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vrAse: The Smartphone Virtual Reality Case's video poster

Turn your Smartphone into the ultimate device for Movies, Games and Augmented Reality. Huge 3D screen, everywhere and hands free Read more

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This project was successfully funded on October 14, 2013.

Turn your Smartphone into the ultimate device for Movies, Games and Augmented Reality. Huge 3D screen, everywhere and hands free

About this project

WHAT IS vrAse?

vrAse is the biggest revolution your Smartphone has ever seen; a very special case, which enables you to use it like never imagined before.

Today Smartphones have everything we need to enjoy movies and games in a portable way. The BIG issue is they have small screens to do so, and your hands are kept busy holding them. We have created vrAse to solve these two problems.

With vrAse you can enjoy movies in a huge 3D-Perfect screen, play totally immersive games and experience the awesome possibilities of Augmented Reality… everything in a super compact, portable, affordable, hands free use and upgradable device.

You have to try vrAse, to see what you have been missing all this time! The screen is so BIG, 3D contents are so perfect and vivid, and everything is done in such a simple and convenient way, that we really believe we have developed something special.

Forget TV, consoles and expensive gadgets that have wires and low resolution screens… with vrAse you can take your Smartphone to the next dimension, and have fun from day one.


  • "vrAse Is A Wearable Smartphone Case That Makes Your Face A Virtual Reality Play-Zone" - Natasha Lomas, TechCrunch
  • “…it delivers a compelling 3D effect – as expected crosstalk and ghosting is absent and depth was very good”.  Paul James – Road To VR
  • "...for those who are looking for an entry-level VR experience, vrAse seems to have a lot to offer"- Colin Druce-McFadden, DVICE
  • "vrAse eyewear is revolutionizing the entertainment industry"- Bas Bastiaans,
  • "Why vrAse is an amazing alternative to the Oculus Rift" - Wade Smit, Punching Beta
  • “We’re all so excited, and really cannot wait to see what we can make using vrAse as our target platform!” – Mark Jawdoszak – Gaslight Games
  • "vrAse is a tremendous leap into the future. A 3D world wherever you are. When I put on vrAse, I was instantly sent to another galaxy. And the best thing is, that all you need is a smartphone. While others talking about how the future could look like, vrAse has just built it."  Matthias Strobel – Nagual Sounds
  • “I personally tried  vrAse @gamescom and the experience was truly amazing:  this is a killer device for next-gen augmented reality games and apps. Can’t wait to implement their sdk in our first game" Francesco Ferrazzino - CEO @ Proxy42 Inc


The principle is very simple and super-powerful; compared to other methods, vrAse creates the 3D image, by sending each eye its own information. Like this you get perfect 3D visuals and you can enjoy for hours without getting your eyes strained.


Download any content which is “Side by Side” (SBS) ready to your smartphone and you are set. The Smartphone is a machine built for communications, so you can also stream the contents and games from various devices, such as the PC, MAC and TV.


You can use vrAse in many new and exciting ways, here are the three main uses;


Wait to see a movie on vrAse! It´ll knock your socks off! It´s much better than going to the Cinema! (not kidding); your favorite movie, anywhere, on a huge screen and with perfect 3D contents, as each eye has its own information (not polarized).

You can download or stream any existing content available; the ones which are already made for 3D in Side by Side format (SBS) or convert any movie to SBS using the application of your choice.


vrAse put games where they are destined to be; your Smartphone.

Mobiles phones today are very powerful and will continue to improve in the future; they will get better screens, processors, cameras, sensors, etc.

Any game programed for your Smartphone is really easy to convert for vrAse.
You can download or stream any existing game available; the ones that are already made for 3D in Side by Side format (SBS) or convert any game to SBS using the driver of your choice.


Augmented Reality is such a hopeful area that we wanted to design a gadget which finally would allow people to start playing with it without using their hand, and be amazed by its possibilities.

Your Smartphone has a powerful frontal camera, so it´s a perfect match for vrAse capabilities.

Also, as it´s a really affordable device, you´ll be compelled to start experimenting it, without any regret. In applications that will become a huge benefit in sectors such as educational and professional ones.



Here are the names of our two designs. Both of them are identical in their specifications, only differ in the exterior design. Final units will have an immense leap of quality.


vrAse is adaptable from its inception, so you will be able to keep it when you change the only gadget you'll always upgrade: your Smartphone.

You can use vrAse with any smartphone via two options;  using "perfect-fit" cases, for the six best seller Smartphones from last year, or if your phone is not in that list, you will be able to choose the universal adaptor, adaptable to any smartphone with screens from 3’5” up to 6’3".

Please remember that vrAse is best experienced with smartphones that have screens ranging from 5” up to 6”.


  • Wide and clear lenses.
  • Design made not to be spoiled by any entering light.
  • Sophisticated and awesome design.
  • Impressive 3D movies & games.
  • Each eye has its own information (no headaches, big immersion & perfect color reproduction)
  • Many Smartphones compatibility.
  • Rugged, light, compact and modular.


vrAse is made of three distinctive parts which are designed to work together as a highly integrated design, which enables you to enjoy all the capabilities, in a way that is portable, comfortable, durable and accessible.

