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A giant, playable D&D poster that is both a dungeon map and the complete rules for generating random dungeons from the 1e DMG.
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Paul Hughes

1,098 backers pledged $27,789 to help bring this project to life.

$20k goal reached! At $22k, mind-melting dungeon art from Jared von Hindman!

We're 1000% funded! That means that we'll be seeing dungeons from Mike Shea, Mike Mornard and Sarah Darkmagic. Let's continue the Backer Reward Bonanza!

You're probably familiar with the work of Jared von Hindman. You might know him from that Stupid Monsters article you just read yesterday, or his column on the official D&D website, D&D Outsider. Or, if you've spent a lot of time on the D&D site, their 404 page. Or, if you're classy, these cartoons about opera.

Jared's going to do some art for Dungeon Poster backers! If we hit $22k by the end of the week, everyone who pledged at least $22 will get a PDF of an original project - call it Jared's DM Sketchbook - which will contain five separate dungeons, each with its own theme, each rendered as a watercolor painting. I can guarantee that anyone who reads all five cursed pages is guaranteed to lose at least one sanity point.

Here's a rough sketch Jared sent me. Tell me you don't want to roll this out in front of your players and tell them its the map of this session's dungeon.


    1. Creator Arnim Sommer on April 2, 2012

      I'm officailly stunned for 2d12 rounds

    2. Creator James A on April 2, 2012