Beyond the Gates of Antares (Canceled)

by Dark Space Corp

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    1. Industrial Scribe on

      I am loving the 2000AD feel of this mini and am really hoping for a more retro SciFi.

    2. Devilution on

      He actually looks really good now !

    3. euansmith

      Hmmm... $200,000 to go in 21 days? Will I ever get to order my Boromites? Will BtGoA be doing a smaller, non-Kickstarter launch if the target is not reached?

    4. euansmith

      I know it is a bit late to raise this point, but shouldn't the Boromite Overseer be rocked ever so slightly forward to balance him out; unless that gun is supposed to be so heavy it acts as a counterweight? I guess a bit of light bending can solve this issue if I get to purchase this miniature. I'm liking the detailing and it looks like Boromites will be a doddle to paint using washes.