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£24,425 pledged of £35,000 goal
£24,425 pledged of £35,000 goal

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    1. Missing avatar

      Lydian 6 days ago

      Oh wow, it has been a while. Still hoping here

    2. Peter "Apple Head" Andersson
      on April 12

      Looking forward to that update!

    3. Missing avatar

      Dome Collaborator on March 23

      Hey all!
      Yepp we preparing an update in the next 2 weeks! It will contains deatils about the new mod, the new battlesystem and more!
      Sorry for the delay, we are working in our new game simultanously :)


    4. Kolos on March 22

      Same here, are you planning to release an update soon? :)

    5. Vivian Circle
      on March 2

      Still checking in on this project, very excited to hear that there might be some movement.

    6. Peter "Apple Head" Andersson
      on February 28

      Great to hear that you are still working on the game!
      Count on me on the next campaign!

    7. Ken (The friendly gamer)
      on December 15

      Hi Peter, I am glad you are making sure you make this game even better and are retooling for an even better campaign. I will be an early backer I can promise you. I look forward to seeing how you make out. Another name possibly as asked is heavy cardboard, although they are usually into the very crunchy euro style games (which I do love btw) although this seems to be a different sort than what I’ve seen them play. Although hey you never know as they have been getting a lot of “press” in the industry. Look forward to the future for you guys.

    8. Péter Sasvári Collaborator on December 10

      Hi Ken!

      We don't have an exact date for the new campaign yet, as we need to sort out a lot of things until a new launch.

      We are currently working on the new combat system, which will be more streamlined and
      requires less calculation from the players, but keeps the tactical depth of the game.

      We need to decide about new and old features, what to keep and what to remove: there are already some things which got scrapped, and there are new things already added. With these in mind, we need to restructure the campaign, which requires a lot of calculation and time.

      Also we need to gather some more funds for marketing and other expenses, those can add up pretty fast.

      We know about other studios' planned campaigns, we are watching them closely.
      CMON will launch HATE on January 16th, entirely KSX, the lovely guys at Awaken Realms will have their Nemesis launched somewhere in Q1 probably (Hi, Marcin!) and as you mentioned, Monolith launches Batman: The Boardgame in February, which will be also unavailable in retail stores later (just like Heroes of the Great War was planned!) - and these are just the big fishes which come to my mind at the moment, we could go on for hours listing the awesome games coming in 2018, but luckily there's a community maintained list for that on Facebook :)
      Long story short: there will be so many campaigns next year, it's almost impossible not to run parallel with a hugely hyped one.

      About reviewers: yes, we would love to give a copy to Rahdo or Paul Grogen from Gaming Rules or Rodney Smith from Watch It Played or literally any reviewer!
      Not only because these guys are the cornerstones of board gaming these days, but we would love to hear their opinion about Heroes of the Great War! There is a catch: these guys do reviews for a living which makes a video quite time consuming to make. This means that they have their schedules set probably for months ahead and it's quite hard to convince them to change that schedule (if you know what I mean). Rest assured, when we are ready with a publicly testable preview version of HotGW, we will send them a copy and it's up to them if they review it or not, and we are working on it to convince them to do it, but it takes time.

      If you guys have any suggestion about which reviewer to poke, let us know! Either free review or paid. Also if any of you have a blog or Youtube channel or Facebook page and you want to write about HotGW, let us know and let's see if we can sort something out.

      TL;DR: We haven't decided when to launch a new campaign, but we will have more information in a month or two.

    9. Ken (The friendly gamer)
      on December 10

      Also it would be good if a Man vs. Meeple or Rhaldo does a preview video as they usually help spread the word

    10. Ken (The friendly gamer)
      on December 10

      When do you think you will put this up again for a launch? January has a few bigs names coming from CMON and I think Monolith. Might want to confirm when they are as that might not be a good time to launch again....

    11. Péter Sasvári Collaborator on November 24

      Good afternoon everyone!

