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Our 3rd release: no longer a myth! You Kickstarted it. We will finish it!
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      Deborah Diesen on

      When my kids were younger and watched the Animusic 1 & 2 DVDs, they often turned on the part with your voice, and listened to your commentary. So as I read your Kickstarter update, I could “hear” your voice talking to your backers. And the voice that I heard was that of a talented, thoughtful, and honest person.

      As I see the role of backer, it's not really about backing a particular outcome. We're backing a creative act, and the people (now person) doing the creating. I hope that as you continue on this Animusic journey, at whatever pace is right for you, that you remember to treat yourself with compassion and kindness, just as you would anyone else facing the struggle of being a creative person in an imperfect world. Take care of yourself, and let go of the worries that you’ve let folks down. You haven’t. Any backer who doesn’t recognize that wasn’t truly a backer in the first place.

      In tough times, people are fond of saying that everything happens for a reason. I don’t buy into predestiny thinking, but I do think that if you remain open and self-compassionate in the midst of it all, there is room for other things, some of them quite wonderful, to attach to the difficult circumstances. These are the things that later seem to have been the very reason for the struggle.

      What you’ve gone through these last several years has been immense, but you’re still standing, putting your heart into the joy of music. That’s an amazing accomplishment. Thank you!

    2. Barbara Kramer on

      Your health is more important than the project. Take care of yourself and the rest will follow. Hard to believe any of your backers would feel otherwise, but please don't let the negatives get the better of you. Keep on keeping on.

    3. Bruce Paul Fink on

      Very much looking forward to what you come up with in the end, but value your health and life more as an artist working out directions and results way beyond the norms. As a life long sculptor and full time individual active and loner artist of 60 plus years I feel some of your frustrations but your quality of living would still be my greatest wishes for what you are doing. Hug your family for me as your local being supporters also.

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      Kathleen Wyatt on

      Having read the comments that were posted prior to mine, I agree with those who have offered to help with expenses. If you figure out a way to set that up, let us know!

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      Kathleen Wyatt on

      Thank you, Wayne, for the update. I know there are some who don't care what the circumstances are, they just want their stuff, but I think most of us who have enjoyed Animusic and shared it with family and friends don't care how long it takes as long as we know we haven't been forgotten or abandoned. I wish you well, and my prayers will include you and your family. The project somehow managed to grow into an immense monster that you all are still trying to tame, and I certainly give you credit for hanging in there despite everything that has gone on because of, and in addition to that monster. I know that it is hard to take precious time away from the project to write an update, but please remember to "write home" once in a while!

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      Danielle Nicolet Dormont on

      Hello, thank you for that message. Luck for the future. Do not lose confidence. Take care of yourself and your family before anything else. Friendships Switzerland (Google translation because I don't spreak English)

    7. Siriuscybernetic on

      Thank you for your open update! Take care! one more comment to read and on your plate... <;-) ...

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      John Dean on

      Thanks for the update. That's all it takes to keep most of the wolves at bay, I think. Sorry to hear about all the struggles you've been going through, glad to see you're still pushing on, and am patient that Animusic 3 will arrive when it arrives. I'd rather wait for a good product than get a rushed one.

    9. Missing avatar

      David Abrames on

      Wayne, It is really nice to hear from you. Really sorry to hear that Dave is no longer with you. I understand your frustrations and difficulties and all the other 'stuff' you have had to deal with. I have tried to send you notes of support and encouragement from time to time so I hope that has helped. I fully agreed with all the other positive comments and if you come up with a way for us to help with some of your costs please let us know I know your really true fans and supporters will only be too glad to help all we can. I did not invest in this project to get a DVD but to support an artist.

    10. Clea Forsell on

      I'm so sorry to hear things have been so rough for you, I have faith that you can complete Animusic 3 and eagerly look forward to seeing it. Fighting!!!! ^_^

    11. Jaron Viëtor on

      What those people under my said! We've all waited so long, we can wait longer.

      You may want to consider creating a account, as this seems to be more of an ongoing thing that will need regular funds as opposed to a one-time-funding thing.
      I'd happily pay a few dollars a month in exchange for regular updates on progress and nothing more... and I'm sure many others would, too! That might lighten your load a little, especially if you make it clear up front that people are paying for updates only. We'd be supporting your work, not demanding results. Just a suggestion, but it seems like a good fit for the situation to me...

    12. Sean Farbolin on

      Wayne, I'm with Dave 100%. Take care of yourself. Try not to stress. I'm a huge fan of Animusic, and I am glad to hear it's still chugging along, but I can wait. Don't forget that our lives are not on hold for this. I look forward to the day I get an email saying the project is complete, but I'm not going to get mad or upset that it hasn't happened yet. The backers aren't a crowd of 3000 angry customers demanding a product. We're (at least most of us, I think) a community of 3000 fans that love the work you've done and gave you money to be able to make more. You should enjoy the work and not feel obligated to spend 14 hours a day on the computer. Schedule time off. You need it. You may even be more productive. There is definitely a law of diminishing returns when it comes to sitting at a workstation for way too long. I have a degree in Animation and know all too well how much it sucks to be in that position. I can't imagine trying to maintain it like you have. Speaking of which, I am now living amongst some fantastic digital artists (at least a couple I know are already fans of Animusic) and working as a 3D modeler myself right now. In fact, I am creating models that are used in a custom application with specially placed tracking points. If there's something that I can do or pitch to a friend with a useful specialty, I'd love to help out. You've got my email.

