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Long-Range WiFi. Blazing Fast 11ac Speeds. Simple 3 minute setup. Built-in Smarthome hub. Exquisitely designed.
Long-Range WiFi. Blazing Fast 11ac Speeds. Simple 3 minute setup. Built-in Smarthome hub. Exquisitely designed.
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North America almost done, EU halfway

Posted by SECURIFI (Creator)

By now we’ve shipped to about 99% of our North American backers. If you haven’t had a tracking number from us, don’t fret, we haven’t forgotten about you. We do have some slightly more complex orders that we have to ship from our office and we have some late address changes etc. that haven’t shipped yet. We’ll do our best to get these out as quickly as possible, but as we have to process a lot of these manually it’ll take a little bit longer to get these units out than when we shipped in large batches from the factory. 

EU brokerage fees 

We’ve also shipped about half of all the EU units as of last week, which is a little bit earlier than we initially anticipated. However, we’ve had some major hiccups here with TNT though, so all remaining units to Europe will be shipped via EMS. If we’ve already shipped your Almond+ and you’re getting charged an unreasonable amount by your local TNT office, please refuse the package and we’ll re-ship it via EMS. We’re truly sorry about this, we did check with TNT and were told that there would only be VAT charges plus a small fee on shipments to Europe, but clearly that’s not the case in many countries. Re-shipping does of course mean a delay, but we believe this is a better solution than having you guys pay additional charges for nothing. Admittedly we can’t guarantee that there won’t be any charges with EMS, but they should be more reasonable. 

Remaining regions 

The Australia, New Zealand and Brazil units will hopefully start shipping before the end of August, but as we’ve mentioned before, these units take slightly longer time for us to make due to additional step in the manufacturing process because the Z-Wave chips have to be programmed. Hong Kong, Japan and Taiwan will be the last ones to go out and it looks like we might not manage to get these out until the first week of September now. 

Firmware update 

Please note that the LCD UI Software Update feature is not yet implemented. As such, please follow the instructions here -,1396.0.html on how to update the firmware on your Almond+. If you’re not able to access the web UI of your Almond+, please try to change the admin password in the LCD UI under Status, Web Admin. If this doesn’t help, please do a hard reset and it should work. This is an issue affecting a few units and we’re working on finding out exactly what has gone wrong. 

Sensor instruction update 

We missed one thing in the sensor instructions in the box. Once you’ve added a sensor that has a tamper switch - for example a door/window sensor or a PIR sensor - you need to tap on Connected Sensors in the LCD UI, find the sensor, tap on it and then tap on Tampered to remove the tamper status. Note that the sensor needs to be closed for this to work. Unless you do this, the sensors won’t respond to state changes. Apologies for missing this very important piece of information in the instructions. 


The Almond+ Team

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    1. SECURIFI Creator on

      @Dwayne - Sorry about the delay in getting your order shipped, we should be getting it on its way next week and we'll be shipping it directly from our office.

    2. Missing avatar

      Dwayne Owuor on

      Psst, hey I know you guys are busy with fulfillment logistics, just checking up on whether my order finally shipped.

    3. SECURIFI Creator on

      @Alexander - We've found a couple of bugs which you seem to have had the misfortune to run into. We'll have it fixed in the next firmware release which we expect to have done in about two weeks time. The iOS app is a bit behind in terms of features, but we're working on catching up there, but expect it to take a couple of months before both are on pair in terms of functionality.

    4. Missing avatar

      Alexander Kratochwill on

      Received my almond+. Encountered some smaller issues:
      I connected a fibaro wall plug( z-wave EU).
      It was recognized as a door bell( bell symbol & notification "ringing" ).
      Android app allows controlling the wall plug , on the ios app there is a "not allowed" symbol instead of the bell symbol & controlling is not possible. Also it only shows the router reboot options and no wifi information.

    5. phosumpro on

      received my almond+ here in malaysia, updated the firmware and currently using it as a range extender... working perfectly! Absolutely one of the best things I've supported here on kickstarter. Thank you for making this. No complains on the delays as long as the product is as good as it can be and yours definitely is.

    6. SECURIFI Creator on

      @Allan - Your order was shipped today, we just haven't had a chance to send out the tracking numbers yet, but expect them in the next 24h.

    7. Missing avatar

      Allan Sparke on

      Hi guys you toke me 2 weeks ago that the almond reward would be shipped to me by the latest end of this week. Has there been a delay in this? Tomorrow is Friday....

    8. SECURIFI Creator on

      @Elisha - Please look under Wireless Settings in the LCD UI. You'll find the auto generated Wi-Fi passwords here for the 2.4 and 5GHz networks.