Mobile adaptor

  • Designed to perfectly fit your Smartphone.
  • Superb protection for your Smartphone against impacts and scratches.
  • Modular design which lets you use your new Smartphone and only change this part.


  • Super light construction, designed with latest surface modeling software.
  • Adjustable interpupilary eye distance.
  • Hypoallergenic and comfortable foaming.
  • Superb protection for your smartphone against impacts.
  • Modular design that lets you change any part you want.
  • Hard and light screws that look awesome too!
  • Adjustable & interchangeable strap connections.
  • Studied airflow that maximizes stream of air into the headset to help keep it comfortable and moisture free.
  • Low-profile frame design which is very compact and portable.
  • Glare reducing inner frame surface.
  • Easily interchangeable.
  • Tested by ophthalmologist.
  • Glare reduction and tuned light transmission for AMOLED and LCD screens.
  • Large lenses with high image quality.


There are already many existing contents and software available on the internet. Like movies, 3D movies and games. Keep on mind you can stream almost every content you already possess on your computer or laptop.

Hopefully there will be some special surprises to be announced during the Kickstarter campaign. (Hint: exclusive content)


You can code in any of your favorite coding platforms for your Smartphone.

We already are contacting developers and also platforms, to run any software you want in vrAse.

Coding for vrAse is exactly the same as coding for a smartphone, which allows developers to reach infinite possibilities because it is really easy.

And if you are a developer we are sure you will love to code for the platform which already is in hands of more than 1.100 million customers, a number growing about 10% every year.

As vrAse opens a new world of possibilities, we have closely worked with a platform that will help you develop software really fast, efficient and cross platform compatible; Warework… also it´s free!


Smartphones are incredibly powerful machines, but they are reaching some logical limits; screens are reaching the pixel saturation point (adding more pixels wouldn't change anything to the quality as the eye could not recognize it) and the processing power is being limited by the interface the user has to deal with (their fingers).

vrAse changes all of that, in a convenient and economical way. Now you can use an almost unlimited screen definition and processing power.

It's today we are changing the world, because tomorrow will see developers starting to create amazing augmented reality applications and games.

This is why we believe vrAse will become the definition of mobility.


We want to bring a revolutionary product with the quality it deserves to the market, and we also want to make vrAse affordable, so that many people can enjoy it.

We have worked for a very long time and really hard to reach that point where we need your help to manufacture vrAse in large quantities.

So please, make a pledge and enjoy your Smartphone with vrAse like never before.


We have contacted all suppliers, have budgets and dates ready, and all the team members have a strong background in business and design.

Both models are pre-production prototypes, and have still to be refined, before they are ready to be built in mass quantities. We want everything to be on time, but also want to reach the maximum quality as our top priority.

The manufacturers we are dealing with have large facilities, are able to produce 10,000 units a week, if necessary, and a demonstrated track record of high quality production for major consumer brands in US and Europe.

The next production timeline is based on reasonable estimates of the different project stages, and we'll do everything within our power to ship on time. Please, have on mind our first priority is the product quality, and that could imply a bit of delay if it´s needed. So, please consider it before backing this project.


Risks and challenges

vrAse is a really simple device without electronics which is totally safe and super fun to use. Even so, we need to complete the final design and produce units for all of our backers.
To reach this goal, we have talked with all the components manufacturers and we are ready to start doing our first volume built. With industrial production, there is always the possibility that off schedule things happen with unforeseen delays resulting.
All the components used in vrAse are easily available on the market, and the manufacturing partners can piece together the final product promptly. The manufacturing program is not reliant on new technologies and/ or capabilities which need to be developed, so the risk is considerably minimized.
We have talked to various trusted companies who can produce vrAse in any quantity we demand, and we will shortly make a final decision (depending on the final demand).
Depending on this final demand, vrAse units will be hand mounted, in our partners' factories or by our own team. We’ll have to rely on 3rd party suppliers and shipping services to get the materials we need, so delays in shipping could eventually affect our delivery date.
There’s also a small chance your package could be delayed in customs; having this factor on mind, we’ll be using the most reputable shipping companies in order to limit these possibilities.
We´ll keep all of our Kickstarter backers informed as we move forward into this adventure!

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


  • Yes! vrAse is made for your smartphone! Please check if your model is compatible.
    Maybe we will extend our goals to add more mobile phones.

    Last updated:
  • As long as your smartphone last. That usually means many hours of continued use.

    Last updated:
  • Of course! Actually the case protects your smartphone.

    Last updated:
  • vrAse is built from long lasting plastics, and has a modular construction. You´ll be able to update it very easily if you change your smartphone, or want to modulate some of its parts.

    Last updated:
  • No, unless it is a really big one, you won´t see it, thanks to the way light is transmitted.

    Last updated:
  • Yes, you can use it without contact lenses up to 3 diopters myopia.

    Last updated:
  • Yes, but you´ll have to wear contact lenses.

    Last updated:
  • You don´t need to use them! Only if you have more than 3 dpt myopia you will need to use contact lenses.

    Last updated:
  • You can play any movie which is in 3D format (SBS), either putting it on the smartphone memory, or streaming it, using your favorite software.

    Last updated:
  • We have not yet finalized the future retail price, but it will be higher than the Kickstarter pledges price levels.

    Last updated:


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