to hear your feedback about the film.