      First things first: don't worry, we still here and still working on the game!

      We plan to release an update in the coming days, so keep an eye on your mailbox for further info!
      If you have any questions, let them come! :)

      Have you tried the Print&Play demo? How do you guys like it so far?

    12. Missing avatar

      Tom Matty
      on November 24

      Still hoping for an update soon.

    13. Vivian Circle
      on October 22, 2017

      Still Here awaiting orders! �

    14. Missing avatar

      Mac Law on October 3, 2017

      Yes yes yes ()

    15. Missing avatar

      Dome Collaborator on October 3, 2017

      Hi Ken!
      Yes, we begin build up a new campaign, using the experiance of the past 2 KS. We will post an update soon.

    16. Ken (The friendly gamer)
      on September 23, 2017

      Hello creator i am looking forward to the day you guys relaunch this campaign. Any idea when?

    17. Missing avatar

      Glenn Reynolds
      on August 23, 2017

      Thanks for the update. i hope you can relaunch.

    18. Missing avatar

      Dome Collaborator on August 11, 2017

      Hey all!
      sorry for the big silence :) Ofcourse we wont give up! We've just took a vacation after 2 years of development. We will prepear a new offensive, most likely in autum. We also thinking about going to Essen, but its not sure yet.
      thank you for your support, and we will be back!

      the gladiators

    19. Missing avatar

      Tom Matty
      on August 11, 2017

      Hey @creators. So quiet. You've got an awesome game started. Keep us posted on how things are going. Will there be another attempt to launch soon? Don't leave us hanging after doing such a great job so far.

    20. Chevalier on June 22, 2017

      It is a pity that such a promising concept did not receive the attention it deserves. Maybe following the advice in certain BGG articles that were linked here, like Firelock Games (http://www.facebook.com/FirelockGames/) did for their impressive «Blood & Plunder» (http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/FirelockGames/Blood-and-Plunder-No-Peace-beyond-the-Line) can turn the ship around if starting equally early with the preparations?

      In the meantime, Blood & Plunder might prevent KS withdrawal syndroms, given that Nocturn failed and Dead Throne (http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/SharkeeGames/Dead-Throne-Board-Game-Ap) is not going to make it either, but at least we band of brothers here agree that Limanowa 1914 is a game that needs to see the light one day.

      Good luck and all the best.

    21. Missing avatar

      Mike Wall on June 22, 2017

      Really, really sorry that you didn't hit your target. Loved the concept and the intended production qualities. Will continue to follow any news and hope that in the future this game will see the light of production day.

    22. m
      on June 18, 2017

      Please, make it as great as this go was intended to be. :o)

    23. Vivian Circle
      on June 16, 2017

      CAN'T WAIT!!!!

    24. Missing avatar

      Dome Collaborator on June 6, 2017

      @Tom Matty
      Now we have a little rest, and than we start to reorginze us. We will find a solution, to produce this game :)
      Thanks for the support guys, it means a lot for us!

    25. Missing avatar

      Glenn Reynolds
      on June 6, 2017

      @PK - I think in this particular game, it's the minis that set the game apart from the chits and paper games and make the game look even more expensive than it is. If the KS splash photo for this game had shown the standard chits I would not have even clicked on it. And I don't buy games just because they have a bunch of nice minis.

    26. Missing avatar

      Tom Matty
      on June 5, 2017

      Does anyone know what's happening to this amazing game's future?

      I'm still hoping it gets published someday.

    27. PK
      on May 30, 2017

      @John Falcon

      lol ;-)

      I'm as "old fart chit gamer" as they come but love me some minis as much as the next guy.

      Give me tactile components in either form with a good game/mechanics underneath it all, and I'm happy. :-)

    28. Chevalier on May 29, 2017

      On the world's number one site dedicated to board games (BGG), where popular titles' ratings number in the tens of thousands, «Guns of Galicia» by Worthington Games received 39 ratings in five years. From these 39 die hard fans, the game obtained an average score of 67.6%, whereas the Geek's rating is merely 55.5%.

