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Our 3rd release: no longer a myth! You Kickstarted it. We will finish it!
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      Frances Jane Weeks on

      Oh my! What a nightmare you've been going through! My first thought, like so many of the comments here, is that nothing is worth damaging your health; but I can understand, with a gift like yours how you might feel driven. The many lovely and supportive comments on here don't leave much I can add, but I'll put my five eggs in anyway: The way I see the Kickstarter thing is that it's not like buying a 'product', it's an investment in something you want to see succeed for it's own sake. I too would be happy to add to my original small stake, just because...
      Best wishes, take your time and be well. Above all be well.
      Jane, England.

    2. Dave Firbank Sr. on

      At 74 the wisdom I wish I had when younger is all but useless at this age and not wanted by the younger ones who want to learn their way. When I last wrote, I suggested that you really should take time off. When we grow older we learn that the body doesn't heal as quickly. Aches and pains come more frequently, and last longer. It becomes imperative that for someone shouldering the majority of the load, take more time off and at frequent intervals. Otherwise the project will fail miserably and maybe permanently. Start small and knock off the smallest project first and then, slowly, work your way up.
      There will always be the whiners and complainers. History proves that. They are being selfish, thoughtless, and greedy, showing no concern for anyone else. There are more of us who care than those who don't. Take the time off. It's your health, not ours, and let Kickstarter bring in more funds before starting back. Besides - time off from the problems quite often brings solutions to those problems.
      Dave sr.

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      Jeanetta Liamons on

      Haven't received a single item promised me; in fact, the last email update I received was from January 2015. Had to log in to get the real picture which is, despite assurances of % this and % that, my percentage of being a loser is obviously 100%. Please, send me what you promised, and get on with it. To say I am bitterly disappointed is the only way I can fulfill the injunction below to "be respectful and considerate."

    4. Rainer Burgener on

      Much appreciated for the update, Mr. Lytle?

      What should I thank for?
      Saying thank you Wayne for a long, long, long statement of justification?
      Sorry, I can't.
      Half of the words written would have done the job. Even not considering a complete failure of the project, a clear position of how, by when and after all by whom the project would be finish would clear the cloud.
      I am more than disappointed by the fact, that non US-inhabitant do not have received one item nor any excuses so far of being the last ones in the row, far, far behind of any shipment nor even being mentioned.
      In all the written, unwritten, spoken and unspoken words so far I presume some kind of an US-arrogance.
      If money is one of the big issues, why did no one take the lead and stopped the project and by all respect took the opportunity to admit the failure and refunded the leftover amount on a percentage base?

      Will I wait for what will come next? Another excuse composed of 2750 words?
      Yes, of course I will wait!
      What else shall I do?
      The money is spoilt anyway!

    5. Nocturnal-Dayz on

      Much appreciated for the update, Mr. Lytle. It's sad to see Dave go, especially since he's been there since the beginning. I can only imagine the stress you're undergoing now that you're essentially flying solo for the entire project.

      I wish you and the rest of the (?) the best of luck. I for one am willing to wait even longer if that's what it takes. I'll just enjoy my t-shirt and CD for now, though I may have to update my package info in the near future. I hope everything works out soon for you.

    6. Missing avatar

      Stets on

      Thank you for your update. I hope you get everything sorted out. Take your time. Also, I too would be OK with a download instead of a physical DVD.

    7. WesFoxx on

      I've never once backed a kickstarter project and expected it to be done anywhere near the projected dates. I always back under the assumption that it will be done when its done. I don't want a rushed product; I am patient. It'll happen eventually is better than it not happening at all.

    8. Missing avatar

      Anthony Ranken on

      Hi Wayne, this is Dax Ranken. I am 7 years old and a big Animusic fan since I was born! So is my dad. He just read me your whole message. I'm sorry that you are having a bit of trouble with Animusic 3. I hope good luck is with you. I look forward to watching it on my big screen television. I think Animusic 1 and 2 was really good. I watched it 100000 times and Animusic 3 will be even greater!

    9. Missing avatar

      Marilyn Schwanke on

      I understand about problems meeting deadline. I am a very patient person. I hope things go better for you now. You need to try to reduce your stress level. Just keep telling yourself the project will get done.
      I do have to admit I can't remember if I ordered just the dvd or if I ordered the cd also. I think it was just the dvd that is why I never sent address confirmation for whatever was being sent out at that time. Good luck and thank you.

