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Long-Range WiFi. Blazing Fast 11ac Speeds. Simple 3 minute setup. Built-in Smarthome hub. Exquisitely designed.
Long-Range WiFi. Blazing Fast 11ac Speeds. Simple 3 minute setup. Built-in Smarthome hub. Exquisitely designed.
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Shipping starting this week

Posted by SECURIFI (Creator)

The shipments of the Almond+ will start this week. We’ve had some minor holdups with the production testing which had to be fixed. We’re now back on track and things should progress fairly smoothly for here on in.

Last Friday we had send personalized emails to about 300 of you whose Z-Wave frequency or power plug selections didn’t match the shipping country. Please look into this and get back to us before Sunday. In case you have spam filters, this email was send from If you have not received such email, your selection is OK and no further action is required from you.

We were a bit surprised some of you didn't like the fact that we are using a courier service to ship the Almond+. We are actually paying much more for shipping via courier instead of local post. We didn't want to take any risks with lost shipments. Please note that you can have your Almond+ sent to an alternative address like your place of work, a relative etc. if you can’t accept delivery at home. You don’t have to be the person signing for it. If you are still concerned and prefer we dont use a courier for your shipment, please send us a note. We will put your shipment on hold from the initial batches. Please note that this could delay your shipment by a month.

There were also some questions about the pictures in update #38, as some questioned the PCB. Well, we kind of forgot to mention that we changed the colour of the PCB from red to black and it really gives it that premium look and feel of a high-end computer motherboard. We’ll be posting a list of changes comparing the original spec with the final spec of the Almond+ in a couple of weeks, to show you all the changes we’ve done over the past 15 months since the funding ended.

This week we’ll also be submitting the Android app to Google for approval for the Play Store. The iOS app should also be submitted to Apple shortly, although it still requires a little bit of work before we’re done with the first release version.

Finally, we’ll be closing our shop by the end of today, so those of you that still need to pay for international shipping, please do so ASAP, or we won’t be able to send you your Almond+. This also means that it’s no longer going to be possible to update your shipping details, so if you need to do any additional changes, this is the time to do it. You will of course be able to inform us of any changes up to the day you receive your tracking number for your Almond+.


The Almond+ Team

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    1. Sharkey

      Thanks for the heads up.

    2. SECURIFI Creator on

      @Sharkeyx - They'll start going out tomorrow and we'll have an update tomorrow detailing more things about the shipping.

    3. Sharkey

      I still have not received an email with tracking information, nothing in spam either. Have they been sent out yet?

    4. SECURIFI Creator on

      @sorphin - It'll start this week, but the units are shipping from Taiwan, not the US, so that won't cause any delays.

      @Jonathan - As mentioned above, we'll start shipping units this week and you're likely to be in the first batch judging by your backer number.

    5. Jonathan C. Wilson on

      Securifi any thoughts on when early bird supports should be receiving a shipment email? I have yet to receive one.

    6. sorphin on

      @Securifi I had received one of the emails confirming that i'm shipping the following week, etc.. Do you know when that's going to start? (Remembering that Friday is a holiday in the US)

    7. SECURIFI Creator on

      @Praveen - If all the information you've provided is correct, then there's nothing more that you need to do at this point in time. We'll send you a tracking number once your Almond+ has been shipped.

    8. Praveen Chitrada on

      Hi SECURIFI team, I am not able to access the email, which I initially given. I remember filling order with my address and color selection. Not sure what to do next to get the Almond+ which I pledged.

      Any support on this appreciated.

    9. Missing avatar

      Mark Reid on

      Thanks, great to know it's something you are looking at.

    10. SECURIFI Creator on

      @Oletros - Shouldn't be an issue where you're located.

      @Mark - We're looking into HomeKit, but it's still a bit too early to say if we can support it or not. We do believe we'll be able to bring support for it, but at the end of the day, it's down to Apple if they'll accept us as a developer or not.

    11. Missing avatar

      Mark Reid on

      Not related to the update, but not sure where else to ask. Are there plans to add support for Apple's HomeKit within the router? From what I've learned its possible for a device to act as a gateway allowing home automation devices connected to it to be accessible via Apple's system that don't themselves support HomeKit. If so that means that the Almond + could give my Apple devices access to z wave and such.

    12. Oletros on

      @securifi I'm in the same boat than Jonathan, I don't want to be billed by TNT

    13. SECURIFI Creator on

      @Jonathan - You can still update the shipping address over at as TNT won't simply just drop the package off at your deck.

    14. sorphin on

      @Jonathan C. Wilson They're shipping soon, but hadn't yet. TNT will require a signature, they won't just place it on your deck.

    15. Jonathan C. Wilson on

      I have yet to receive an email stating it has been shipped . Has mine been shipped and if not can I request my address be changed to my place of business or will TNT place it on my front deck?

    16. SECURIFI Creator on

      @Taschek - The shop is closed, as we can't accept any more orders at this point in time. It'll be re-opened after we've shipped all the Kickstarter units.

    17. Taschek Joerg on

      Is there a reason, why there arent any sensor at all in the webshop?

