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Long-Range WiFi. Blazing Fast 11ac Speeds. Simple 3 minute setup. Built-in Smarthome hub. Exquisitely designed.
Long-Range WiFi. Blazing Fast 11ac Speeds. Simple 3 minute setup. Built-in Smarthome hub. Exquisitely designed.
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Back on track and what we’re up to

Posted by SECURIFI (Creator)

Last week the shipments of the Almond+ resumed and although this was a bit later than we anticipated, by the time you’re reading this, we’ve shipped over one third of all the Almond+’s.

Long story short, production is up and running at full speed and we expect to have all of the North American Almond+’s shipped around the 20th of August (all sensor/colour combinations). This means that in about three weeks time we’ll start shipping the Almond+ to backers that pledged for EU units (all sensor/colour combinations) followed by all remaining regions, i.e. Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Hong Kong, Japan and Taiwan. The Canadian units will be shipped via EMS starting the week of the 18th of August, but they can take a little bit longer to arrive as EMS isn’t quite as fast as TNT. 

Some of you have asked why address changes etc. haven’t been updated at We exported all the data from at the end of June and since then all changes has been done in our internal system, as we’ve added things like tracking numbers etc. which we couldn’t do otherwise. 


The software team are busy working on the next firmware and we’ve released a beta version, but we have found a few bugs we need to fix before we can release it. We’ll make an update here on Kickstarter once it’s ready. We’ve had a lot of questions about the iOS app and it’s not quite available yet, but we’ve submitted it to Apple this week for approval. We know many of you are waiting for it and we’re doing our very best to get it out as quickly as we can, but now it’s really up to how quick the process over at Apple takes. We’re also about to release an updated version of the Android app that fixes a few minor bugs and adds a couple of features and we expect this to be available next week. 

There’s still a lot of work left for us to do on the Almond+, but we hope that we’ll be able to work with all of you to make the Almond+ a product that everyone will be happy with. One of the things we’ll be doing is to run regular survey’s asking what feature all of you want us to work on next. Inasmuch as we have a roadmap, we also want to make sure we prioritize it based on your wants and needs. 

A call for airbnb hosts 

We wanted to ask if we have any backers that are offering short term rental properties, as we have a cool new feature we’d like to share with you. Please send us a PM here on Kickstarter if you’re interested in finding out more. 


The Almond+ Team

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    1. SECURIFI Creator on

      @Alex - The rubber feet are for leveling the Almond+ when it's used with the wall mount. Just stick them on the back of the Almond+, don't try to remove the feet that are already in place.

    2. Alex Kirkland on

      We received the [black] device this week [with the additional sensors]!

      @SECURIFI or any other user -
      In opening the packaging, I noticed there are two extra rubber feet. Are these feet for replacing existing feet if they wear out? Or are these feet for using in conjunction with the wall mount?
      My hope is the extra feet are thicker than the normal feet, such that we can use the Almond+ Wall Plate to mount the device on the wall and replace the bottom two rubber feet with the extra, thicker feet.

    3. Jesse Diaz on

      @creator...thanks....I just wantred to make sure

    4. SECURIFI Creator on

      @Jim - The coloured units will start shipping next week.

      @Jesse - We have your new email address, so no worries. We'll get yours out shortly, apologies about the delays.

    5. Jesse Diaz on

      @creator - I still don't have an email about shipping...and when I go into the securifi website, it still is taking my old email address as the login Im not sure if the change to my new email address has actually been entered which mean the notices, etc might be going to my old email?

    6. Jim Fletcher on

      When is mine going to be shipped? Red unit, no sensors, backer #2433.

    7. SECURIFI Creator on

      @Dwayne - Yours will go out shortly, it's a slightly more complex order as you have two units with sensors, but it will ship early next week.

    8. Missing avatar

      Dwayne Owuor on

      When is mine getting shipped ? Backer #2465

    9. Missing avatar

      Chad Siegmann on

      I just got my shipping email, backer #5381 white with sensors. Great job securify on getting it right by saying after the black almonds went out the rest would be quick. I would think the rest of the world would be seeing their almonds soon.

    10. Missing avatar

      Steven Zebrowski on

      IT SHIPPED!!! It shipped, it shipped, it shipped!!!

      Thanks, guys, I can't wait!!!

    11. SECURIFI Creator on

      @Jerry - Yes, it will ship this week, most likely today.

    12. Farzin Rahman on

      Cool just got mine, had to sign for it. It a a dent on the box but no damage thankfully.

    13. Jerry Yang on

      I have a white unit with censors in US, should I expect it to be shipped this week?