      @Alex - They're for use with the wall mount. Just stick them on to the back of the Almond+ to make it even with the wall.

      @Daniel - That's way too high even for Germany, can you please send us a copy of the charges?

    9. Daniel Sass on

      Damn, read this too late. I was on my way to vacation and paid over 50€ for customs and delivery to get it without delay here in Berlin.

    10. Pieter on

      @SECURIFI Although I had to fill in some paperwork in advance that I would pay for any custom charges, upon receiving my unit there was no bill whatsoever, and no talk of charges anymore. So I'm a happy owner of a no-extra-charges Almond+ :) Thanks for the hard work!

    11. Alex Kirkland on

      @SECURIFI or any other user -
      In opening the packaging, I noticed there are two extra rubber feet. Are these feet for replacing existing feet if they wear out? Or are these feet for using in conjunction with the wall mount?
      My hope is the extra feet are thicker than the normal feet, such that we can use the Almond+ Wall Plate to mount the device on the wall and replace the bottom two rubber feet with the extra, thicker feet.

    12. Missing avatar

      Elisha on

      I am using my computer to setup the router, but I need a password in other to go online.

    13. Missing avatar

      Elisha on

      The router is asking me for a password to connect to the Internet. Can someone please tell me what the password is? Also the Web ui password. Thanks in advance.

    14. SECURIFI Creator on

      @Jcat - US backers would have to pay shipping on projects from Canada, UK, Australia etc. Those were not options when we launched the Almond+ campaign. Sadly we don't make the rules.

    15. Missing avatar

      Jcat on

      Sorry i want say free to all,

    16. Missing avatar

      Jcat on

      If kickstarter not allowed to charge shipping to the US i think when you calculate the amount of the pledge included the shipping fees to US, why not US backers pay 30$ more for shipping? It is logical that was cree for all. Thinks like this is the reason that i will not pledge in kickstarter anymore.

    17. SECURIFI Creator on

      @Ajaz - Yes, you'll get an email with the tracking number as soon as it has shipped. Almost all of the remaining EU units should ship tomorrow.

      @Pieter - That's odd as another backer from Belgium said he didn't have to pay anything in the end.

    18. Pieter on

      TNT Belgium does charge, I don't know exactly how much, as I haven't received my router yet, but I did get a call that their would be charges (and I had to email them whether I was I private person or a company etc)

      On another note, they claim they've already been at my door twice and no one was home, which is simply not true (they never showed up or at least didn't ring / leave a note), I've got another appointment tomorrow, hopefully they'll show up now...

    19. Missing avatar

      Ajaz on

      Will I get an email once the router has been dispatched? I assume it will also have a tracking number?

    20. SECURIFI Creator on

      @Florian - That's simply not true. In Finland our backers can process the customs by themselves online and there's no fee, our UK backers haven't had to pay anything, those in Ireland only pay VAT, as far as we're aware Norway doesn't charge this either. It's also far worse in Portugal, Spain and Greece with some backers being asked to pay between €60-140 and this is really the main reason for us asking backers to reject the packages if there was an unreasonable charge. It's unfortunate that TNT in Germany decided to rip people off as well and we're working with the local TNT office here to see what can be done about it and we'll let you know once we're worked things out with them what the outcome is.

    21. anle on

      UK recipient here too, no TNT charges either.

    22. Florian Harr on

      Sorry to be the pain in the back here again. I wrote a mail to TNT earlier today asking them about the 25€ handling fee they added to most if not all of the EU backers. As far as what they told me and what I found on the Internet, this is the minimum charged by TNT for all imports into the EU which go through customs. That this will happen was clear upfront and affects all EU backers, so it's not just people from certain countries as you told me in an earlier mail. I have to admit I'm pretty pissed by this surcharge and how things got handled here ...

    23. SECURIFI Creator on

      @Ari - It was resubmitted last week and is under review. As we've told you before, we're not able to offer that, sorry.

    24. Ari Leopold on

      @Securifi - can you please identify the date you resubmitted the app to apple? This is taking an unusual amount of time. Also being that we are all beta testers or guinea pigs we should qualify to have access to a "enterprise" link which gives us all access to the app before App Store approval. Please advise.

    25. John Medany

      Just received mine in the UK via TNT. No charges what so ever.
      Many thanks

    26. SECURIFI Creator on

      @Benjamin - Can you please try something for us? Go in to Status, Web Admin in the LCD UI and change the password to something else than the default password and see if the web UI loads. If this fails, then please do a hard reset and it'll work -…
      Apologies about this issue, it's affecting a small number of units and we're working on trying to figure out what's causing it.