    10. Missing avatar

      Luke Sciarappa on

      I wish I could give helpful advice, but in lieu of that, let me just give support. I sincerely thank you for your honesty and extreme dedication to this amazing and wonderful project. As others have noted, if you aren't taking good care of yourself you aren't taking good care of Animusic either, because it needs you! I truly appreciate what you have created and are creating.

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      Michael Cruson on

      I will be among the many others who have said this, but not so simply.

      You have to take some time for yourself and make yourself number #1. Not this project, not your wife, not your friends, your dog or even your cat. Yourself. Number #1.

      Let me explain.

      If something happens to you, not only will you be able to take of yourself and others (not to mention your Animusic 3 project), but will have to watch others try to step up and not only look after you, but try to continue this.

      Please take whatever time you need to take care of yourself. History will not record your ongoing failing health of yourself and this project, but will record Animusic 3 completed and released.

      Make it work, I know you will.

      Thanx again,


    12. Iñaqui Sandí Suárez on

      Hello Wayne.

      As many here have already said. Health comes first always. So take care of yourself and be sure many of us care about you.

      On a second hand I agree also with the thought of others. If DVD burn-shipping cost down helps you can avoid one in my case and provide a link to download it..

      Best wishes from Mexico! And hope you the best in all your endeavours

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      Benoît Terradillos on

      Hello Wayne,

      Thanks a lot for having opened your heart so deeply! I really hope that all the disappointed people by there will be able to understand...

      As some people already suggested and as I had already told you in a survey, a comment or email (I don't remember) I don't expect anything physical from you... If avoiding shipping fees to Europe can give you some relief, please don't send me anything, a download will be sufficient when AM3 is ready.

      I also want to share you something that happened no later than today and that illustrates very well your last paragraph when you say "I believe that God created me and put me here on earth to bring joy to people": this morning, my 4 years son was alone in our living room, looking at our DVDs shelf. He took one of them and brought it to my wife who was in another room saying: "Hey Mum this one is really cool I really like it much!". It was your AM2 DVD. But what astonished me is that I had shown him it only once and it was at least two years ago...

      Please take care of yourself and may God bless you and your whole family!

    14. Missing avatar

      Ton va der Horst on

      Wayne, the first thing you have to focus on is your health. Only if that's ok, you can think of other things like completing Animusic 3. If you don't manage to do that because of your health, it's ok to me. I consider that as a risk of an investment, and your health is more important to me, too. So take the time you need, but in the first place, look after your health.Ton

    15. Prem Subrahmanyam Sr. on

      It's good to hear an update. Sometimes "the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry". I'm happy to wait patiently for the completed product when it ships. It is sad to see Dave go, however.

      On a side note, I think there might be some money in a rerendering of AM 1 in full HD glory to Blu-ray. I would certainly buy it.

    16. Kathleen Doerr on

      I do understand CF and Fibromyalgia, at least I haven't had to fight Bell's. Have found myself falling asleep trying to comment twice. Sad huh? We just all love animusiic so much that we continue to want to see what is next. If you ever get to the point we could have access, I at least would love an appetizer as I wait for dinner.

    17. Kevin Wang on

      Take your time. I appreciate you.

    18. SLS*AMG on

      I certainly agree with the sentiments expressed so clearly in the comments below. At its best, Kickstarter is an online community of persons with similar interests -- it is not some kind of cold commercial retail site. And this community wants to see Animusic 3 completed when its creators are able to do that, even if it takes extra time. The process and the final product matter, not some arbitrary date. Best of luck with the project, Wayne; we're with you and look forward to sharing it when it's ready. I am one of those whose daughter grew up with Animusic 1 and 2, and we're certainly willing to wait for #3 as well. Thank you for doing this.

    19. Missing avatar

      Carol Hadfield on

      Great to hear from you, Wayne!

      Having suffered from major depression and probably ADHD most of my life, I totally get how debilitating they can be. I can't imagine how much harder it must be with everything else.

      Whatever you do, please take good care of your health. We want you around! You matter to us as an individual, not just as an artist. Take care!

    20. Missing avatar

      jhaverkate on

      Thank you Wayne, for this update. Hopefully this kind of communication will create some understanding of the situation. I'm really sorry that you had to go through all this.
      Take care of yourself first!

