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Long-Range WiFi. Blazing Fast 11ac Speeds. Simple 3 minute setup. Built-in Smarthome hub. Exquisitely designed.
Long-Range WiFi. Blazing Fast 11ac Speeds. Simple 3 minute setup. Built-in Smarthome hub. Exquisitely designed.
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New firmware and a short message from the team

Posted by SECURIFI (Creator)

A little bit later than we’d hope for, we’ve now finally released a new firmware update for the Almond+. This time, you’ll have to update the firmware via the web UI of your Almond+, so please follow the instructions provided. The new version is R065 and it brings with it a wealth of new features, improvements and fixes and we have a full breakdown of changes in the forum.

Key features include: 

  • Range Extender/Bridge mode
  • Access Point 
  • LCD backlight time-out option
  • LCD screen lock 
  • Hidden SSID’s 
  • Updated Wi-Fi driver 
  • Improvements to the LCD and local web UI 

We’d strongly suggest that you update to the new firmware version, as beyond adding the features mentioned above, it also includes a lot of other behind the scenes fixes and improvements. If you’re experiencing any issues after upgrading to this firmware, we suggest you do a factory reset, as some things like the Wi-Fi settings can have issues due to the updated Wi-Fi drivers. You can find instructions and a download link here -,1396.0.html

Shipping update 

By now, we’ve shipped to about two thirds of our backers and over the next couple of weeks we aim to have shipped to just about everyone. Note that TNT is having some issues with their tracking system, but we’ve yet to get a definite answer from them when this will be fixed. 

A short message from the Almond+ Team 

Shipping the Almond+ has been a very emotional rollercoaster for us and inasmuch as we’re happy that we’re finally shipping the Almond+ to our backers, we know that we still have a lot of work to do. We’re a small, but dedicated team and we know that quite a few core features that we promised weren’t there at day one. Today’s firmware update addresses many of those, but far from all of them. We’ve had a lot of positive feedback, but also some negative feedback. We take all feedback seriously, be it good or bad. We’re still working on resolving some issues and many of you have been very helpful already when it comes to tracking down issues and even providing solutions on how to fix them. Shipping is really just the start of the next chapter of the Almond+, as together with you, or backers, we have the opportunity to make this a product that all of us will be happy with. 


The Almond+ Team

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    1. Missing avatar

      meocrisis on

      Today i finally received the Router here in Germany. Thank you!
      I cant wait to try it out! But i am very very unhappy about the shipping. TNT cashed the Tax 13,40€ and a handling fee of 25€. The fee is way too much! >:(
      Here is the receipt:…

    2. SECURIFI Creator on

      @Max - Next week.

    3. Missing avatar

      Max on

      When's AU shipping? Is it via TNT or Santa?

    4. SECURIFI Creator on

      @David - Thanks for the feedback and we'll see what we can do.

    5. David Taylor on

      Received. Nice packaging. Up and running in just a few minutes. Working well with custom PC (Netgear WIFI, HP laptop, IPAD2, Galaxy Note 3, Original Google Nexus (latest Android), ROKU 3.

      Requested Change: Add a link to the 'tested' sensors, right to the LUCI sensor tab page -- just to make it easier for newbies to home automation to find what they need.

    6. SECURIFI Creator on

      @Dwayne - Apologies for not having shipped yours yet. We have a few orders like yours that will go our next week as we were concerned about issues with the packing at the factory due to it being a more complex order.

    7. Missing avatar

      Dwayne Owuor on

      Mine was supposed to be shipped out earlier this week still haven't a received tracking email and the order says unfulfilled, whats going on ? US Backer #2465

    8. SECURIFI Creator on

      @Matheus - Brazil will start shipping next week.

    9. Matheus Eduardo on

      I see you said EU black units was send.
      mine is brazilian (same Australian?) version.. has any update?
      thanks in advance

    10. SECURIFI Creator on

      @CK - As mentioned below, we've sent you a PM so check your PM inbox.

      @Evan - The iOS app isn't available yet, as we had to resubmit it to Apple for approval due to some minor technicalities. You can find the Android app here - Almond+ add sensor LCD UI

    11. Evan Lum on

      I am unable to locate the IOS app and Android app, would someone please direct me to the app.


    12. CK on

      @Securifi, the last message was 24 Jun but didn't have any tracking number or notification saying mine has been shipped....but you said is already shipped, how long is that?

    13. SECURIFI Creator on

      @Jet - We have only shipped black EU units so far, the coloured ones will ship next week.

      @Don - Please see -,1396.0.html for instructions

      @CK - Yours have already shipped, please see your PM inbox.

    14. sorphin on

      @Don the update has to be downloaded from the link and then done through the webpage on the router, it's not an update that will autoupdated through the LCD UI.

    15. Missing avatar

      Steve Dagley on

      @Don - Did you follow the instructions linked in the Kickstarter update? Or did you try to update from the screen on the Almond+? The 1st is what worked for me.

    16. CK on

      Still not receive any shipping update yet :(

    17. Missing avatar

      Don on

      There have been 2 backer updates that mention a firmware update since I got my unit. Everytime I try to update the software, I'm told I have the latest version.

    18. Missing avatar

      Jet Veetlev on

      Hi i'm waiting for tracking number as well. I'm from Indonesia

    19. SECURIFI Creator on

      @Allan - Your order should be going out this week, or worst case early next week.

    20. Missing avatar

      Allan Sparke on

      Hi guys,

      I am still waiting for my tracking number and any idea/estimate on when it will ship to me?

    21. SECURIFI Creator on

      @Joris - Your Almond+ should be shipping this week.

