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£100,533 pledged of £300,000 goal
By Dark Space Corp
£100,533 pledged of £300,000 goal

Hansa Painting Part 2 & Q&A Volume 6

hey everybody

Couple of updates for you today, first up our final Q&A volume which covers all kinds of exciting information about WarDrones, NuSims, initial release and more!

Our other update today is more progress by Golem on Hansa, which we rather like very much oh yes we do!

Here's their write up (not in our usual 'arted' format as we couldn't wait to get these out to you!)

Golem's Tommie:" Having chatted with the team we decided that the desert theme for Hansa's body suit should in the end be black but still remain sleeveless. This still leaves me the opportunity to explore some freehand tattoo ideas on him which is great! His armour, painted fresh from the fabricators, is now complete. Painting shiny surface effects is one of my favourite things to apply to miniatures and i think this works especially well on Hansa's back plate, due to Kev's brilliant sculpting. However with Hansa i have to consider how i will beat the armor up and add some grime here and there so i can't go too nuts with the 'polishing' I kept all the tubing a subtle dark blue still cos i like the idea he is being pumped with nutrients, coolants and hydro "

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    1. Daniel Cassidy
      on February 12, 2013

      I see a comment below there that says dont give up. I'm not so sure thats the most logical choice.
      It is no secret this KS is losing money nearly every day, not gaining it.
      Just doing the quick maths which i did before on the forum which has in itself become a gate systems of numerous nexus points where concepts of threads split merge and diverge in a complex navigation.
      SO heres the quick math of the 1012 people registered as having backed this KS 355 of them have bid at and above the £125 mark this the mark i feel is where you need to be at if your really serious about the game its where me and my friend were thinking of pleging but until we see some real no. however, these 355 ppl make up the lions share of the pledge amount equaling £67,120 now as i said i think £125 is the real minimum for the game so if the remaining 657 ppl up there pleges to this amount it will add £82,125 to the total giving a total pledge of £147,225 as you can all see thats not going to cut it.
      Below is my suggestion for a second KS based on this one.
      Way way way more concept art, and rules and gameplay and fluff upfront - ppl want to see what their getting.
      Start at a lower margin for success numerious other games have started lower and beat it by a mile getting 1,000% funding - why because ppl like to know what their getting and like to know that there going to get it at the moment we cant say either is true with this KS.
      You dont need to have totally finished models but 3D renders, prototype moulds greens etc where are they we have gotten so far 1 human, one fantastic fours the thing, half a war drone and a space wolf wherever that came from cos i saw no concept art for it or green or anything just one day a space wolf dropped onto my GoA update. Ps I dont like space wolves I hate them
      Which brings me to my next point i have seen nothing so far of this nano tech having any impact on the game not the models nd not the rules. right now i could take those rules and even the weapons and apply it to star wars star trek starship troopers and a miriade of sci fi you have not created anything unique yet.
      Just food for thought this is meant as constructive i want to see this game funded but i want to see the game that was advertised to me at the start. not generic sci fi game with space wolves.

    2. matt_adlard
      on February 12, 2013

      Really loving the look

    3. Krazus on February 11, 2013

      This looks awesome so far. amazing work.

    4. silvio la verde on February 11, 2013

      Very good concept and rendition in 28mm. . . .. can't wait to see more, don't give up guys

    5. The Inner Geek on February 11, 2013

      That armor looks fan-freaking-tastic!