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Modern Design Just Got a Retro Look! The Cassette Tape Coffee Table is built to scale with a whiteboard top & hidden storage
Modern Design Just Got a Retro Look! The Cassette Tape Coffee Table is built to scale with a whiteboard top & hidden storage
Modern Design Just Got a Retro Look! The Cassette Tape Coffee Table is built to scale with a whiteboard top & hidden storage
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    1. Taylor, Justin & Zach Creator on January 11

      @Madhu Devireddy - Thanks for your post! You should be able to pull on the tape run that runs along the front of the table no problem. The magnets are pretty strong so just give it a nice tug! If you have any other questions feel free to reach out to us at as we don't check this wall as often now that the campaign is complete. Thanks!

    2. Madhu Devireddy on January 4

      I just opened up by Taybles box. It looks lovely. Are there assembly instructions? I see the legs are inside though the hinge is painted and seems to be stuck. I'm afraid of pulling too hard and breaking it. Anyone have any other suggestions?

    3. Deryk Standring
      on December 16

      I just got an email with a tracking number-thanks!

    4. Deryk Standring
      on December 15

      Any updates for those of us who ordered the brown taybles?

    5. Taylor, Justin & Zach Creator on December 11

      @Michael Gomez - We've reached out via email but haven't heard back from you. Please respond to our email and we'll get you taken care of. Thanks!

    6. Jonn Erik Wallen on December 2

      My table arrived with a significant crack to the lower right hand side near the "60". I've already sent pictures to the This is disappointing.

    7. Missing avatar

      Michael Gomez on December 1

      Sent an email to Ashley showing issues with my Tayble, but never got a reply. Marks, missing screw threads, just thought you should know what condition the tables are arriving in.

    8. Taylor, Justin & Zach Creator on November 17

      @Trevor Lang - please send us an email at with photos of your table & box so we can take a look at what happened!

    9. Missing avatar

      Trevor Lang on November 16

      sending an e-mail with pictures in the morning but very upset with the quality of my tayble... scratched on one corner and the decal on the top is messed up around the edges... pretty clear no one checked it for quality control prior to shipping as it is clearly not damage from shipping...

    10. Taylor, Justin & Zach Creator on November 11

      Hey guys! We will posting another Kickstarter Update with what we've been up to & project timelines this weekend! Stay tuned...

    11. Taylor, Justin & Zach Creator on November 11

      @Wendy - please send us an email at with photos of the table and box so we can take a look at what happened!

    12. Missing avatar

      Jesus on November 10

      Is there any
      new shipping updates

    13. Taylor, Justin & Zach Creator on November 9

      @PeterSkiera - We did receive your email and yesterday and will get back to you today. Look for an email from one of our team members. Thanks for your patience!

    14. Peter Skiera on November 9

      Sent you guys an email with pics at your "info" email address regarding some quality problems with my table but no reply so far.

    15. Missing avatar

      nisha on November 8

      Is there a way to find out when I might be receiving my table?


    16. Missing avatar

      Jesus on November 7

      Haven’t received mine yet I was just wondering

    17. Missing avatar

      Wendy on November 1

      Put my table together today and I love it! But there are many damages. There's a dent and scratches, and looks like one side was hit, and the paint is uneven on the bottom but I guess thats alright since it won't be seen. The foam pieces that came with the table to prevent the legs scratching the floors came off and were smashed once I placed the table on the floor. Had to replace with my own bought ones.

    18. Missing avatar

      Rebekah Merriman on November 1

      I got my table today!! It feels like Christmas! It is so cool and looks amazing! I couldn't be more pleased. I have already gotten compliments on it. Tomorrow I am putting it in my office at work where it will get a lot of love and attention! Thanks for creating this amazing product!!

    19. Taylor, Justin & Zach Creator on October 31

      @Sara DeLong - please email us photos of the damage & the original packaging at so we can take a look at what may have caused the issues you are seeing!

    20. Taylor, Justin & Zach Creator on October 31

      @CarynRomanowski - emailed you!

    21. Missing avatar

      Sara DeLong on October 31

      We received our coffee table today and it is beautiful, but there is some damage to one of the corners. A bunch of the paint chipped off. What do we need to do to get this fixed?

    22. Missing avatar

      Caryn Romanowski on October 31

      Hi guys, I just received my table today and it has a ton of damage to it. There’s cracks on almost every edge. Can someone please contact me and advise what needs to be done to address this?


    23. Missing avatar

      Rebekah Merriman on October 30

      I've been watching my tracking info religiously and I'm only one day away from my Cassette Tape coffee table arriving! I'm so freakin' excited!!!

    24. Brad Root on October 28

      Got my table a couple days ago. It’s awesome! For the price I think it’s extremely impressive... I have no visible damage or problems with the appearance. Looks great. The underside looks like a mess but who cares about that. I feel like it’s really clear you guys did everything you could to get it out at this cost... congrats! I can only imagine how much work went into getting these made. Serious kudos. Also everyone I know who had seen it has been seriously impressed and said it looks way better than similar products they’ve seen.

    25. Taylor, Justin & Zach Creator on October 27

      @Melvin Brian Jaquez - you'll be receiving an email from with specific details on your table shipping status!