    22. Joris on

      Hi, do you have an update when the black, no sensors to Europe are shipping?

    23. SECURIFI Creator on

      @nal51511 - The coloured units are going out this week.

      @Enrique - Sorry, we weren't able to get that done on time. Have you updated to the new firmware?,1396.0.html

      @daniel - No, we're waiting for Apple's approval, we'll post an update once it's available.

    24. Joe on

      Receive mine today in Virginia. No time until the weekend to investigate the device.

    25. Missing avatar

      daniel on

      Is the iPhone app on site?

    26. Enrique leon on

      I wish the Extender mode was already installed.

    27. Missing avatar

      javed on

      Disregard!! Received mine today... So far so good!!!! Thank you securifi team!!!

    28. Missing avatar

      nal51511 on

      any idea when mine will be shipped?

    29. Missing avatar

      javed on

      My tracking says out for delivery Midwest cargo, however I am in Michigan... Is that accurate? Is my A+ being transferred to another shipping company? Please advise?

    30. SECURIFI Creator on

      @Robert - This is a known issue, please do a hard reset of your Almond+ and it'll be fine.

    31. Missing avatar

      robert amodeo on

      I cannot connect t o my router on, shows:
      /usr/lib/lua/luci/dispatcher.lua:211: /etc/config/luci seems to be corrupt, unable to find section 'main'

    32. SECURIFI Creator on

      @Jvicious - Can you email the support team with some more details or send us a PM here and we'll try to figure out what's going on. Comcast is wrong in blaming the wired computer, as that's really not the issue unless you're running the speed test simultaneously on all three devices.

    33. Missing avatar

      Jvicious on

      Hi guys, I have comcast cable internet and when I connected the router it was supppperrrr slow. My hardwired computer gets about 120mbs while my phone gets about 10mbs and my wireless computers get about 16mbs. I called comcast and they said it's the router if the hardwired computer gets the maximum speed.

      I've tried calling the phone # but no luck after 5 tries.

      Please advise.

    34. Brian Friend on

      @SECURIFI Got it. Thanks for the response!

    35. Jonathan Walters

      Great news, looking forward to updating the firmware as soon as I get home so that I can get DDNS up and running! I have to say it again, kudos to the entire Securifi team, and thank you for all the hard work and dedication to this product/process!

    36. Colin Vesper on

      So far, so good! Thanks for delivering a quality product!

    37. SECURIFI Creator on

      @Antonio - Your Almond+ is schedule to ship in the first batch to Europe that we're shipping next week.

      @MrFester - The coloured ones are already in production and will ship next week. As for your suggestion, we'll forward it to the software team.

    38. MrFester on

      Any chance of getting a logging / notification system added so when new WiFi clients join the network or clients trying to brute force joining it, like a notification via email or text ?

      Oh and when are Color Almond units going into production?

    39. Missing avatar

      Bryon Western on

      Got mine yesterday. It was super easy to setup and the range is over twice my old one. I went to the far corner of my yard outside my house and still had a great connection.

      I'm an EE that does both hardware and firmware development, so I really appreciate and understand the amount of work that went into the development of this. Great job. It was smart to get the hardware out and then start pushing out firmware updates. Now I'm looking forward to connecting it with my Zigbee sensors I have in development.

    40. Antonio Calò on

      Sorry guys, but I pledge 95$ rewards and I live in Italy. No mail, No tracking number, no chance to know if my A+ was shipped. Do you ship my A+ on next week? I hope so because I'm in vacation and I would to have the opportunity to play with it before my vacations ends. :(

    41. SECURIFI Creator on

      @Brian - You can connect to the Almond+ over Wi-Fi to upgrade the firmware, but you have to download the firmware to the computer first, as you're then uploading it to the Almond+.

    42. Brian Friend on

      Just got mine on Monday. I'm wanting to use it to extend the free wifi in my apartment complex. The issue is, I need to have a wired connection to update the firmware. Is there any way I can update without a wired connection to a modem?

    43. Missing avatar

      Jason Church on

      Keep up the great work and updates. Outstanding!

    44. SECURIFI Creator on

      @Dave - All of the Canadian units will ship next week.

    45. Missing avatar

      Dave R on

      When are you shipping to Canada? It sounded like you would do it this week. backer #3990

    46. SECURIFI Creator on

      @Baldwin - Go to Wireless, Advanced Settings in the LCD UI and you can hide the SSID's.

      Thanks for all the positive comments!

    47. Baldwin90 on

      5 STARS!!! My only complaint was the lack of the ability to hide the SSID. THANK YOU!!!

    48. bagheadinc on

      Oh man, I'm so happy with this update. I've got my DDNS working again and the screen timeout/lock prevents my cats from messing with things when I'm not looking. I also appreciate not having to constantly relogin upon switching from NutOS to OpenWRT.

      I also noticed that an "intermittent connectivity issue with Motorola SB6121" was fixed. I hadn't noticed it, but I'm glad it was resolved as that's the modem I use :)

    49. Brandon Heidepriem on

      Just updated firmware (1 min). Reboot (1 min). Turn on AccessPoint (1 min). DONE!

      Nicely done. Now I want another!

    50. Missing avatar

      Matt Huyck on

      My tracking information took closer to 48 hours to appear than the 24 hours mentioned in the message I got, but the link from that message now works. My advice is to be patient a little longer as TNT did eventually get the tracking details online.

      Many thanks to Lars-Göran Nilsson, who responded patiently to my impatient message seeking tracking details, and to the entire Securifi team for their dedication and hard work. I'm looking forward to getting my hands on that router and putting it into service.