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Long-Range WiFi. Blazing Fast 11ac Speeds. Simple 3 minute setup. Built-in Smarthome hub. Exquisitely designed.
Long-Range WiFi. Blazing Fast 11ac Speeds. Simple 3 minute setup. Built-in Smarthome hub. Exquisitely designed.
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First 1k shipped, what’s next?

Posted by SECURIFI (Creator)

Good news, we’ve shipped the first 1,000 units of the Almond+ to our backers! 

Some of you have already received your units and have had questions. To help our support team deal with your questions, can you please make it clear that you have questions about your Almond+. You can also ask question in our forum – 

So what’s next? Well, as noted above, we’ve shipped the first 1k units which was our initial production run. This was to get everyone in the factory familiar with the assembly process and work out any final kinks in the assembly and test process. We found a few minor issues with our production process and these have been rectified for the next production run. None of these issues have had any impact on the quality or functionality of the units we’ve shipped, it’s merely a matter of improving the overall process for the factory. As mentioned in the previous update, yields are good and next week we’ll start production of all the remaining boards, for all regions.

However, it’ll take some time from once the boards have been made until they’ve been assembled, programmed and tested. What this means for those of you that are still waiting for your Almond+ is that there will be a small time gap before we resume shipments of about a week, hopefully less. The good news is that once we start shipping again, we’ll be able to ship more units per day than we did with the first 1k. We anticipate to ship somewhere between 500-700 units a day once we’re in full production.

Once we’ve shipped the remaining black units (with and without sensors) for North America, we’ll be doing white, followed by the coloured models. After that it will be the EU units, or 868.4MHz if you prefer, so all those living in a region that uses that frequency will get theirs in the same batch as our European backers and we're doing it in the same order as for North America, black, then white and finally colours. All remaining regions will follow last, using the same order colour order for the shipments. Hopefully this clears up the planned shipping schedule, although we can’t give you an exact timeline as to which day/week we’ll ship what. However, you will receive an automated email with a tracking number as soon as your unit has shipped. 

The Almond app is now available over at Google Play, so if you own an Android device, you can go ahead and download it. We had to make a few minor changes to the iOS app, but we’ll be submitting it for approval to the Apple App Store next week. Keep in mind that this is the first release of the app and we’re still working on a lot of things. Notifications is one thing that’s currently missing, but we expect to have that in place in about a month or so.

Below are a few more pictures from the production, drop test (of both the Almond+ on its own and inside the packaging) and packing of the first 1k. We’ve also included another video, this time showing the full assembly line and packaging process, although it doesn’t include the manufacturing of the PCB itself.


The Almond+ Team

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    1. Aaron Bushell on

      @Securifi- Not necessary. I spent some time troubleshooting on your forums and fixed the issues. I'm absolutely thrilled with my unit now. Thanks!

    2. Sharkey

      Thank you.

    3. SECURIFI Creator on

      @JayC - Can you please send your log files - Help, Send Logs, Send Logs in the LCD UI - and then send us a PM with your 5GHz MAC address and we'll get the software team to look into this issue.

      @Sharkeyx - We'll have a status update later this week.

    4. Sharkey

      Was just wondering where in the backer numbers you were at now in terms of shipping? As I've yet to relieve talking info and would have expected to received something by now.

    5. JayC

      I am experiencing flakiness with the 5ghz band. It has extremely short range and is constantly dropping. Likewise the 2.4ghz band is not terribly strong either. I had a buffalo Netport extreme that was significantly stronger. I am more than a little disappointed. I cannot move the unit from its current location because I need it next to my wiring closet. I am hoping the wifi upgrade software patch will help fix this but otherwise I am going to need to buy a range extender.

    6. SECURIFI Creator on

      @Aaron - Can you please send your logs by going to help, send logs and send logs in the LCD UI and then sending us your 5GHz MAC address in a PM here on Kickstarter and we'll get the software team looking into what's going on.

    7. Aaron Bushell on

      I received mine last week & set it up this week, black, no sensors. So far I'm having a lot of trouble keeping all of my devices (10+) connected. Yesterday I called my wife on FaceTime and when she connected the call, it threw all of my Roku boxes off of the network. I'm not sure what the trouble is, but it had not run nearly as smoothly as my 7 year old AirPort Extreme.

    8. SECURIFI Creator on

      @Yu-Chu - You've got a Japan/Taiwan Z-Wave radio so you unit will ship towards the end of the production as it's using a different Z-Wave component. The first production is for North America, followed by Europe and all other regions that uses 868.4MHz, then Australia/New Zealand and Brazil and finally Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

    9. Yu-Chu Chang on

      My backer # is 483. In Los Angeles, CA.
      Color: Black.
      Frequency: 922-928MHz - Japan, Taiwan
      Plug: North America, Japan, Taiwan - NEMA 1-15P type
      Just wondering when will my Almond+ be shipped? Thanks!