    21. Missing avatar

      Richard Gordon on

      Thank you, Wayne, for the update. Health comes first. Has to. Every time. Without it, nothing else is possible. Then comes communication. That generates understanding and patience in the world around you, which helps with the breathing room and time needed to create. So, please, take all the time you need to make the A3 that makes you (and all of us who were along for the ride even in our own very incidental way) proud! But, first your health, and then communication - for, as far as I'm concerned, as long as it takes until you are satisfied...

    22. Missing avatar

      James O. on

      Mr. Lytle,

      I want to see Animusic 3 some day. But not at the expense of anyone's health. I will spare everyone a recitation of my own medical escapades, and merely say that I understand, and those who have not experienced things like that can't understand it, not really (and I hope they never really understand, as the cost of that knowledge is far too high).
      But I also understand how sometimes having a goal is the only thing that gets you through. So if working on Animusic 3 helps, do it when you can and want to, and don't do it when you can't or don't want to.
      If it eventually gets done, great. If not, well, it was only money (I'm pretty sure I've paid way more to hospitals just for advil pills than I've ever paid to you!). Besides, I've made more money since then; I don't need that little bit back.
      Kickstarter projects are like life: always a gamble, and never sure if or how it will pay off. I wish more people understood that. But life is far more important than all the Kickstarter projects put together. Please keep that in mind, good sir.

    23. Missing avatar

      Bud Willner on

      Just say to yourself that you can do it and you can so hang in there.

    24. Missing avatar

      Charles Ruth on

      Hey Wayne,
      I'm with Dave and the rest of the good folks here. Take care of yourself first. I am 77 and right now I am having trouble with typing with my right hand for some of the reasons you list, so I know what it is like.
      You have given us (or at least me) hours of pleasure. So slow down, get better and it will.
      Have a great year.
      Chuck Ruth
      West Palm Beach, Fl

    25. Dave Firbank Sr. on

      Having past 70 and getting dumped on by all those pesky "junk genes" we inherit, I can well appreciate your problems. The program is far enough behind schedule that taking some "personal and family health" time whether 6 weeks or 6 months will do more to get the job done as you would want, than plowing on regardless (damn the torpedo's etc.) And you may still have most of your sanity as well. Interesting thing about humans; we have a "3 month memory" for political and social events. The delay with A3 is long enough that it's past that "I forgot to remember it was late point". So another delay for health reasons is in the best interests of everyone involved. What ever you decide is good by me, more financial input (?) good by me!! Good health first, then all things will be as they should. Good things come to those who wait; Great things come to those who are willing to wait longer!
      Dave R Firbank sr.
      British Columbia

    26. Missing avatar

      Rob den Dunnen on

      Hello Wayne, and family,

      I have read the response from fellow backers, and I'm glad that so many sympathize with you.
      After having read your post carefully, I understand that you've made every effort to not disappoint your fans.
      Take the time to realize your great work in the future.
      I wish you a speedy recovery, and take care.

      Regards, Rob
      The Netherlands.

    27. Kendric Beachey on

      Wayne, I was so excited to see your note I literally put two fists in the air at my desk at work. I've been listening to Future Retro in my head all day since I read it.

      I'm sending positive vibes your way and wishing you the best of luck in getting the RSI mitigated - it sure sounds like you are on the ball in your search for a solution! What a blessing that your wife, dad, mom, etc are giving support with some of the other functions.

      I would also love to chip in a few bucks a month via Patreon or whatever. I'm sure my kickstart money has already served its purpose, and I stopped feeling its absence long ago.

      Stay healthy, stay sane, stay awesome!

    28. Missing avatar

      BUZZSAW on

      My mom had Bell's Palsy and I know all about that.

      I'm a lot like you in certain ways, and appreciate your attitude about things. I spent 30 years as a musician and then 8 as a studio engineer and producer. I can understand all that it takes to do a project, and what you're doing is way beyond what I ever did.

      I hope that if your energy really gets low you take a break even if only for a day. I hope you eat well even if you don't get ideal sleep.

      I can wait indefinitely for the final DVD, and have enjoyed the CD a lot. I gave you an amount of money that I could easily afford, and if for some reason I don't get a DVD, I don't care as you have already demonstrated your talent with the first two projects and deserve all the help you can get. If I wasn't out of work right now, I'd send you $150 which is a lot more than my original contribution. But I'd do it as I know it would be going to a fine artistic cause ultimately.

      I'm hoping that by saying that, others will chip in some more money, knowing they are SPONSORING AN ARTIST and not waiting for a guaranteed timeline.

