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A tale of an unlikely friendship about two imprisoned souls whose only hope of escape is to fight together.
A tale of an unlikely friendship about two imprisoned souls whose only hope of escape is to fight together.
A tale of an unlikely friendship about two imprisoned souls whose only hope of escape is to fight together.
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New Launch Trailer up and running!


Hope y'all like your summer with lots of girls and lots of robots.
Haha, kidding; but seriously though, here is our new launch trailer :D
Expect our Steam page to be online soon this summer and the consoles later this year.

Salim and The Girl and the Robot team.

Quick Update + New Promo Art


Hey everyone,
I wanted to make a quick update about our game. All the gameplay in the game is done. I'm now waiting on the cutscene work from our animators. We are putting great care into those final cutscenes and I also have to make sure everything meet certain level of quality, so thank you for your patience.

Video footage you can see online of our game is old and don't really represent the game that we have now, so I'm looking forward to finally show you guys a new trailer once the animation is done. In the meantime, please enjoy a new promotional art by our artist Monaka; and also in case you missed it, quick shots of the Royal Quaters (last level).

Take care!
Salim & The Girl and the Robot team

Hang on! Entering the end of development!


Hey good people,
Sorry for the slow updates;
I wanted to do one today just to let you know that we are entering the end of development (I'm currently working on the final level). Know that we are putting great care in the final touch. If all goes well, the first Steam version should be available in a few months (the Wii U and PS4 version short after).

We'll also be working on a new exciting launch trailer soon. I'm just waiting for some animation work from our team before I can work on that. As I'm slowly shifting away from development, I'll have more time promoting this game; so expect more coverage and update once that happens.

As always, thank you for sticking with us, I sincerely think that you have been amazing fans and supporters since the start.

Oh, and in case you missed it, here are some shots from our maze level that we finished during the holidays:

Salim & The Girl and the Robot Team

Come say hello at the Tokyo Game Show!


Hello everyone,
I hope all is well with you!

We are still hard at work on the game and making great progress. If you are in the Tokyo area from September 17 to September 20, you can play the game with us at the Tokyo Game Show. We will be at the Indie Game Area and our booth number is A-23. Me and our concept artist Monaka will be very happy to see you!

Oh, and in case you missed it, here are some more pictures of Castletown:

Take care!

Salim and The Girl and the Robot team

We are still alive! Also, news on the next version!


I wanted to do a quick update because we have been too quiet recently. We've been working hard on the next version that will include a good chunk of the game. I was actually planning to release it around this time but I noticed that it should be  polished a bit more so I decided to wait to make sure you guys have a better experience. Here's a glimpse on what we are working on.

Peet have been working on the Kickstarter version by finishing the alternate costumes. The result is amazing!

 Peet also finished a mysterious new enemy; The Shadow Robot. Stay tune for more information about his role.

Finally, the Castletown area is at its final stage and I asked Nicolas to start working on concept for the next level (The Maze). Nicolas has also agreed to help me with the texture work, so I'm looking forward to that.

Some of you have been asking me about the remaining rewards like the art book. Since the art book will be done at the end, don't worry if you changed your address. We will send you another message just before it's done to update your contact information. And while we are on the subject of rewards, we finished the graveyard and the grave inscriptions are in the game; you can read them all in the next version!

Well that's it for now; I'll make sure to inform you of our next major announcement. Hopefully we will have something after the E3 period.

Take care!

Salim & The Girl and the Robot Team