    10. SECURIFI Creator on

      @Gray - Apologies if this wasn't clear. It's not possible to change the type of device something is in a Z-Wave network, so a gateway is always a gateway, even when it's set up as a secondary controller. As such, it's not possible to make the Almond+ emulate a remote or a switch. These are limitations of the Z-Wave standard which we have no control over. As such, it will not be possible to use the Almond+ in combination with SmartThings in the way you want.

    11. Missing avatar

      Gray on

      @SECURIFI: That makes sense, but what I was asking about (and what I think others were, too) is having the Almond+ act as a switch or remote, so that we can use it as a secondary controller with SmartThings.

      I don't need it to be a gateway and set up additional rules, because I only need one hub to do that. But I would like to be able to use it as a secondary controller (call it a switch, a remote, whatever) of basic functions of my devices--like turning lights on and off. You seem to be saying that you see how this would be useful. But will it be possible to use my Almond+ screen as a simple secondary controller within SmartThings?

    12. SECURIFI Creator on

      @Gray - This is part of the Z-Wave standard, but we've found that for anything but remote controls or switches, this works poorly. Why? Because all the gateway manufacturers adds a ton of custom data to their devices and although it would be possible for us to say take control of the physical sensors, any customization the user would've done on the other gateway, would no longer be valid.
      Sadly the Z-Wave standard doesn't take anything outside of the basics into consideration in cases like this and it makes it really hard to use mixed brand gateways in the same network. On top of that, the second gateway would just act as a dumb range extender in most cases, so it makes little sense of having a second gateway unless it's a remote or some kind of switch.
      Hopefully this makes sense as to why we scrapped that idea, although we will add support for remotes and switches as secondary controllers.

    13. Missing avatar

      Gray on

      @SECURIFI: You mentioned long ago that you were working on supporting running an Almond+ as a secondary controller, working with e.g. SmartThings. I think this is basically what Andrew Brenner was asking for below. Is that still something you plan to support?

    14. SECURIFI Creator on

      @Rouz - Please see our replies via email.

      @David - We're only resuming shipments next week as per this update.

      @Suzy - We expect to start shipping to Australia in 2-3 weeks. The boards are being made at the same time, but as the boards for Australia are slightly different, they're being programmed separately and it also takes time to assemble all the units for our backers, as this is done by hand, whereas the boards are made by machines.

    15. Missing avatar

      Suzy Alexander

      Any approx shipping date for Australians?


    16. bagheadinc on

      @David Wetty Ha, I feel the same. Really anxious to get that tracking email :P

    17. Dave W on

      Seeing other people get theirs while I wait for mine is actually worse than waiting the year of production. Ha.

      Hoping to get a tracking number this week (black/no sensor here).

    18. Missing avatar

      Rouz H on

      I got my Almond+ today but the WAN port was DOA which makes it totally useless. Went through CS and was told I would have to wait until tomorrow until I get an update on a replacement. My sensors arrive Wednesday and I go on a trip on Sunday. I can spend the next couple days looking at the packaging and wondering "what if." Just wonderful.

    19. SECURIFI Creator on

      @Sha - Our record doesn't show that you placed an order for any sensors. Please PM us if there has been a mistake here.
      As to how you'd add your Almond+ to your network depends on what you'd want it to be in your network, but currently Range Extender and Access Point isn't in place in the firmware, but we'll issue a firmware release that adds those features in about two weeks time.

    20. Sha Ali on

      hello, I received my unit. But missing the sensors. Also, my main router is Apple Extreme and I have 4 airport express extending it. How would I add Almond+ to my network?

      Thank you.

    21. SECURIFI Creator on

      @Ben - It's not going to be a long delay, technically not more than a week after we've shipped all the black ones, as combined the white and coloured units for North America should take a week or less to assemble and ship.

    22. Ben Bradley Tesser on

      @securifi A+++ on the fast responses! It's great to see the long wait paying off for so many backers. How much later are the blue Almond's expected to ship? Is it going to be a long delay or just a couple weeks. If it is going to be longer, is it possible to switch to black? Thanks, Ben

    23. sorphin on

      @securifi Ok. _Please_ keep us up to date.

    24. SECURIFI Creator on

      @JayC - We'll have to double check the screw size, but there's a bracket in the box specifically for wall mounting. We'd suggest you bring that to a hardware store and ask them what would work depending on the type of walls you have.
      The store is closed at the moment, but we'll resend the invite regardless.