    18. Jonathan Lane on

      Thanks @securifi! Appreciate your attention to this. TNT has a pretty bad reputation online with this sort of thing. I think you've produced a great product, and I am looking forward to it!

    19. SECURIFI Creator on

      @Jonathan - We did get an answer, but it doesn't quite make sense, so we've asked them again. We're considering shipping all units to Canada and some other regions where there could be potential issues via EMS (Taiwan Post), but we'll include this in an update with proper details.

    20. Missing avatar

      Steven Zebrowski on

      I got my email today!!!

    21. Missing avatar

      Jeff on

      Sweet - email shipping confirmation just received. Question. My plug for U.S. Says: Plug: North America, Japan, Taiwan - NEMA 1-15P type. I assume I am getting North American. Confused by the Japan plug info.

    22. Jeffrey M on

      That was quick :)

    23. Jonathan Lane on

      @securifi Any answer from TNT on import charges (Canada)? I'd like to hear before you ship -- if they're planning to charge a huge fee on arrival, then it's better for me to just cancel/ask for a refund and save everyone the trouble. I've already paid $30 for shipping, I won't pay an additional fee.

    24. SECURIFI Creator on

      @Kay - Please PM us the new address here on Kickstarter and we'll make sure to update it.

    25. Missing avatar

      Kay Johnson on

      If I change my address in my Securifi account today 23 June, will that be the shipping address used? I updated it so that it would be delivered where someone could sign for it.

    26. SECURIFI Creator on

      @Corey - The packages are being shipped from Taiwan, so it's not possible for us to send them via USPS and UPS is sadly way too expensive for us to use (over 2x of all other options available to us). As such, you have to options to have your package sent by regular mail (EMS) which shouldn't be an issue, but as per the update, will lead to a delay. Please send us a PM if this is what you want.

      @Dave - Yes, since you'd be one of the first that pledged for an Almond+.

    27. Missing avatar

      Dave Bouffard on

      Will the early bird black Almond+ orders be fulfilled first?

    28. Corey Cole on

      I agree with the comments about courier service. I am in the United States and have never had an issue with U.S. mail; they also of course allow mailing to post office boxes (vs. my bad dirt road at home). UPS is also very good. However, I have had one week and longer delays in delivery of courier service packages.

    29. SECURIFI Creator on

      @Brent - Please see your PM inbox.

      @Antonio - Your account shouldn't be showing that, but please don't pay anything as it's fine on our end.

      @Vincent - We're checking these kind of things with TNT, but we're still waiting for the answer for some areas. The issue with shipping via mail (EMS) is that the tracking isn't as good and there's very little we can do if a package goes missing. TNT has so far not lost a single package we've sent via them over multiple years using them to send packages all over the world.

    30. Vincent Dascher on

      About the courier service thing.

      I find them less effective and convenient than the regular Postal service in Switzerland.. And usually their fees for customs are higher, so after a few days you get a "nice" bill in the mail from them and have to pay yet some more money.

      Usually when I can choose I always avoid them. I don't know how it is elsewhere in the world though.

    31. Antonio Calò on

      @SECURIFI: I have already payed the international shipping on kickstarter (95$+30$=125$) but on I see that you asked to add the 30$ of shipping, what should I do?

    32. Brent Healy on

      I think I saw a post telling us we would be emailed with tracking info?

      How do I know where I am in the North American black line?

      My AirPort Extreme just died!

      Thanks so much for the updates.

    33. Anders Öster

      The problem with using a courier service is that they will take an extra fee for clearing the package through customs if customs are to be payed.

    34. Brian Levinsen

      For those of you who are looking for a way to contact. There are a few ways.
      The closest one right now when you are reading this is on the right just above the $1 Tier where it says "Contact me".
      Then there is the forum
      There is also a mail mentioned in this update where they say information is coming from.
      Regarding your address If I don't remember wrong, It was a while ago since I did it, You got the mail from the shop, in there was also where I filled in the address.

    35. SECURIFI Creator on

      For those of you that need to update the shipping address, please go to and log in with the account you created. If you don't have an account, please let us know via a PM here on Kickstarter and we'll resend the activation link.

      If you want to put your order on hold, please send an email to and let us know when you want us to ship it.

    36. Missing avatar

      Frank on

      You send us an email stating that we can change our shipping address but you give no indication as to how we would do that...

    37. Missing avatar

      Senad Mulabegovic on

      You guys are awesome.

    38. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      How do I change my delivery address? I would like it to be sent to my work.

    39. Jim on

      Does anyone have website to make an address change?

    40. Missing avatar

      Ted Lemon on

      You didn't say where we should send the note. I can't be sure to be around when it arrives, since I don't know when it's going to arrive and expect to be traveling a lot in the coming month. The nice thing about postal mail is that they just hold it until you get home.

    41. Missing avatar

      Matt Huyck on

      Huzzah! Now, what did I do with that XBee board? Time to dust it off and get ready for experiments.

    42. Aaron Bushell on

      It's so close, I can finally get excited about getting it soon!

    43. Anthony Lavado on

      No warning e-mail, address set to where someone can receive it, I'm all good to go in Canada! Can't wait.