      Thanks for making my case. :-)

    29. John Falcon
      on May 29, 2017

      @PK....oh dont mention Worthington Games around Chevalier since that destroys his "we need the toys on our gameboard" argument. So many old fart chit games have been successful on KS that to argue against them is just plain foolish, no matter how verbose one goes about it....

    30. PK
      on May 29, 2017

      Strains of Iron Maiden's "The Trooper" playing in the background...

      Along with lessons learned, I'm sure if GG compiles all the sound tips and advice offered in the comments (and elsewhere?) throughout the campaigns and makes a concerted effort to put them into a sensible business plan / plan of action, third time should be charm (KS route or otherwise).

      If Guns of Galicia (Worthington Games) can make it to market (in 2012, no less), there's no reason this should not find its own place given GG team's passion and loving attention to detail for this sorely underrepresented gaming territory.

      And, unlike The Trooper, we shall live to fight another day. Sabres sheathed- for now... :-)

    31. Chevalier on May 29, 2017

      Rest assured that no publisher cancels a campaign that "would have been successful". The necessary pledge amounts per day were reached on the first two days of the campaign only; as of the third day, they were always below the mark. Not in our wildest dreams and fantasies was this game going to fund, not even if there had been the usual 20%-25% boost during the last 48-24 hours -- which in itself is also unlikely in a situation such as this. Actually, when no stretch goals are likely to be obtained, we might very well have seen people bailing out the last day. The relevant numbers are right there in the update: 1500 copies minimum order volume are required to make the operation economically viable, 330 copies have been ordered and even the most incredible 24 hour rush in history will not quintuple the demand. The alternative approach would be to quintuple the price, but that's hardly a realistic option, is it?

      The campaign was cancelled because it has been obvious since two weeks that not even the bare minimum funding amount would be attained, not because of not reaching the stretch goals.

      Nevertheless, as a publisher that needs to think long-term, it is a smart move by Gladiator to think about the value for money that buyers would receive. They are planning expansions and other games, so they need to establish a good reputation in the marketplace -- with the general public, not just with us 300 devoted apostles here. For the barebones minimum content, the price might be perceived as a little high by some people, whereas the same cost for all the stretch goals planned up to £150k would be the best price-value relation ever seen on Kickstarter. By thinking long term, they are protecting the recognition of their brand as being responsible to their supporters and guaranteeing excellent value for money.

      Since the product itself is fantastic and the mistakes were made in preparation and promotion (or lack thereof), this could turn out to be a very intelligent strategy once they figure out the correct marketing mix. I don't know about you, but I'll take a company who is willing to take a hit so that customers do not pay too much for what they get over one that's happy with cashing in on the minimum of content any time.

    32. LInsoDeTeh
      on May 29, 2017

      PS: This is my opinion for this particular project. For other projects, who's setup is less a niche product than this one, it may be different.

    33. LInsoDeTeh
      on May 29, 2017

      I am really sad this has been cancelled for the second time in a row, even though I am convinced that *both* campaigns would have made it. I understand the authors want to deliver the game at a certain quality level, but then -in my opionion- the improvements required to achieve this quality level should be part of the initial product and not be achieved via stretch goals.
      For the next shot, it should be re-calculated, what's the minimum quality and the minimum quantity, and set this as the funding goal, and not put something less qualitative and then cancel a campaign (which would have been successful), because the intended quality (achieved through stretch goals) was not reached.
      I think anyone in this small community would willingly pledge a higher amount for the same game of a higher quality and then celebrate just a few add-ons and additional tiles, scenarios or miniatures as stretch goals. But the most important thing is, that the game at 100% funding (not 101% and not 200%) has the quality intended, no matter what the pledge amount is.

    34. m
      on May 29, 2017

      @Chevalier, I would suggest you start such a post with /rant since most of your post is ranting about others according to how you see things.
      Let's simply leave it as, the game was canceled by the originators according to their understanding and choice for their game.