      @sorphin - Not everyone pledged for the early bird and as some people cancelled their pledges, the numbers aren't in exact order. Keep in mind that anyone that ordered upgrades, be it sensors or colour changes also got pushed back. We have to admit there was a small clerical mistake made by the factory as well, so some of the paperwork got jumbled up which resulted in a few backers that didn't get theirs sent in the first batch.
      We are trying our best to ship according to backer number, as the lower the number is, the earlier someone would've pledged.
      We do actually have some early birds with backer numbers of 8,000 something, so just because you have an early bird pledge, doesn't mean you actually joined the Kickstarter campaign early on, some people were just lucky.

    25. sorphin on

      @securifi So where did the 'first batch' stop? I see below that someone with number #2007 that got theirs, but you said the first 1000 shipped. I was an 'early bird' backer, I thought early bird counted towards how soon you got it. So it seems it's early bird vs backer #. (I'm just trying to figure out how this is all working)

    26. JayC

      On a different topic, how do I get a user ID for the Securifi Store?

    27. JayC

      I too am having issues with the cable ports. The double-click thing seems to have done the trick, but I need to be very careful about moving the unit. Also, what size screws should I use to wall-mount the almond?

    28. William Graves on

      Fan-flippin tastic! Smartthings just started working again. Happy as can be and wireless is oh so fast! Just need to get cables right... Otherwise, perfect!

    29. William Graves on

      I appreciate the fast response! I did do the "double snap" thing, and I used cables with and without the plastic hood and still had problems. Maybe someone spilled bacon grease, but the cables still had issues. I'm sure the smart things issue is solvable. Overall, very happy! I'm sure will get everything configged appropriately soon :)

    30. SECURIFI Creator on

      @Andrew - The Smartthings hub can't communicate directly with the Almond+, both are gateways and although it's technically possible to have to Z-Wave gateways in one Z-Wave network, it makes little sense. So sadly, the two can not be merged in the way you'd want.

      There are instructions on the Wiki with regards to how to add sensors, but technically it's just a matter of tapping on the Add Sensor icon in the LCD UI, then tap on Add and follow the instructions from the sensor manufacturer. Do note that we're still working on adding support for more sensors and you can find a list of tested sensors on the Wiki as well -

      It's not possible to run two 2.4GHz networks in the way you'd like, as that would require a second 2.4GHz radio. 3x3 MIMO means that there are three streams so you can get data rates of up to 450Mbps on the 2.4GHz network using 802.11n devices.

      Currently there's no option to do 802.11n only, but I'll bring this up with the software team.

      We also suggest that you ask question like this in the forums, as that way it's easier for everyone to find the answers -

    31. Andrew Brenner on

      Backer #2007 - Black Almond+ (no sensors) arrived yesterday and is not running my home network.

      @SECURIFI - Can you walk us through steps to connect the Smartthings Hub, zigbee and z-wave to the Almond+ devices interface? I'd really like to be able to have a touch screen controller, but Smartthings already has my smartapps and android integration etc...
      Also, I'm a software engineer, but not a hardcore network administrator, can you create some help documents so we can better uses all the cool features you've baked into the Almond+. Currently I'd like to know how to switch the 2.4GHz network to N-only so I can kick off the older devices, also can I run multiple 2.4GHz networks? 1 as N-only, 1 as G-only? I'm not entirely clear on the 3x3 MIMO aspect of the device. How do the Guest network(s) fit in?

    32. SECURIFI Creator on

      @William - Can you make sure that when you insert the cables that you hear two clicks. We've seen this issue with a few cables that have the plastic covers, but apart from that we haven't really had any issues, but it's important that the cables are pushed in properly.

      As far as Smartthings is concerned, we backed their Kickstarter project and we have one of their hubs in the office connected to an Almond+ and haven't had any problems with it at all. We want to be very clear here that we're not blocking anyone's products from working with the Almond+, quite the contrary, we're doing our best to make sure that it'll work with as wide a range of devices as possible.

    33. William Graves on

      Got mine and was very excited! A few issues showed up immediately for me... Router works great for wireless stuff! I have nest, smartthings, myQ (Liftmaster) and plant links devices on hard wire on a gigabit 16 port netgear smart switch, along with computers, Panasonic Smart TVs, Apple TVs etc... Basically super connected... I'm an IT guy. Very happy with the speed! Where I had problems... Everything but smartthings connected with a little config... I'll fix it or hook the smartthings to my alternate line. I still haven't been able to get that right. My HUGE complaint is in the cabling. The cables fall out like nobody's business, which is inexcusable. Other than that, the router is fast! Cables falling out is a HUGE thing though. This should have been addressed long ago in the development process. Other than that, setup was just ok... Should be easy, but if you unhook your current router, you need an internet connected device to finish setup... So get your smart phone ready. And the site is not friendly to smartphones and iPads, so... There's a bit of work to do. I haven't tried, nor am really interested in the z-wave, zigbee, etc connectivity as of yet. Smartthings has been working for that amazingly. I'm sure this device will offer similar connectivity, but I hope no one is limiting our choices by blocking the other. That would be a stupid move. I'll personally see to the correction of that or assistance in the destruction of any company not playing nice with anyone else. Overall, B+ so far and pretty happy. If this doesn't allow communications with smartthings... I'd be unhappy. And for gods sake you guys need to fix the cable stay problem. But so far, awesome job!

