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A giant, playable D&D poster that is both a dungeon map and the complete rules for generating random dungeons from the 1e DMG.
A giant, playable D&D poster that is both a dungeon map and the complete rules for generating random dungeons from the 1e DMG.
1,098 backers pledged $27,789 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator razamataz on August 5, 2013

      Any plans for future projects? I'm most curious. I very much feel that I've more than got my money's worth from the Random Dungeon Generator.

    2. Creator Paul Hughes on March 30, 2013

      Interactive online version is live!

    3. Creator Patrick McAlpine on March 4, 2013

      Any updates on the " interactive, online version of the poster" that we're supposed to be seeing? Excited to try it out!

    4. Creator Daryl Putman on January 11, 2013

      Almost 2 months since the last update. Please keep comm channels open :)

    5. Creator Andrew Shields on January 5, 2013

      I got my DM book and it is great! Thank you for plowing ahead on this, I really like a lot of the content of the book. You rock!

    6. Creator Andrew Byers on November 19, 2012

      Any updates on when the All-Star DM Notebook will be available?

    7. Creator Joshua Buergel on September 5, 2012

      Cool, thanks!

    8. Creator Paul Hughes on September 5, 2012

      If you want to get everything in one volume, just hold off and buy the book released later. It will contain the contents of this one.

    9. Creator Joshua Buergel on September 5, 2012

      Paul, I'm a little fuzzy on the Lulu stuff - I'd like to get print copies of everything, but it's not clear to me if the link you just sent along will also be included in a single volume with everything later. Or, will somebody who wants everything in print always need to print two books?

    10. Creator Paul Hughes on September 5, 2012

      Hey, sorry for the delay! I just sent out an update with a link to the DM notebook.

    11. Creator stutzj on September 4, 2012

      Have you sent out the link for the print on demand version at Lulu for the DM Notebook yet? Did I miss that link going out? I just wanted to check because I think you had mentioned that would happen in April.

    12. Creator Andrew Shields on August 9, 2012

      I think it would be great to get an update on how the rest of the material is coming along.

    13. Creator Paul Hughes on July 5, 2012


      I will do so!


      The instructions for custom tokens were sent out in an email, but the books involving work by other authors are coming soon :-)

      I should send out a playtest of the board game in a couple of days.

    14. Creator deboute on July 3, 2012

      Hi Paul,
      I live in France and still haven't received anything from Game Salute.
      I sent them an email last week but they haven't answered me yet.

      would you be kind enough to check with them ?

    15. Creator Céline .S. Sauvé on June 30, 2012

      Checking the list for the $22 level (from the project's home page), I'm wondering if I missed these rewards, or if they're on the way. (I'm trying to figure out which, if any, of the projects I've Kicked have completed delivery of all rewards.)

      *Two PDF books + the option to print them through Lulu (we had one link so for for the file itself, I believe).
      *PDF of five watercolor dungeon-adventure paintings by Jared von Hindman. If possible, I would love to make these available as prints as well!
      *Custom tokens from the D&D Virtual Table!

    16. Creator Paul Hughes on June 25, 2012

      Thanks, Peter! It's great to get a good review in a zine like Oubliette.

    17. Creator Peter Regan on June 24, 2012

      Paul, Just wanted to add to the praise for these great posters. I've included a review of them in Oubliette Issue 8 (

    18. Creator Paul Hughes on June 15, 2012

      I'l take this up with Game Salute.

    19. Creator Kyle Simons on June 15, 2012

      Hey Paul,

      So I've still haven't received anything. I live in Korea, so I figure that's the problem but I've contacted Game Salute and still haven't heard anything back. That was last week. Think you could help me out?

    20. Creator Paul Hughes on June 12, 2012

      That's a good idea!

      I'm still playtesting and tweaking the game: I hope to have a beta ready by the end of this month.

      Also by the end of this month: I should have all the adventures by the all-star DMs.

      In July, I should be able to have the "1.0" physical versions of the DM notebook and DM adventure books.

      I'm planning on having the online version of the poster by the end of august, but don't hold me to that: software deadlines tend to slip. I'd like the online version to double as a playable version of the Dungeon Robber game, so it should be pretty cool when it's done.

    21. Creator Andrew Shields on June 12, 2012

      I have lost track of the schedule. It would be really helpful to me to get an update on when we expect to see the rest of the great perks from this kickstarter project.

    22. Creator Donnovan Knight on June 6, 2012

      Original shipment still MIA. But I just received the package that Game Salute sent out as a replacement. All is right with the world again! Also, very cool posters!

