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A giant, playable D&D poster that is both a dungeon map and the complete rules for generating random dungeons from the 1e DMG.
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Paul Hughes

1,098 backers pledged $27,789 to help bring this project to life.

A thousand (and more) thanks!

The Random Dungeon kickstarter is over: it ended up with almost $28,000 dollars and more than 1000 backers. That's a far cry from the $2,000 I expected to earn.

In fact, I thought $2,000 was going to be a stretch. I was way off base: I vastly underestimated the generosity and enthusiasm of D&D fans. You guys saw my project and didn't just say "I like that;" you said, "I'm going to make that happen." That's pretty awesome, and I'm hugely grateful to everyone who pledged, linked, commented, or just approved. I really hope that the finished project will make everyone happy.

Along the way, I got swept up in the excitement, and I came up with a lot of backer rewards! They're all coming: I'll be working an extra 40 hours a week (or more) until everything is finished. The posters are off to the printers, and I'm happy with how the DM's notebook is coming out. All the work I've seen from my all-star DMs and artists looks great.

Speaking of rewards, here's a little business to take care of:

  • Tavis and James at the Dwimmermount kickstarter are going to give us the Dwimmermount dungeon level: either because we really caught up to them sometime during the day or in celebration of the great day Dwimmermount had on Friday, thanks in part, I believe, to a boost from our amazing backers. So that means that, by one means or another, we made every one of our goals!
  • If you wish you could still raise your pledge, or you missed your chance to pledge, no problem! For the next week or so, until we're getting ready to mail, you can paypal me (paul at blogofholding dot com) the amount for your desired pledge level. Tell me what you want for your extra poster and/or extra swag, if applicable, and your address. If we run out of posters, or if we've already mailed, I'll refund any orders I can't fulfill.
  • I'll send out surveys later today so that people can specify their shipping address, what they want for their bonus poster, and what bonuses they want for each extra $5 they pledged.
  • If you want to keep talking D&D with me, I hope you'll join me at Blog of Holding, where I post several times a week. Now that this kickstarter is done, I'll get back to mining books for adventure hooks, rewriting rules, talking about my campaigns, and figuring out Bill Gates' Armor Class.
  • Finally, I'd like to give one more colossal THANK YOU! to you all, for one outstanding Kickstarter!