    34. SECURIFI Creator on

      @Joshua - Everyone that's had their units shipped, should've received their tracking number already.

      @sorphin - We told you that you were in the second batch, not that we'd be shipping yours this week. Apologies if there was something unclear in the reply.

      @John - Please send an email to and you'll get help updating your address.

      @arckal - You placed an order for sensors and as we've explained in the updates, we're shipping units without sensors first to keep things simple for the factory. We'll start shipping black units with sensors as soon as we've shipped all the black units without sensors.

      @TH - Sorry, we're still working this out and should have something to share hopefully next week. It's taken a little bit longer to work this out than we originally anticipated, as we still need some form of tracking in place.

      @BruceP - We had to fix a few last minute things with the iOS for the submission to Apple, but it'll be done next week, so it shouldn't be too long before it's available.

      @Michael - We should get yours out in the next batch.

      @Rand - Yes, it passed the drop test just fine. The pictures were chosen because there's something going on in them and it was just meant as a means to show you guys some of the testing that we've done.

      @James - Please see your PM inbox.

      @Kris - Please see our reply to your question in the main comment thread.

      @Ben - Just black so far.

      @Kineteka - It's not broken, it was never set up. The link was done by Cortina which is our chipset partner, but please see your PM inbox.

    35. Kineteka Systems on

      I got mine today! So... looks like its running a modified ver of OpenWRT.
      When I ssh into it opkg is broken due to the repo not exiting...

      root@AlmondPlus:~# /bin/cat /proc/cpuinfo
      Processor : ARMv7 Processor rev 1 (v7l)
      processor : 0
      BogoMIPS : 1497.49

      processor : 1
      BogoMIPS : 1497.49

      Features : swp half fastmult vfp edsp neon vfpv3
      CPU implementer : 0x41
      CPU architecture: 7
      CPU variant : 0x2
      CPU part : 0xc09
      CPU revision : 1

      Hardware : CORTINA-G2 EB
      Revision : 7542a1
      Serial : 0000000000000000

    36. Taiyyib Choudhry on

      Folks you've gotten their almond+ Can y'all post your first impressions, unboxing, detailed pictures, a video of it booting would be awesome.

    37. Ben Bradley Tesser on

      Have you begun shipping all the colors or just black?

    38. Daniel on

      @Securifi, Thank you for that video.. That was awesome !

    39. Christopher Coffey on

      Got mine today as well, backer #708. Waiting till tonight to get it set up.

    40. Jason Tennyson on

      Backer #601 here, just wanted to post confirmation I received my Almond+ today (standard black w/no sensors) and couldn't be happier. Received shipping notice (with tracking code) July 8, received Almond+ afternoon of July 11th.

    41. Daniel on

      @James B, Did you order a black Almond with no sensors?

    42. BruceP - Chameleon Prime

      When yours ships, they send you a tracking info link.

    43. Missing avatar

      KRIS on

      Backer #4,485 here... in CA.

      Haven't got mine yet. : /

      But appreciate the production video. That just means we will eventually get ours soon.

      Would really appreciate some tracking information when shipped, not only it proves that it has been shipped but also help us all get a ETA.


    44. Robert Hanson on

      Another delay is a bit frustrating. We were asked to make changes to address over 2 weeks ago with the assumption it was shipping soon. At this point this delay is going to mean I'm most likely going to have to make a 90 mile round trip to work to pick up my almond+ on my vacation. But if I change it back to home address it delays me even further. I do appreciate the updates but I have to express frustration in delays on top of delays with every new update that comes out.

    45. Missing avatar

      James Botham on

      Backer #351 confirmers ready to ship 2 weeks ago. You have shipped 1000 units out but I have yet to see a tracking #. Thanks

    46. Rand Chua TL on

      Do those picture mean it pass a drop test?

    47. Michael Johnson on

      Nice to see that a regular backer actually received an Almond +
      The delivery dates always seem a week or two away every week there is an update.
      Now I will just assume August

    48. David Taylor on

      Looking forward to seeing the finished product!

    49. BruceP - Chameleon Prime

      I received mine (black, no sensors) yesterday, set it up, and am all good. :) Just need the iOS app when it's ready...

    50. Missing avatar

      TH on

      The previous update included "A lot of you have asked us not to send your package via TNT and we’re working on a solution for this and we expect to be able to announce this next week."

      Is the alternate shipping option any closer to being announced?