    14. Jonathan Barnes on

      Got my Black Almond + today at the office, and can't wait to set it up once I get off of work!
      Was delivered within 4 business days of shipping.
      Backer #4865

      Thanks Securifi!

    15. sorphin on

      Mine just got here. FedEx Standard Overnight. No signature needed. (They rang the bell and left it at my door right before i got to the door). (Gotta love having a waiver on file with fedex).

    16. Missing avatar

      umar on

      Thanks for the update ...

    17. Jesse Diaz on

      @creator-Thank you so much for the update

    18. Mike DeLasalle on

      Received mine today (Texas, USA) - looking forward to setting this up!

    19. Missing avatar

      Jared Capson on

      Got mine today in UT, USA. TNT sent the package via FedEx. They did not require a signature.

    20. Jonathan Walters

      Just received mine as well! Excited to get this thing home and up and running, and I'll see you all on the official forums... :)

    21. Missing avatar

      Christopher Crowl on

      Mine just arrived on the date you said it would. It looks fantastic. I'm quite excited. Thanks for a great job.

    22. SECURIFI Creator on

      @Dash - From the middle-end of next week.

    23. Dash on

      So the EU version will be shipped out towards the end of August?

    24. SECURIFI Creator on

      @Patrick - Please see the reply in the main comments thread.

      @Jesse - No worries, we got your email address request and everything is up to date. You should be getting your tracking number tomorrow.

      @Daniel - Normally it takes 4-5 working days, but it depends on where you live.

    25. sorphin on

      @daniel Mine shipped on the 8th and it's 'expected' on the 12th, and that's with a weekend in the way. it'll of course depend on where you are in the US. i'm in the central US.

    26. Daniel Proctor on

      Just curious, but what is the expected shipping time to North America? If my almond+ is shipped on Tuesday, when can I realistically expect to have it in my hands?

    27. sorphin on

      Ugh. Not a good thing to see on your tracking.... "09 Aug 2014 21:56:00 Los Angeles Delay. Recovery Action Underway " :-/

    28. Jesse Diaz on

      Thanks for the update but Im fearing that my shipment notice will go to my old email address....I emailed my new one a couple of weeks ago. Even though the securifi website has my old email address, will by shipment notice come to the new email address?

    29. Missing avatar

      Patrick Chan on

      Any update for my shipment? Your feedback will be much appreciated.

    30. sorphin on

      Finally got my ship notification. Now the fun begins. I work from home. Let's see if they pull a 'sorry we missed you' without even ringing my doorbell (even though my sign says to), while i'm sitting on the damn couch or not.

    31. SECURIFI Creator on

      @John - All US units should've been shipped by then, yes. White units will start next week.

      @David - Most likely Tuesday, worst case Wednesday

      @Bryain - Please see your PM inbox

      @Nicola - Nothing has changed in the order except for Canada as we're shipping EMS, unless you specifically wants us to ship TNT and don't care about additional charges. There has been a large vocal group of Canadian's complaining about TNT causing too many additional import fees, so we decided to try and help with that.

    32. Kevin R. Charles on

      Interested in the airbnb feature.

    33. Nikki on

      So, it is no longer black units (with or without sensors) for North America - shipping first, then white (NA), then coloured (NA). It is a free for all - with Canada at the back end of North America and beginning of EU ship date.

      Sorry... feeling officially frustrated.

    34. Missing avatar

      Bryan Gardiner

      Tell me about the airbnb comment pls, Bryan

    35. Dave W on

      I ordered a black/no sensor Almond and haven't seen a shipping notice. I suspect any day now.

    36. Missing avatar

      JOHN MEESE on

      So... US backers that ordered white routers should be shipped by August 20th? Just want to clarify. Thanks.

    37. SECURIFI Creator on

      @Jim - Yes, we've shipped over half of the black units already.

      @arckal - We haven't shipped any units with sensors. They'll start going out on Tuesday.

    38. Missing avatar


      Where is my black Almond+ and sensors? do I have to wait till next week? I have not received any tracking info yet!

    39. Jim Fletcher on

      Wait, do I read that correctly? White and colored units will ship to the US next week?

    40. SECURIFI Creator on

      @David - We're working on some stuff... ;-)

      @Bruce - Should be next week as the white and coloured units will go at more or less the same time as it's a much smaller batch than the black ones.

    41. Missing avatar

      Bruce Couch on

      I hope I get my shipping notice soon too.

    42. Dave W on

      Has work begun on Almond++ yet? It's been almost 2 years since this one started and you may need to get on the next one to stay competitive. That's not sarcasm, the tech world just moves that fast.

    43. Jonathan Walters

      Just received my shipping notification.Thanks again for all your hard work and all the updates, team!

    44. Antonio Calò on

      I hope that this is the last delay :(