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The Locus SF Foundation would like to secure funding from the science fiction/fantasy community to preserve our photo collection.


UPDATE - 6 days to go!

I can't believe how quickly this project has flown by. With 29 days down and 6 days to go we're already at 200% of our initial funding goal. That is INCREDIBLE and it's thanks to all you!

In these final 6 days our job is to spread the word. Know someone who has been on the fence about backing the project? Pester them mercilessly! Thought about increasing your backing but just weren't sure? Please reconsider!

Can we make it to $25,000 in these last 6 days? I absolutely believe we can.

With $25,000 we could digitize and begin editing Locus' vast store of microcassette author interviews, while doing our best to store the tapes long-term. The media these interviews are stored on is highly volatile so they won't last forever.

Pass it on!


What we want to do: Our goal is to fund the preservation of a historic and irreplaceable collection of materials covering the science fiction, fantasy, and horror fields, including author and convention photos, correspondence, and other ephemera, accumulated by Charles N. Brown and Locus magazine over the past 60 years. Help us stabilize the archive, digitize the photos and letters, and make available to fans, writers, scholars, and resarchers the almost 40,000 of pieces of SF/F history we have in this collection.

About Locus: Charles N. Brown (1937-2009) was active as a collector, fan, editor, and publisher in the SF/F field since the late 1940s, beginning with editing fanzines and chairing conventions while still a teenager. In 1968, he co-founded Locus, which grew from a fanzine into the news magazine of the science fiction community. It was expanded to include interviews, reviews, articles, convention reports, book listings, etc. and stands as the journal of record for the field. Brown spent his entire life collecting SF books, magazines, photos, and ephemera, and in his will gifted his estate, including the magazine and his collection, to the Locus SF Foundation.

About the collection:  The Locus Collection (the Charles N. Brown Memorial Collection) comprises an impressive array of genre holdings. This includes a collection of historic photographs, ephemera, and correspondence -- the Photo and Ephemera Collection -- as well as over 30,000 volumes (roughly 20,000 book titles and 10,000 periodical titles) with many rare and first editions, manuscripts, and extensive runs of pulp magazines, audio interviews, slides, and more.

The Photo and Ephemera Collection encompasses a historically significant archive of photographs from Brown's over five decades working in the science fiction and fantasy fields, as well as letters from authors and publications from conventions, conferences, and more. The archive, amounting to roughly 44 linear feet of materials, is currently housed in filing cabinets, and provides records for approximately 4,000 individuals, including virtually every author of note in the science fiction and fantasy field for the last 60 years, such as Isaac Asimov, Octavia E. Butler, Robert Heinlein, Frank Herbert, Ursula K. Le Guin, Anne McCaffrey, etc., as well as editors, publishers, book agents, and convention organizers.

We want to preserve these historic and irreplaceable materials, by stabilizing the archive and at the same time digitizing the photos, letters, etc., and creating a viewable gallery of as many of the materials as possible. The funding that we are seeking for this project will cover the cost of archival and preservation supplies such as acid-free tissue for interleaving documents, plastic sleeves for preserving significant photographs, acid-free folders for organization, acid-free labels and pens, a mid-range document and film scanner, long-term archival storage boxes, and finally, the cost of website construction to create a viewable gallery of the Photo and Ephemera Collection.

Should we exceed our funding goals, there are several projects waiting in the wings that we might be able to get started on:

  • Digitizing and storing Locus's immense and historic collection of audio author interviews, currently only on microcassettes and in imminent danger of degrading. If we can afford fund someone to edit the recordings and get permissions, we could post excerpts from various interviews online. We would need to pay for a large number of labor hours, tape repairs when necessary, equipment to transfer the recordings or funds to outsource the transfers, and server space for the recordings. There are some real gems in these interviews, and will never be heard again unless we can digitize the recordings.
  • Cataloging the current book, pulp, and periodical collection housed at Locus. Many of the SF/F volumes that we have here were never considered for library collections and are now out of print. We would love to make available the catalog of what is on site in the Locus book collection, which would be a real boon to researchers who are looking for specific titles. This would require some real librarian time, an ISBN scanner, and software to manage the information. 
  • a fantastic but as-yet-to-be-announced project, one that would benefit many in the SF/F community from authors to fans to publishers.

A collection like this is too important to fall into obscurity or disrepair. No matter how small the donation, anything you can give will make a difference toward preserving these materials. We have thirty-five days to raise the money or we don't get any of it. The LSFF is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, so all donations are tax deductible to the full extent allowable by law.

The Locus SF Foundation can't complete this project without the Kickstarter funding, so please, donate today! 

(The song in our video is "Shining" by Loobke from Water & Boots.)


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