    26. Melvin Brian Jaquez on October 24

      Can you guys, send me info about and details when my table it's gonna be shipped. Thanks!!

    27. Taylor, Justin & Zach Creator on October 16

      @MikeStephens - thank you for pledging for a CaSETte! We didn't want to hold up sending you your desk while we waited for another batch of the B-SIDE tables to arrive from the factory. You'll be receiving an email any minute from with specific details on your pledge reward shipping status!

    28. Mike Stephens on October 13


      I got my desk but not my table. When can i expect the table to ship?

    29. Taylor, Justin & Zach Creator on October 2

      @RosaDelBuono - thanks for the feedback! Please email us photos of the damage & the original packaging at so we can take a look at what may have caused the issues you are seeing!

    30. Missing avatar

      Rosa Del Buono on October 2

      Just got my table and desk. Desk looks fantastic but my table had some dings and a crack down the side along with one of the magnets on the door cracked in half.

    31. Missing avatar

      Michael Mazourek on September 30

      DUDEZ. I got my Tayble and I love it. Thanks for taking on this endeavor!

    32. Missing avatar

      chris bohland
      on September 28

      I just reviewed mine and it looks great but it does have cracks in the paint on all the corners...

    33. Chris Lee on September 25

      Just got my Tayble!!! So freaking awesome!

    34. Taylor, Justin & Zach Creator on September 13

      @Alex Vonspeed - yes! The new top is great! Just posted a campaign update for all backers yesterday evening. @Joyse Kristine - it HAS been a successful month! Thanks for checking in on us. We can't wait for you to have your table to show off either :-)

    35. Taylor, Justin & Zach Creator on September 13

      @PaulKelley - the single-piece top passed inspection / quality control. Just posted a schedule update - All TAPE DESKS will be shipping next week, the B-SIDE Tables are currently on schedule from factory. We will send out another update once those arrive to port!

    36. Missing avatar

      Chris Brown on September 11

      @Ryan White - What was the price for the Taybles at Winners?

    37. Taylor, Justin & Zach Creator on September 11

      @RyanWhite - We sent an update to all of our Tape Desk backers back in July about this logistics item - to recap, Winners/Home Goods had placed a volume order right at the end of our campaign. Unfortunately, our supplier made a BIG shipping error, and shipped all of our Tape Desks directly to that box store. Our portion of the order is still making its way back to us - they must've placed a few of the Tape Desks on the floor in the meantime. The B-SIDE Cassette Coffee Tables were not purchased by a store - that first run is on its way. We are actively working with our supplier on a more detailed project update for all the backers very shortly - we are SO excited to get these out to our backers! Stay tuned...

    38. Missing avatar

      Paul Kelley on September 10

      Hey guys, have you confirmed the quality of the retooled, single-piece top? Have all the tables shipped? Are they on schedule to arrive in the port at the end of September?

    39. Missing avatar

      Ryan White on September 10

      Hey - I was in a Winners store today (in Ontario). They have the full desk for sale? What's up with that with these being available in stores before you ship to your backers??? I have a picture I can send if needed!

    40. Missing avatar

      Joyse Kristine on September 7

      Hey guys, it's been about a month since the last update. How are the new taybles coming along? Hoping it's been a successful month for you guys. I can't wait to have the product at my house to show off :)

    41. Alex Vonspeed on September 5

      September 5th!! Any updates?

    42. Missing avatar

      on August 6, 2017

      Good choice, Gentlemen. Better a slight delay than a lesser product:)

    43. Taylor, Justin & Zach Creator on August 4, 2017

      @Peter Skiera - the change in material is not going to impact the look of the B-SIDE Tables. As far as specific percentages of wood & composite, we will get back with you on that! Mea culpa on the slow wall post response time. For quicker responses, please feel free to email (notifies several team members at once).

    44. Peter Skiera on July 21, 2017

      Your last update said the main body has been changed to "wood and composite". What percentage is composite? How will the appearance differ from the pics we've seen? Will the table still be stained? I hope you can check these comments more regularly.

    45. Missing avatar

      Eduardo Melo
      on July 13, 2017

      are you guys gonna be posting an update about shipping or progress?

    46. Missing avatar

      Matthew Spaulding on July 5, 2017

      Hi guys! You must be getting so excited, I know I am. I cannot wait to surprise my son with it. He has had such a difficult year with the gastroparesis and now the nerve damage that the gastroparesis has caused ( we just found out about that last week after a week at Nationwide Children's Hospital in Ohio-it was a long week and a long drive). He needs something special to put a smile on his face and since as I told you he loves and collects cassette tapes I believe your creation is just the answer! Thank you again so much!!

    47. Hans Bruhner on June 28, 2017

      I forgot which color I asked for or even if I did? Can you tell me or can I change my mind?

    48. Taylor, Justin & Zach Creator on June 17, 2017

      Hi @Nataleah! If you are wondering about shipment notices for Canadian backers, those will be sent at the same time as the domestic shipments (currently scheduled for early August!) If you have questions about options for future orders shipping to other countries, feel free to email us at

    49. Missing avatar

      Nataleah on June 9, 2017

      When can international backers expect to receive shipment notices??

    50. Rodrigo Gonzalez Sevilla on June 7, 2017

      Any updates? One month to deliver the tables, could you please keep us posted.

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