      As you indicated, there are people who like to hear from you more often, though I had no problem with the frequency of your communications. I also know that I hate communicating with someone unless I have something new and significant to report, but we both need to learn that some people need to hear from either of us more often.

      I might have overlooked something in your list, but what I like to use for a mouse is the Logitech Thumb ball. Mine is for a right hand, I have it glued to my station so it doesn't move around, and all control is done with your thumb. I find I don't have that rigid "tension" in my hand, which I used to have years ago with a standard mouse. Maybe you've already tried this, but you may know someone who'll let you borrow one.

      Please know that as you've seen below, you have a bunch of people who support you and wish the best for you, totally apart from the project. Anyone else who is critical or unsupportive probably did not invest their life savings on Kickstarter for your project, and though I know you will worry about those people, I hope you don't, as I know you are a decent guy.

      Stay healthy and it will be done some day. Overdoing it would only get it done a little sooner, NOT a lot sooner. I'm glad you let people know you're only one guy. I hope you remember that, too.

      All the best!

    29. Missing avatar

      Mike Weunski on

      Hey I moved how can I get my new address set up?

    30. Missing avatar

      Andy Pilcher on

      Still with ya, man. Echoing a thankfully common sentiment here, take your time. Your health is a much higher priority than your (admirable) work ethic. Please do not sacrifice your health for a job, no matter how passionately you feel about it. I can relate to that and am perhaps not the best example in that respect, but I've learned how to say "no" when it's needed. And yes, just say the word on additional financial support, I'm in for that as well. Frankly, the longer the DVD takes, the sweeter it will feel when it is actually finished! Thank you for sharing your gift with us! I've been enjoying SO12 ("My King" is probably my favorite track), that's plenty for now.

    31. Kevin Hill on

      Hang in there Wayne!...Although I don't know you personally I can tell by your words and your work on Animusic that you're 100% dedicated to this thing but when push comes to shove you MUST take care of yourself first. I have no doubt that this thing will get finished, and as much as I want to see it done this isn't life or death for me here...We love and appreciate all that you've done for us so far and I'm sure Animusic 3 will be more than worth the wait. :)

    32. Missing avatar

      René Yedema on

      Take care, Wayne. Health is more important than anything.

      Thanks for the update.

    33. Missing avatar

      Simon Meacock on

      Thanks for the update, I'd rather wait and have you finish it properly than have you stress yourself out. Set yourself a manageable work schedule and stick to it. It'll come out when it comes out... :o)

    34. Missing avatar

      Kelly Haskins on

      Wayne, if you do set up a Patreon account, I will support you there too.

      To my fellow backers, I have to say that I am very touched by all of the positive comments. I'm sitting here in tears because you are all so supportive. Animusic fans are the best. :)

    35. Missing avatar

      Kelly Haskins on

      (Sorry for the duplicate post from the general comments area, but I didn't realize you could comment on a particular post. Plus I want to add that I would also be happy with a downloadable copy of Animusic 3, so you can save on material/shipping costs on the DVD.)

      Hey Wayne, thanks for sending the update this evening. First things first: I believe in you. my husband and son and I are tremendous fans of Animusic, and own the first 2 DVDs, which we've watched so often it's amazing they still play. Your music and art are truly unique, and we are willing to wait for you...we are willing to wait for Animusic 3...because we enjoy your creations so much. It's simple. Sure, I would have loved to have already received the DVD for #3. But, I can sympathize with your challenges. I'm sorry for what you've been through and hope that you gain some positive energy from fans like me and my family, who will be so entirely thrilled when we finally do see that [digital download link or] DVD come in the mail. To the rest of the backers, I hope that you take a moment and consider your comments. Even though many (most?) of you are upset, impatient, and have given up that you'll ever see your rewards, I hope you can see that supporting Wayne is in everyone's best interests. And I hope that Wayne will send us updates more often, because I bet most of the backer anger is due to a lack of communication. To Wayne again: if there is bad news, tell us. If there is good news, tell us. We are your supporters and we just want to know how it's going. And, you know, to eventually receive the backer rewards. :) Hang in there! (P.S. Please oh please oh please someday make the Animusic Studio available as a product because it would be so dang awesome to be able to create our own songs and animations. We dream about it in our family - someday sitting in front of the PC or XBox and sharing our creations with the rest of Animusic fandom. :)

    36. Missing avatar

      Michael Shumate on

      I send you my good thoughts and hope that you can complete A3 without any further deterioration of your health.