    35. Chevalier on May 29, 2017

      Maybe if some people got over the idiotic repetition of 'without miniatures' bullshit and did something useful for a change, by promoting the game in OTHER places instead, we could have stemmed the tide. With all due respect for the American obsession with 'cheap': these days, the vast majority consumers expects 3D game components and a crowdfunding campaign is not aimed at counter-pushing grognards. It are the lavishly over-produced luxury collectors items that rake in the big bucks these days, not yesteryear's umpteenth repetitions of dull and yawning paper chits, which are produced by niche specialists for their very special fanbase of old grumpers. We have been through this discussion time and again, but the same dimwits crap their bullshit on every game that is about to be released: they come to a crowdfunding project that lists miniature figures as one of the game components because that is what 90% of customers demand these days, but instead of accepting the facts of in the industry, they hammer, whine and lobby for cardboard counters or other forms of dumbing down a product to make it cheap. It's like the confused old man in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue complaining about foreign car manufacturers selling too much, instead of realizing that those are obviously what his people want to buy.

      The same geezers ran the same propaganda scheme against Hannibal & Hamilcar, although they had a hard time mobilizing even some lousy 200 likes on social networks to get their counters, and only reached the number because others who were not even interested in cardboard helped them, if only to have them finally shut up. Despite being relatively more expensive than HotGW when comparing the content that comes in the box, H&H was a tremendous success, thanks to an incessant support with advertising throughout the entire campaign and because of being the third reiteration of a 20 year old game that therefore could bank on an already established customer base and public awareness. We see other games making millions BECAUSE they come with miniature figures, so it is about time that the reality sank into the vacuum between your ears, boys.

      To illustrate how far from reality the misers are, we only need to take a look at past campaigns where publishers fell for the propaganda and committed the mistake of listening to the backward-oriented whiners: Medioevo Universale raised a combined €350,000 on three different platforms and in the end, after all their drama, there were a miserable 20(!) pledges, of 718 (on KS) and 1377 backers in total, who put their money where their mouth is. We see this time and again, the counter-pushers making up a maximum 10% of supporters during any given campaign, but they scream and whine like a million. It's not just H&H or MU, but becoming standard propaganda practice as publishers overhaul and remake their holy cow of war games in order to prevent the genre from dying out with them.

      No product shows this better than HotGW itself. During the first campaign, two different versions were offered, which results in less economies of scale and more overhead, i.e. overall higher costs. Looking at http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2038926808/Heroes-of-the-Great-War-Limanowa-1914/, what do we see? A whopping two(!) backers for the edition without miniature figures plus four (4) for Print-&-Play, versus 277 for the complete edition with miniature figures.

      Still and despite the experience and facts from dozens of campaigns clearly proving them wrong, the same self-proclaimed 'serious wargamers' -- 'game' and 'serious' having something of roasted snowballs in the first place -- embark on the same crusade to dumb down a Mercedes to a Nissan every time a game is presented to the general public. Why suffer when it is clear from the outset that a product is trying to go with the times? Join the other old farts in the GMT, Victory Games and similar publishers' forums where nobody disturbs your snoring and you can all complain about the terrible development in the board game market without being exposed to the realities of the world.

    36. Missing avatar

      Tom Matty
      on May 29, 2017

      I am crushed this didn't make it.

      Mechanics, gameplay, theme, were all great!! The components and minis add greatly to the desirability.

      You were so close but I think challenged because this month has seen the presentation of a lot of very desirable games on KS. Certainly I have found myself backing more in a shorter time than ever.

      Please don't give up and find a way to get this game launched. I think once it is out and a success you can build many more on the theme and history to become successful.

      As for advice I cannot offer much. I think you should keep the minis and find an investor to fund that first production run and relaunch with a lower funding base level knowing you've got that first lot covered. Or just take straight to retail with a large distribution backer.