    23. Creator Matthew Mather on June 4, 2012

      Oh hey, guys! I got my posters and cards a couple weeks ago, and am very pleased with the results! The posters are getting laminated to avoid beer stains, and the PDFs don't need to be laminated because they're in my laptop. Two thumbs up and good luck with future projects!

    24. Creator Paul Hughes on May 31, 2012

      You're right, this is incorrect! I'll ask gamesalute to send another one.

    25. Creator scifantasy on May 31, 2012

      Hey, Paul--I received two posters, both Dungeon...but I was under the impression I was getting three, two Dungeon and one Wandering. If I had it wrong, oh well, but did I?

    26. Creator Paul Hughes on May 31, 2012

      I'll take this up with Game Salute and get them to send you a new package.

    27. Creator Donnovan Knight on May 31, 2012

      I haven't received mine either, GameSalute had the tracking number, and it was confirmed delivered. We just don't know where the Post Office decided to deliver it. I have a mailbox at a UPS Store and they track all packages that come in. It was delivered on the 21st, so it's been 10 days now and it hasn't turned up, so I think my package is gone.

      At the moment I'll pin the blame on the Post Office, they seem the likely culprits at the moment.

    28. Creator Spencer on May 30, 2012

      just got my posters and stickers today and they look better than what I had imagined

    29. Creator Paul Hughes on May 30, 2012

      Richard, please email with your address and ask them to track the package.

    30. Creator Richard Bliss on May 30, 2012

      I have not received my poster, I live in Everett WA.

    31. Creator Martin Doyle on May 30, 2012

      Second Melbourne reporting in, Poster received today

    32. Creator Simon Stroud on May 25, 2012

      Posters arrived in rainy downtown Melbourne, Australia. They not only look awesome, but they are the first gaming product that my (very supportive) partner has been intersted in using. We spent an hour rolling our way through the dungeon and finding wandering monsters. Fun!
      Thanks so much, Paul. I'm up for whatever brand of awesome you come up with next.

    33. Creator Marian De Kleermaeker on May 24, 2012

      Jup, here too! The Netherlands and all.... Looks great!

    34. Creator James Klingler on May 22, 2012

      Posters arrived for me today as well - very impressive. Thanks !!

    35. Creator Christopher Broden on May 22, 2012

      Package arrived today. Posters look great. Thanks.

    36. Creator Sarah Devier on May 22, 2012

      Posters look great!

    37. Creator Carla on May 21, 2012

      Just received both my posters and my business cards! Can't wait to try them out!!

    38. Creator Paul Hughes on May 20, 2012

      Hi James,

      Sorry - you should have gotten an email about three days ago that the posters were shipping and that you could download PDFs. If you didn't get one, PM me and I'll send you the links. Also, check your spam filter - the message had a lot of links in it, which many spam filters latch on to.

      I'll send a followup tomorrow with instructions on how to get your tracking number.

    39. Creator James Alan Hatcher on May 20, 2012

      Deafening silence.

    40. Creator James Alan Hatcher on May 14, 2012

      I haven't gotten an email or anything. Has it shipped yet?

    41. Creator Ropya on May 1, 2012

      Thats the way I understand it.

    42. Creator Diogo Nogueira on May 1, 2012

      People who backed for the posters will get the PDFs also? I backed 22 and sent 5 bucks by paypal for international shipping. Was wondering if I would get the pdfs too.

    43. Creator Paul Hughes on April 28, 2012

      Not yet! The posters and all the other stuff has reached the shipping facility (gamesalute). I think it'll be another week.

    44. Creator Sypl on April 28, 2012

      Has this shipped yet?

    45. Creator John Payne on April 18, 2012

      Anyone else think the solo board game would be a totally rad little computer game?

    46. Creator Peter Standley on April 11, 2012

      I ended up filling in some place holder info on the 22 level so the form would register. It seemed to abhor blank spots.

    47. Creator glasgowmatthew on April 11, 2012

      The Reward Survey message is confusing me. The email says "Response *Needed* to deliver your reward" but the survey says "if you’d *like* to hear about them", my emphasis. Does it need to be filled in or can it be skipped?

    48. Creator Walker Schlundt on April 11, 2012

      Because I'm terribly far away from my old gaming group (read: moved for job) does anyone want to use this awesome poster to play a forum based run? I would love to put this poster to the test with a group of 6 or 7 players and just see how far we can go!

    49. Creator Paul Hughes on April 10, 2012

      Hi Michael,

      They're for the $25 donation, for Fourth Edition players: '10 "Monster Manual on a Business Card" business cards, which contain the complete math for creating 4e monsters. With the dungeon generator and the business cards, you can run 4e adventures with no other preparation.'

    50. Creator Michael Schaefer on April 10, 2012

      I must be blind as a bat. What are the monster manual cards?

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