    37. Missing avatar

      John Kay on

      Wayne - you rock! And I mean that in the traditional sense too. As far as I'm concerned you finish it in your own time as I know it's worth waiting for. I can't offer any practical help so you will have to make do with my best wishes for your health and your family and please remember that your health and family are more important than any CD - even an Animusic one!

    38. Missing avatar

      Terri on

      Nevermind..... I finally found the address on your webpage:

      99 Eastlake Rd.
      Ithaca, NY 14850

      Check is in the mail. Look for it. Anyone else? Let's help him out!

      Also, for my part, I'd much rather have the DVD, than a poster. Let's get to the prize and worry about the niceties later.

    39. Missing avatar

      Robert Tuttle on

      Stuff happens in life, and the reality is how you see it. I am very glad that you posted your comments, because it gives all of us a reality check. It is also great hearing that your family is helping. Keep up the great work and think positive - It will work out in the end.

    40. Missing avatar

      Terri on

      Wayne, please post a snail mail address where we all can send you further support. We want to see this succeed, but not at the expense of your family and health. Thanks!

    41. Missing avatar

      Moses Lambert on

      Is there anything that we can do to help? I wouldn't mind at all kicking in some more money if that's what you need. I just want to get the album - I dearly love A1 & A2 - frequently play them.

    42. Phil Carter on

      Chiming in to offer my own words of encouragement. We have never doubted that you were still working on the project, but the long periods of silence were discouraging. As one or two other people have remarked, all we were hoping for was a little bit more communication. :)

      That said, having read every word of this update, I am horrified at what you've been going through. Please take care of yourself first -- I (and others) do want to see Animusic 3 eventually, but not at the expense of destroying your health, your sanity, and your relationships.

      I would also like to confirm what several other people have mentioned. Given your comments on financial difficulties, I am assuming that means that the $$ which was originally pledged in the Kickstarter project has been utilized already. Please consider setting up a Patreon account so that interested backers (and I'm sure there are many of us) who are interested in helping to defray your monthly expenses can assist with that. I got into this wanting to support your company's artistic endeavors, and a few more bucks a month won't hurt. I already support a number of other artists on Patreon.

      Stay well, and never doubt that despite the naysayers, there are plenty of other people out here pulling for you!

    43. Missing avatar

      Rob on

      Thanks for the update. Will wait as long as it takes. Enough said.

    44. Steven Jurick on


      Thanks for that update. I am so sorry to hear about the loss of Dave and your health. I will not dry up and blow away if I don't get Animusic 3 anytime soon so don't sweat it. I completely empathize with your plight and wish you nothing but God Speed going forward. Keep up the great work and look forward to reading the next update. I'm still having fun watching all the old Animusic videos :)

    45. Sandy Ressler on

      Hey Wayne...whooahhh lots of crap going on in life...but keep on keepin' on as I suspect most of us "fans" are still behind you...I sure am. Moving to Unreal Engine also opens up a whole host of other possibilities (i.e. doing VR environments) but clearly you also need to focus. I might suggest that you focus on one song/video and release it. Concrete finished output would no doubt be very mentally satisfying. Good luck and don't give up it will happen!

    46. Missing avatar

      Tammy Lindsay on

      Thank you so much for the greatly detailed update. I fully support you and your project and I'm happy to say I am along for the journey that is Animusic 3. I support you and the project.

      P.S. put your health before the project's health! We don't want anybody hurt :(

    47. Missing avatar

      Khalil Elbaggari on

      Thanks for the update and sorry to hear about all the bumps in the road. Speaking for my self, I don't mind waiting for Animusic 3. Your health comes first!
      Take care :)

    48. Missing avatar

      Butch Heth on

      As fluently stated by others, we are backing a creative endeavor, and not worried about a time schedule. My children are grown, but they enjoyed 1 and 2 , and my grandchildren really enjoy what they have, and are excited to see the new release. If it takes a long time, we're patient. Please let us all know if there's a way to assist financially to grease the wheels. I know throwing money isn't always the solution, but we trust your judgement.

    49. Missing avatar

      Joseph A Thompson on

      As many others have said, Wayne, take care of yourself first. We can wait for the DVD! We know it will be worth waiting for!

    50. The PA Sinfonia Orchestra on

      We are all supporting your work and we are willing to wait. I know it will be beautiful when you finish it. And I too would be willing to kick in some more money.