      Again though, most importantly, take it easy! How long have you been on the computer? Get up and go outside! We support you!

    13. Patrik Gunnersten on

      Dave Hamara alreday nailed it in his comment, take care of yourself and focus on YOU!
      My money is just money and there is more to back you further.

    14. fredgiblet on

      Good to hear that things are still moving. I personally approach every KS with the due date as a suggestion, not a guarantee. I'll be here when you're done, and I'd rather it be done right than fast.

    15. Dawn Glaser Ortiz on

      Not sure that you will be reading this anytime soon due to your crazy load, but wondered if the RollerBall Pro 2 mouse or a mouse run by your feet would be of any help. Not sure on the precision of the foot mouse, but have seen several variations of mice. Outpt occupational therapy might help some too with the fingers, splint at night to help rest. Take care of yourself now, before anything becomes permanent!!!

    16. Missing avatar

      Dave Hamara on

      Whoa, Dude - you seriously have to take care of yourself before us! This is Kickstarter - I can't believe people are giving you a hard time. What don't they understand about "backer"? It's not like any of us are going to starve on your account. Hell, I'll chip in another $50 if it will help.
      You said you wanted to develop this awesome "Animusic Editor", and it sounds like you have already accomplished that. In spite of everything, you have the software up and running and you can build and animate models. That's seriously cool! And I have SO12 on the playlist in my car - I'm certainly in no hurry to get the CD. Put me at the bottom of the list. From one engineer/artist to another - Seriously, pat yourself on the back for a job well done so far, and take a break. Beating yourself daily until your morale improves just doesn't work :) Relax for a while, and play with your new toy when the muse strikes. I'll wait.
      LIke I said, I'm happy to chip in a few bucks to help keep the project (and the artist) alive. Just tell me how. ANd from reading the comments, I expect I'm not alone in this.

    17. Julie Verley on

      Hugs to you, Wayne. Please just keep on keepin' on. True fans will always be here for you and we understand that Life sometimes takes control with projects.
      I'll always be here.
      Hugs, Julie

    18. Missing avatar

      Wacek on

      Hello Mr. Wayne,
      thank you for this open and very detailed and emotional update.
      Sure, people are waiting for the result, but not at any price! So please, please be a little bit egoistic! Think of you, your wife, and your family.
      Your fans can wait. Especially, if AniMusic 3 will carry the label "tbc" instead of "In remembrance of Mr. Wayne, who put his whole energy to finish this one DVD".
      Take care!
      All the best from good old Germany!

    19. Missing avatar

      Allen Cobb on

      Getting more rest, staying healthy, not rushing -- these will produce better software, and faster. For all the stress, maybe learn TM -- it's saved my own stress issues for 40 years (20 of which were writing elaborate code in assembler). In any case, ignore the complaints, and know that we're in awe of your creativity, and Animusic has inspired us for years. And blown our friends' minds again and again. We want you around for a long time, gently fostering new and more delightful waves of creativity in sight and sound. That's the priority. Take it easy. Work hard and accomplish the impossible -- but DON'T RUSH! Enjoy the legions of admiring Animusic lovers who are savoring what is yet to come. Take excellent care of yourself. We're pulling for you, happily, with all the best thoughts for your health and happiness. That comes first.

    20. Osrosk on

      Thanks for the update!
      I primarily supported you and your work, so it's great to hear something about your work.
      The DVD is secondary (but I can't say that I'm not looking forward to it ;-)!
      /A "people person's"

    21. Missing avatar

      Sandra on

      Take care of yourself! Animusic is worth waiting for. Sending healing thoughts to you. :-)

    22. Jason Arizona

      Thank you for the update and the break in silence. I know that it is hard to share such personal details with "the clients". Animusic can wait. Who knows, maybe a talented 3D artist will read this and offer some help.

    23. Missing avatar

      RICHARD F. WARD on

      Wayne, I have just read every word of this latest update. I am still very excited and looking forward to the day that we receive the final product. However, it must NEVER be done at the expense of someones health. For me, I see that it is time for you to take a greatly needed break. There was a
      point in my life where I needed to take a major break from my work responsibilities and have both
      of my hips replaced. Two operations, six weeks apart. And you know, when I returned to work, all the projects were still there. Yes, that created delays,........ but in the end the delays really didn't matter. You must take care of yourself,.... FIRST. Success will then follow. God Bless,


    24. Missing avatar

      Sara Armstrong on

      Wayne, thanks for the update--I know it couldn't have been easy to write! And I just wanted to echo some of the comments by other folks. It's most important that you take care of yourself, take time for your wonderful family, and we all know Animusic 3 will get here when it gets here! Best wishes and hugs....