    27. Benjamin Samson

      Hi. I received my Almond+ today and it booted up ok. Configuration was ok, and I managed to have it latch on to my office network. When it came time to update the firmware, I was prompted with an error message on the Web UI. The main error message was "luci seems to be corrupt, unable to find section 'main'
      stack traceback"

      This error message prevented me from getting to the login page. What should I do?

    28. SECURIFI Creator on

      @Marcus - A reasonable fee would be what you feel is reasonable to pay. Do keep in mind that we can't guarantee that re-shipping via EMS will reduce these fees. We feel like TNT wasn't honest with us about this as well, but there are certain charges that have to be paid when importing goods to Europe and we can't do anything about those charges.

      @Ben - This week

      @Neil - That's Kickstarter policy, we're not allowed to charge shipping to the US, even though we're not based in the US.

    29. Missing avatar

      Neil Henderson on

      @Daniel Teran makes a good point why was there an extra charge $30 for non US shipping? When you are not a US company.

    30. Ben Bradley Tesser on

      Hey I had a simple order of a blue almond+ to the US. When can I expect to receive shipping info?

    31. Edwin Toh on

      received in Singapore with no additional charges as well. love the almond+! great work guys!

    32. Daniel Terán on

      Yes, 40€ fee to Spain. Refused, of course. We already paid 30$ for Taiwan->Europe shipment instead of Taiwan->USA free delivery.

    33. Missing avatar

      Christopher on

      Hey Securifi, thanks for the Update. I just refused the package. I won't pay 25€ fee for nothing. Looking forward to the EMS delivery. Greetings from Germany.

    34. Missing avatar

      Jcat on

      In spain tnt call me this morning and tell me that the cost is 21€ for vat and 24€ fee, 45€ for all, about 60$, i refuse the package

    35. Missing avatar

      Jcat on

      David Tnt me ha llamado esta mañana y me han dicho que son 21 euros de iva mas 24 por su gestión

    36. Marcus Geissler on

      @Securifi: My package should arrive tomorrow and I too would like to know what a "reasonable" additional fee to the already paid shipping costs would be.
      I don't want to have to wait another month for the EMS delivery just to pay the same...

      I have to agree with Florian, that feels like a cheap ripoff at the moment.

    37. SECURIFI Creator on

      @Jennifer - It'll ship this week, sadly you're in that last 1% as we didn't get all the blue Almond+ made last week.

    38. Missing avatar

      Jennifer on

      Hi, I've yet to receive my unit or any notification of shipment. I'm in the US SF Bay Area and do not fall into the criteria you mentioned. I.e change of address, or complex order. I'd greatly appreciated a follow up as I've been waiting very patiently to receive my order or an update.


    39. Missing avatar

      Paul Rawling on

      Looks like an interesting side-finding from this project is that it's a common practice for shipping companies to overcharge for brokerage and handling fees when shipping over borders. We're used to this type of practice in Canada.

      For the bigger shipping firms, I think they start a captive brokerage firm to capture these fees as well - I nice little earner - how much are people going to complain if they have your package to keep hostage?!!!

    40. Florian Harr on

      Like I mentioned, same here. The update definitely came too late and paying 25€ handling fee while we already had to pay 30USD extra for the shipping outside the US really feels like a ripoff... pretty uncool!

    41. David on

      Securify, and what can we expect to be a reasonable fee? I don't want to return it, send it again and get the same fee.

    42. SECURIFI Creator on

      Hi Ven,

      We included an invoice with the package with a $95 value. Sadly there's little we can do about what your local custom office decides and the only thing we can suggest is that you file a complaint with them for overcharging for a product that doesn't have a higher value than what the invoice states. If you haven't already accepted the package, you can reject is as mentioned above.

    43. Missing avatar

      Ven on

      I got my parcel from TNT in Poland just before this email. I had to pay $27/20€ converting to USD/EUR. The VAT would be $21/16€ according to the invoice, but I also had to pay VAT for shipping and my customs office estimated that the router's value is a bit higher. I got no receipt from TNT, just customs papers that I can barely understand.

    44. David on

      Anyone received it in Spain, expected fees?

    45. Missing avatar

      Hermann Tan on

      I received it in Singapore, no additional charges! Cheers!

    46. Missing avatar

      meocrisis on

      Your Update is a little nit too late. Same here! TNT cashed the Tax 13,40€ and a handling fee of 25€. The fee is way too much! >:(
      Here is the receipt:…

    47. Florian Harr on

      Just received the package through TNT today (Germany) and had to pay an additional 40€ for all kind of service surcharges and stuff. Would have been only about 10€ via DHL ...