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Our 3rd release: no longer a myth! You Kickstarted it. We will finish it!
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      Mike Rogers on

      Are you well, Wayne?
      Some of us would chip in again to see your work continue.
      Is there anything you can show us from all that new software and new instrument models?

    2. David Green on

      Aww, man! I missed the three-year anniversary of this update by three days. Nothing to say other than that, just an observation.

    3. Trevor Watson on

      I am hopeful but the truth is I don;t think we will ever see a return on our investment or a refund but that is the risk in Kickstarting something.

    4. Missing avatar

      John Boyer on

      I too am anxious regarding wayne's health and am sympathetic to the daily travails that accompany ill health. Most of us are concerned. But please don't be swayed from the fact that this was a business venture, coupled with numerous promises of completion, and more promises of timely updates. Even the most discouraged businessman will eventually admit defeat and attempt to make things right with an explanation. I dont agree with those who believe that time is all thats needed for this project to show fruition. Its a bust and now silence is all we will get. This comment section urges us to be respectful and considerate. We as donors should be afforded the same consideration.

    5. Missing avatar

      Da Hoot on

      Where are you seeking A3 finished? The company HQ was sold in August 2017.

    6. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Casey on

      Wayne - Do you participate any more? I am a $70 pledger, not a lot but after six years it be nice for some kind of news or your side of the deal. Seeing as you did finish and publish Animusic 3, it is online and for sale. You are making money!

    7. Missing avatar

      ICountFrom0 on

      Maybe another affirmation that you are alive, please?

    8. Richard Cowand on

      Party on Wayne! If it's worth doing right, it's worth waiting for!

    9. Richard Cowand on

      Party on Wayne! If it's worth doing right, it's worth waiting for!

    10. Barb Wood on

      Checking your entire update. I wish you renewed strength and optimism for this project!
      Being semi-retired, and living in the Buffalo area, and a true fan of Animusic, if there is anything I can do to help, I would love to volunteer. Blessings, Barb W.

    11. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Casey on

      I quote Stan Moore on AUG 23 2016 "Please choose your health over the Project, but know I applaud your "tenacity" none the less. Looking forward to receiving Animusic #3 whenever that occurs! I just can't say any better. If you even had the time to read the comments, my last one mentioned my health and due to it, i haven't read or even thought Kickstarter for two years. God bless, onward and most important enjoy your journey!!! Jeffrey OCT 26 2017

    12. Missing avatar

      Da Hoot on

      The money is gone. There will be no refunds.

    13. James Van Daele on

      Well, if you were really sorry about ignoring the people who thought that is was prudent to keep people updated, then why have there been no updates at all in over a year? If you are not going to finish the project, please issue refunds.

    14. Missing avatar

      Robert Walker on

      I love the idea f Animusic and haven't given up on it or on you. Had Bells Palsy and I know it is scary. I know what it is to not reach a goal, the only suggestion I could make is to explore the possibility of working with a large established company with all the resources you might need in exchange for shared copy rights. Just a thought, I wold love to see you succeed. Bob W

    15. Missing avatar

      jhaverkate on

      I am waiting for years now and haven't seen anything. No T-shirt, no CD, no DVD nothing. I also could have dropped the money into the trash ��

    16. Missing avatar

      Michelle Vann on

      I wonder if Amazon or Google or even Disney could help finish Animusic3?

    17. fugitivealien on

      I hope all is well, would love to see Animusic 3 complete, but hoping more so that everything is ok with you all.

    18. Kevin Wang on

      Hope you're still taking care of yourself, Wayne! Hope this project isn't continuing to stress you out too much.

    19. Missing avatar

      Evan Ritchie on

      Please update!!!!!!!!!!!!

    20. Timothy Toler

      It's been over a year since last communication, please update.

    21. Iñaqui Sandí Suárez on

      Wayne any updates? I tend to agree with Richard Keller... money's lost and A 3 will never come to life.. But a good statement from the creators would be at least nice to set right expectations.

    22. Missing avatar

      Richard Keller on

      For whatever reasons, they may be good, bad, couldn't be helped, etc. our money went down a toilet and we will never see Animusic 3. A quarter of a million dollars was donated to see this thing through. I think the folks at Animusic have moved on with life and the money has been spent.

    23. Missing avatar

      Jose G. Fernandez on

      Hi people!
      Does anybody live nearby to see if life is still moving in A3 labs? ...or if the worst, that is anything left there?

    24. Missing avatar

      Michael on

      All I can say is if he is able to finish it than that's good. If he is unable than that's fine. At this point I don't mind the silence. He is going through a lot, and probably still has some personal issues he is dealing with now. No point in badgering him in hurrying's practically a one-person company now. Point is, no use being upset and aggressive. I haven't given up, yet he can take another 5 years if that's how long it takes. I am living fine without worrying about animusic....just checking up on it every once in a while.

      BTW anyone try that number yet?

    25. Jim Whitfield on

      Well, this post was a year ago.
      I do hope you are healthy. I do also hope that you are working on A3, and do hope you know we would welcome an update. It would be nice to have some hope that we will see the results of your labor.

    26. Missing avatar

      Stan Moore on

      Been a while since I've taken the time to catch up on the Updates, but I believe I'm up to speed now. I'm glad to hear Animusic #3 is still being worked on. I'm NOT glad to hear the "personal cost" the Project is taking upon it's Creators!
      Please choose your health over the Project, but know I applaud your "tenacity" none the less.
      Looking forward to receiving Animusic #3 whenever that occurs!

