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Heloise and the Savoir Faire are in pre-production for their new pop-electronic-new age-disco-dance music masterpiece (hopefully!!!)

Hello friends and potential friends!!!

My name is Heloise Williams and I am a musician. I have a band called Heloise and the Savoir Faire. We are based out of New York City and Burlington, Vermont and have been performing for 7 years (WHOA!!!!). In 2004, I released my first record, "YOU BETTA REC@#&IZE!!", which I wrote and produced myself. On the strength of that record, I assembled a band, and we were signed to Yep Roc/ Simian Records. In 2008, we released "Trash, Rats and Microphones." It seemed like people liked it, even loved it . . . (mostly!!!!!):

Simon Price from the UK's The Independent voted it one of the top albums of 2008 alongside Hercules and the Love Affair and MGMT.

Time Out New York said “She’s got a soul diva’s voice, Solid Gold moves and a sassy tongue in her cheek.”

And the great Debbie Harry called us her favorite New York band in the New York Times Style Magazine and even sang guest vocals on two tracks of 'Trash, Rats and Microphones,' "Downtown" and "Canadian Changs."

I'm very very excited about the NEW record. Currently, I have 10 completed songs but there are many more still percolating. These songs lyrically and musically explore some themes of humanity that are currently preoccupying and fascinating me: immigration, sexual identification, egyptology, spirituality (in all kinds of strange ways) AND the 90's to name just a few. These themes will be housed/ disguised/embedded in super danceable fun (though not without occasional darkness) songs. "Mouse Fiesta" is the only contender for the album's title so . . . I may need some help deciding or an intervention before the record gets pressed.

Heloise and the Savoir Faire (I!!!!) need to raise money for studio time to record and mix and employ an engineer. Your contribution will directly assist me in funding the actual recording process and mixing of the record. I would like to feature cellos and horns and xylophones on this record would like to pay my musician friends for their contribution.

Everyone who donates to the cause will be rewarded (as listed on the right side of the page)! Plus you can feel awesome/ proud/ even smug because you will have been a vital part of making the record the best record ever . . . . OR at least the best possible record I can make at this time. I'm definitely going to try my hardest. It would be great to have you involved!! It takes a village in this age of DIY music industry.

The rest of my amazing team consists of: James Bellizia on guitar; Luke Hughett on drums, web-site design, and posters; Robert O'Dea on bass (and other things . . . see below); and dancers Katie Mc Greevy and, my muse and part time keyboardist, Joseph Shepard. Right now Rob, who is also a sound engineering genius, and I are working hard together on pre-production for the record. Also our great friends at OKAY!! OKAY!! Marketing and Creative are helping us with promotions, marketing, general hand-holding, and confidence re-building. And we have support from our label Simian Records. They are helping with post-production stuff like mastering, PR, distribution and the actual printing of the LP!!

Thank you for reading this. Thank you for considering contributing. I hope you all have a wonderful 2011!!!

Lots of love,


P.S. Check out our website: Our band page on Facebook: Our myspace page:

P.P.S. Here is a step by step run through of how to pledge if you are running into technical problems while making a donation: 

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    You will receive good karma and we will keep you updated on how the recording is going.

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    You will receive a handwritten "thank you" card from me in the snail mail + an email with 5 obscure bizarro-world youtube links that you will hopefully LOVE.

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    You will receive a signed copy of the new CD + all of the above.

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    Signed copy of the new LP or CD (your choice) + your name in the thank yous + all of Heloise and the Savoir Faire's back catalogue. This includes but is not limited to: a remix album with James Pants/ Filthy Dukes/ Golden (from Sam Sparro), an original "YOU BETTA REC@#&IZE" (I only have 6 left!!!), a pink vinyl single PLUS I will make you a CD of a bunch of crazy demos that no one's ever heard. Crazy stuff that I think is awesome and hopefully you will too.

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    I will DJ and sing (karaoke style to some of my songs) at your party and bring you a signed copy of the new record. I will make your party awesome. I will wear something insane.

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    The band will cook you a delicious dinner (not to toot my own horn here but I can cook.) Afterwards, we will play a show at your house.

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    Congratulations you are the executive producer of our new record. We would love to meet you and discuss possible album titles. How do you feel about "Mouse Fiesta?"

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