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Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Feb 13 2013
Dark Space CorpBy Dark Space Corp
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Dark Space CorpBy Dark Space Corp
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pledged of £300,000pledged of £300,000 goal
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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Feb 13 2013

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Posted by Dark Space Corp (Creator)
Thank you for your support back in 2014 for the Beyond the Gates of Antares kickstarter. It has been an eventful 18 months-or-so since the Kickstarter campaign....

Behind closed doors at Warlord Games HQ the game has been worked-upon and the universe has been brought to life... 

- Our team of sculptors have been breathing life into the six core factions - with new models appearing week-by-week... both digitally and hand-sculpted creations beyond your imagination. 

We have an entire year's worth of releases already mastered and readied for release with plans for 6 core plastic kits supported by waves of support in the form of metal miniatures and resins for larger creations such as vehicles and monstrous creatures. 

- Some 20,000+ members of the community have been playtesting the rules, submitting their feedback, and shaping the game mechanics... 

- Rick Priestley (co-creator of the likes of Warhammer 40,000, Warhammer Fantasy, the Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game, and many more.) has penned a vast, dynamic universe... a vibrant living backdrop to give context and narrative to your battles. 

The hard work is almost done, and the waiting almost over... 

in early November, the starter set 'Strike Vector One - The Xilos Horizon' is due to be released - followed by releases for all six core factions... 

For more information on the Launch Edition of Beyond the Gates of Antares please follow this link: 

 or find out more at

Hansa Available

Posted by Dark Space Corp (Creator)

Hi everyone!

Today is an exciting day here at DSC as we’re releasing our first miniature for the Beyond the Gates of Antares science-fiction game - Hansa!!!

buy now in store 

Hansa Nairoba of the Freeborn is a notorious Mercenary Commander and Adventurer – the best in all of Determinate space in the opinion of many CoCom Agents. Hansa himself would certainly agree with them: sometime gunrunner, revolutionary leader, military commander, trader in the esoteric and dealer in secrets, his reputation alone is worth a battalion of assault troopers. 

Ever prepared for a fight, Hansa carries a light compression carbine – a deadly if notoriously demanding weapon – together with a hefty plasma pistol for when the fighting gets up close and personal. The cylindrical packs attached to his battle armor carry slinger grenades: tiny, powerful explosive charges that can be set or hurled as required.

The armored panels on Hansa’s suit are fitted with Concord manufactured hyper-light shield generators powerful enough to deflect practically any missile. 

Not only is Hansa Nairoba available in metal, we also have a very limited number in clear resin as a first come first served basis in our webstore. buy now in store 

We have also made him available in grey resin as shown below offering you a choice of how you can purchase this very first figure for Beyond the Gates of Antares.

Keep your eyes peeled as we plan for lots more releases and updates on the project in the new few weeks!

It's good to be back!

Rick, Rik & the Warlord Team!

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Kickstarter Cancellation

Posted by Dark Space Corp (Creator)

After much consideration we have decided to withdraw our project from Kickstarter.

We’d like to thank you all for believing in us and backing us, GoA will still become a reality but through different means.

We will take the next month to reassess our plans, during this time you will still see us on the forums and we will continue to post updates to our website. Once we have a plan set we will let you all know what it is so that we can continue to build GoA together. 

There are a lot of positives to take from this journey and we certainly don’t think of this as a failure, more a change in plans with actual direct feedback from the market, which should help us greatly in the future. One of the best things we’ve done is you guys. We managed to develop a thriving community in a very short time, which is bursting with ideas and support for the project and for that we thank you and we will continue to want and need your help in the future.

There are too many people to thank, but we’d like to take the opportunity to give special thanks to these guys (in no order!): Melcavuk, Krazus, Prototheca, Endtransmission, Karl Pedder, Gylan Hunter, Michael Musson, John Wigley, Des Hanley, Karol Rudyk, Bruno Lavallee, Angelika Rasmus, Andy Gibson (brandnewbadidea), Golem Painting Studios, James Sherriff, Tim Prow, Kev White, Wojtek Fils, Bob Naismith, Andrew Chesney, Paul Sawyer

We’ll talk to you all very soon

Thank you!

Rick, Rik, John and Co

PS almost final Hansa pics below!

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The Algoryn

Posted by Dark Space Corp (Creator)

evening everbody!

Today's update is a all about the Algoryn, enjoy:

Hansa Painting Part 2 & Q&A Volume 6

Posted by Dark Space Corp (Creator)

hey everybody

Couple of updates for you today, first up our final Q&A volume which covers all kinds of exciting information about WarDrones, NuSims, initial release and more!

Our other update today is more progress by Golem on Hansa, which we rather like very much oh yes we do!

Here's their write up (not in our usual 'arted' format as we couldn't wait to get these out to you!)

Golem's Tommie:" Having chatted with the team we decided that the desert theme for Hansa's body suit should in the end be black but still remain sleeveless. This still leaves me the opportunity to explore some freehand tattoo ideas on him which is great! His armour, painted fresh from the fabricators, is now complete. Painting shiny surface effects is one of my favourite things to apply to miniatures and i think this works especially well on Hansa's back plate, due to Kev's brilliant sculpting. However with Hansa i have to consider how i will beat the armor up and add some grime here and there so i can't go too nuts with the 'polishing' I kept all the tubing a subtle dark blue still cos i like the idea he is being pumped with nutrients, coolants and hydro "

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