    27. Missing avatar

      Da Hoot on

      Here we are a year from the last update...

      A3 will be released Nevruary 32nd!

    28. Missing avatar

      Michael on

      Hmm....decided to do a little searching of my own...apparently says animusic specializes in oils, pastels, canvas.....also says it has a big sales volume...probably accounts for merch and not just dvds...and lists a phone number...anyone want to give it a try?

    29. Missing avatar

      John Dean on

      Prem, I seriously doubt he's in his office piecing together anything into completed Animusic pieces. Were that the case, he probably would say something just to alleviate the psychic pain of the bad thoughts being sent his way for several years now...

    30. Prem Subrahmanyam Sr. on

      I did a search for 'Wayne Lytle animusic news', and Google offered a popular related search of 'Wayne Lytle obituary' -- I guess more than one person has wondered if Wayne had passed on and left animusic behind here on God's green earth.

      Fortunately, none of the obits matches his state of residence (NY) or mentions Animusic, so we can assume Wayne is still alive, holed up in his office piecing together interesting animation bits to weave into completed Animusic pieces -- we can hope...

    31. Missing avatar

      John Dean on

      And still nothing but crickets chirping....

    32. Missing avatar

      Peter Kenney on

      This update makes total sense. I will wait and when A3 is done I will be glad I waited.

    33. Ronald Simental on

      Dear Wayne, Your personal health is the most important element. We all love your music and I personally don't have a problem with the delay. Yes it would be exciting to get the music sooner rather than later, but not at the risk of worse health. So just relax and try to enjoy the journey to the finish line of the new CD. Your "true" supporters are there with you for the ride.

    34. Phil Carter on

      Hi Wayne! Please do post an update on your health and what's been going on. We don't need long updates, just a couple dozen words would do. :) We're still pulling for you!

    35. Missing avatar

      Jeff Loether on

      Please do post an update. Show some interest....

    36. Missing avatar

      Faith Schuetz on

      Hi - Just re-read your trials and tribulations. Wow - the creative process is difficult enough, without all of that going on. I pray that things are improving, and that with spring comes renewed hope!

    37. Missing avatar

      Brett E Baker on

      It would be good to hear an update.

    38. Fred Goodfellow on

      What i would like to know is did any one receive anything from this "project"? I backed for more than the minimun and still haven't received even the t-shirt+ CD yet. Is it a cross boarder thing? I do live in Canada.
      This whole project has left a bad taste in my mouth. and no confidence in Kickstarter projects in general.
      Just a little reminder, people have been successfully prosecuted for scamming on Kickstarter.

    39. Brian DeBusschere on

      Perhaps Monthly Updates is too much to ask, but at minimum a quick note quarterly to let us know you are still alive is not too much to ask...

    40. Missing avatar

      John Dean on

      And still nothing but crickets chirping....

    41. Daniel E. Gray on

      Hmmm Aug 21st 2015, and here it is almost Feb of 2016 and STILL no monthly update as you claimed you would do.

      Have you EVER told the truth in your life about this project or are you still trying to blow smoke up our nether regions to keep us from filing theft charges against you??

    42. Missing avatar

      Brad Fortin on

      Thanks, Wayne, for the work you've already put into this and for all the work you'll continue putting into it. I've already waited many years for Animusic 3, and I'll wait many more if I need to. I've loved your work before and I have no reason to start doubting you now. I eagerly await your next update. �

    43. James Van Daele on

      Hi Wayne, I hope you are doing well, I wish I could help with your work, but I lack the technical skills needed, I do however think that more could be done to bring in money from the products you already have, in such a way as to leave you free to do some of the work out of house, if you would like to brainstorm with me on the business front of things (marketing and distribution tactics) I could help. Keep up the hard work, and remember that there are people willing to help out with all sorts of things if needed, just reach out for help and people will be there for you, if not always on your terms.

    44. Missing avatar

      ted.reed on

      I agree with some of the suggestions below. Do another kickstarter to cover your living expense or just provide a place to send donations. I am willing to donate and I am sure many other would be also.

    45. fugitivealien on

      Just wanted to post well wishes, hope you're making whatever progress you can!

    46. Rick Parent on

      Thanks Wayne. With all you've been through of late, the delay is understandable. Just remember there are many more supporters here than detractors. When you start to see "light at the end of the tunnel" with UE4, perhaps an additional campaign here would be in order. More than a few of us would be happy to make additional contributions, I'm sure. First of all though, your health & well being as well as that of your family has to be top of the list. We all need to be able to look forward to Animusic 4, 5, and 6....... ;>) Be well......

    47. Missing avatar

      Phil Hampsten on

      Thanks Wayne. I hadn't checked back in some time. Still looking forward to the DVD, and continuous updates when you can. Take care of yourself and family....that is always first.

    48. Carl Spira on

      I'll second Sarah C Harlan's suggestion. Companies it do it all the time.

    49. Missing avatar

      Sarah C Harlan on

      Wayne, here is encouragement and understanding!!! We love you and your work, and want to continue to love a LIVE AND WELL Wayne Lytle, so although we understand your drive to finish Animusic 3, both it and you are well worth waiting for! Real-time rendering - UE4 - may be the clue to helping you finish. Yes, we also believe that God put you here to bring joy to people, as you have done with Animusic 1 and 2, and will also do with Animusic 3. How about starting another Kickstarter campaign? I and others who have already contributed (and commented below) would be HAPPY to contribute more to Animusic 3 - there's nothing like it anywhere and we are proud to be investors. Let us be proud some more! Sarah Harlan, Oregon