    25. Missing avatar

      Peter Strba on

      Wayne, I´m sending you positive energy from Slovakia - we are still standing behind you! :)

    26. Karl Maurer

      Wayne, our thoughts and prayers are with you. As some others have said here in the comments, health and sanity are important. I have complete faith that Animusic 3 will be ready when it's ready. You've made it through some really tough times. I, for one, have waiting this long, I'm willing to wait more. I have my So12 disc in hand. I listen to it from time to time, trying to imagine the dreams that will flow with it and whatever ends up in Animusic 3.

      You've communicated. If you could just drop in at least quarterly, I think that will satisfy most of us. Maybe if there's a clip, a teaser, of something, when YOU are ready, some tiny part that is complete, share it in a backer only update. Most of us are likely to be supportive, so long as we know you are still out there. We care. You shared your dreams with us twice before in Animusic and Animusic 2. You will again. But don't let it destroy you. Please. :)

    27. Missing avatar

      Eric Oulashin on

      Best wishes to you, Wayne. My thoughts are with you as you go through this period of your life, and I'm hoping you make it through well. Your health and sanity are important - Animusic 3 can wait. And thanks for the update. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing what Animusic 3 has in store once it's finished.

    28. Earl Baum on

      I've never doubted that you - collectively and individually - would do whatever you could do to deliver this. Take care of yourselves - this project is special and has been so since the first moment of magic when I discovered the original AniMusic viral video.

      I'm not going anywhere - keep us all posted as and when you can, and I look forward to seeing what emerges, in whatever timeframe that requires.

    29. Cédric Cornez on

      Thank you very much for the update! Despite the very bad news, this mail is encouraging, it means Animusic is not dead. Working in such conditions is not easy, and all what you share with us... do you really think we take it as "com on, excuses, excuses, we want the DVD!". Of course not... reading that you're working in such conditions is moving. In thoughts, we are all with you, and with the "small department" around you: it's good that you have encouragements and help from your family, thanks to them too!
      Thank you for sharing the status with us. I don't care if you take 1, 5, or 10 years more to complete... as long as you allow us to have a small vision on you and the progress.
      Take very good care and take it easy.

    30. Charley S McCue on

      I'm selfish. Do what is best for you to be as healthy as possible because I would love to see more of your work. If worry is breaking you down, keep working. If overworking is keeping you down, rest.

      Sounds like you have an excellent support system so allow them to cover some of the burden (sounds like you are).

      Just a little food for thought, maybe send the DVDs and Blurays by the Cloud. Save a bunch on production and the world seems to not care what medium is used.

      And thanks for the update!

    31. Missing avatar

      Stanley Dobrowski

      Wayne, thanks for the update. It is good to see an update. I am so sorry to hear of your health and other difficulties, but it is also heartwarming to hear about the support you are getting from friends and family. Please just work at the pace that is best for you to keep healthy and moving the project forward. I have faith that one day we will see completion. In the mean time, here is what I have for you:

      Encouragement, Encouragement, Encouragement, Understanding, Understanding, Understanding, Encouragement, Understanding, Encouragement, Understanding!!!!!

    32. gary sarff on

      Hi Wayne, I know it is hard to work when hands and eyes won't cooperate, too much stress, it is damaging you in ways you were not a couple of years ago. I am very sorry to hear about this. Thanks for the update, and just from my point of view, everything does not need to be super better in animusic 3, it could be new songs and instruments you already have, doing new songs like on the SO12 cd, got mine thanks very much, and I watch animusic 1 and animusic 2 every month or two, the cute little robots dancing and moving around playing music is a good therapy.
      I am glad you think Unreal Engine may help, but do not stress so much over amazing new never seen before musical robots, it would be nice enough to use art you already have and teach the little robot guys, new songs :)

      I am worried about your hand and your eye, very much so. I know you will not rest until Animusic 3 is done, but try just a little, and I hope you have found a hand controller that works for you and you get better, I have seen other kickstarter people get tied in too tight also. Health problems are not good, for anybody but the pharmaceutical companies.

      Take Care, and good luck.

    33. Jordan Olling on

      This was a very enjoyable read, Mr. Lytle. Thank you for sharing with us, because my patience for Animusic 3 is infinite. It will come when it comes. Take it easy.

    34. Jeff Husson on

      Thanks for the update. Please take care of yourself!

    35. Jared Brayshaw on

      Thank you! It's a shame about your condition, and I hope you make it through, but this is all we were ever asking for: a little communication. Given that I had lost hope of Animusic 3 ever seeing daylight, this post (even if it implies further delays) is still far better than the silence that had preceded it for years. Work in a way that's comfortable for you - if Animusic 3 is going to happen, it needs to happen in its own time. Thank you for the update, and good luck.