      You've done so much great work. I'm sure you will find a way.

    37. Missing avatar

      Glenn Reynolds
      on May 29, 2017

      Yeah, like said below - if you offered a lower price point version without minis, and those who wanted to get minis could pay for them extra. Maybe have two price options, or have minis in an add-on. Just trying to come up with ideas to make this come to life.

    38. Missing avatar

      Keith Emin on May 28, 2017

      This is the 2nd cancelation and you had 4 days left with customary 48 surge still to go. I think you you should have shown some courage and stuck it out to see if you reached your funding goal. Any business is a risk and you backed away despite being so close. This a shame as the bravery of these little known WW1 soldiers will not be told as many of your backers who want you to succeed now doubt that the project will ever go ahead

    39. Philip Waldron on May 28, 2017

      Surrender, Surrender! unthinkable. Rally at Peist and shove all the way through Buda.
      Have you many watching this project and watching for remind me, half will convert?
      Perhaps present the game in cardboard with an option to upgrade to plastic.
      Many old games are being updated in plastic, look at PSC.
      perhaps a joint venture with an English or yank company?
      Oh I really want this game.
      Call me soon.

    40. John Falcon
      on May 28, 2017

      I know there are many here who ate sorry to see that this project has not reached its goals. Many have written their opinions on what should or should not be done. For me, as a wargamer, I was more interested in the theme and mechanics of this game than in the minis. I would back this again in any form but perhaps a more traditional hex/counter version might make the pricing and production more manageable....

    41. m
      on May 28, 2017

      I have an honest question. What would the cost of the game be if sold with all of the components and polish you desire to see in the game ($100, 125, 150)?
      There may be some willing to purchase such a title from you, or at least have a base to start with next go at getting the game into players hands.

    42. JDTX88
      on May 28, 2017

      I feel this would have made it, there's usually a surge of pledges the last couple days and especially the last few hours and
      this was pretty close to the goal.The worst thing that could have happened if it didn't make it was wait 4 more days to see, but there was still a chance that way.

    43. Peter "Apple Head" Andersson
      on May 28, 2017

      Aaw! You could have made it!
      You shouldn't have pulled the plug this early! I'm (obviously) really disappointed. But count on me for the next attempt!

    44. Missing avatar

      Steven R. Solomon
      on May 28, 2017

      Argh. "WWI," not "WEI," in my last comment! My phone's Autocorrect is incredibly stupid sometimes. . . .

    45. Missing avatar

      Steven R. Solomon
      on May 28, 2017

      Sorry to see this cancelled. I recently purchased The Great War and am looking forward to playing it. I'm sure I'll like it, as it uses the Commands & Colours system--but I was disappointed to see no cavalry units. I had the impression that Limanowa would capture more of that early 20th-century feel than The Great War. I like my WEI games to feel distinctly different from WWII era games, and some cavalry would help (though I know the Poles fielded some cavalry against Hitler, that was really a throwback by WWII, not typical). So hope Limanowa returns! And I don't think the price excessive at all.

    46. Jose Manuel Morillo Ramirez
      on May 28, 2017

      Una lástima. Im so sorry

    47. Missing avatar

      Dome Collaborator on May 28, 2017

      Dear All!
      Unfortunatly we didn't make it. It seems that we have 300 backers who still want this game, and we will find a way to make this game for them. If not in KS, than in another way. We will keep you updated! Thanks for your support, we wont let you down!

    48. Vivian Circle
      on May 28, 2017

      Retreat and Regroup
      New Battle plan!
      I will be anxiously holding the line awaiting word from HQ for our next move!
      Carry On Troops!

    49. Emanuela on May 28, 2017

      I'm still sooooo hopeful this will fund! If this takes a third attempt to fund, I'll pledge again instantly. Please don't give up on this game, Gladiator Games! Do keep the frequent updates coming; hopefully they'll convince the 2-pound pledgers to increase their pledges before the campaign ends. :D

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