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Long-Range WiFi. Blazing Fast 11ac Speeds. Simple 3 minute setup. Built-in Smarthome hub. Exquisitely designed.
Long-Range WiFi. Blazing Fast 11ac Speeds. Simple 3 minute setup. Built-in Smarthome hub. Exquisitely designed.
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Production has started!

Posted by SECURIFI (Creator)

We’ve started production this week. As such, we’re taking it nice and slow since this is the first large volume production of Almond+. Keep in mind that this is a very complex product for a router as we’ve crammed in a lot more hardware than is normal for a router this size. That said, we expect to start shipping the first units shortly and we wanted to give a quick breakdown on the current plans.

First, we just want to let you know that all of the sensors have arrived and we’re ready to ship them with your Almond+ if you’ve placed an order for additional sensors. For those still wondering, yes, we’re planning on offering more sensors in the future and we’re working on a whole bunch of things in parallel, but more about that another day.

As for the shipping we’ve had a fair few questions on who gets what first. As mentioned, due to the factory being unfamiliar with the product, the first 1,000 units will be all black and will feature North American Z-Wave chips. We’re going to keep everything simple in this run, so we’ll ship these to backers that haven’t ordered any sensors. We’ll ship them based on how early on you backed the project and we’ll go in order from backer number one and so on, to try and stick to some kind of logic. Once this first lot has been made, we’ll produce the remaining units for North America, then we’ll move on to those that are waiting for a unit that covers the European 868.4MHz frequency, which is also used in many other place, followed by Australia, New Zealand and the rest of the World.

Many of you have also asked about who we’ll use for the shipping and we’ve settled on TNT which is a courier service. As such it’s crucial that there will be someone at your shipping address that can sign for your unit, as otherwise they will not deliver it. They don’t deliver to P.O. boxes, so please make sure your address does not include one. Note that some countries in the middle east is excluded from this due to that being the normal postal address used there. Also make sure your email address is correct and up to date, as we’ll be sending out tracking numbers to your email address once your Almond+ has shipped.

Below are a few pictures from the production of the Almond+ and these units will be making their way out to our backers shortly.


The Almond+ Team

Empty PCBs
Empty PCBs
PCBs Entering the DIP Line. This is where through hole Components are Soldered
PCBs Entering the DIP Line. This is where through hole Components are Soldered
Close-up of PCBs
Close-up of PCBs
Manual Inspection after the DIP process
Manual Inspection after the DIP process
Applying Solder Paste before the SMT Line (Surface Mount Technology)
Applying Solder Paste before the SMT Line (Surface Mount Technology)
Surface Mount (SMT) Pick and Place Machine
Surface Mount (SMT) Pick and Place Machine
After SMT Process
After SMT Process
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    1. Jonathan Walters

      Very excited that we'll get our hands on this excellent piece of hardware soon! Thanks for all the hard work and effort, Securifi team!

    2. SECURIFI Creator on

      @Fabian - We're checking with TNT, but our current understanding is that there's actually a third party charging the brokerage when they check if there should be levies on the incoming package or not and TNT simply forwards this charge. Considering USPS packages are most likely coming from the US, this might be why things shipped with them have no charges. We'll do our best to make sure these things are avoided, but we can't guarantee this will be the case 100% as this is something that's somewhat out of our control.

    3. Missing avatar

      Fabian Warkalla on

      regarding brokerage fees for Canada, it really depends on what kind of delivery service you use. USPS - never paid fees. UPS - Had to pay at least $30 every time I ordered. I have no experiences with TNT yet, but if other people are saying they have been charged $50, then I would assume that comes from TNT (the fee from them doing brokerage, nothing to do with actual government import levies!).
      Almond+ team, please have a chat with them and let us know what they say. Thanks!

    4. Boone Simpson on

      So excited. I have been having to fight myself NOT to buy an AC router because I knew this was coming along.

      Really look forward to getting it up and running.

    5. SECURIFI Creator on

      @Eli - Please see your PM inbox

    6. SECURIFI Creator on

      @Lance - All the beta/dev units were shipped via TNT, some to fairly remote areas. As far as we're aware they don't use USPS, but it's possible that they might be working with third party courier service. We didn't have any problems with the beta/dev units as far as we're aware.

    7. Lance Crawford on

      How will these delivered locally in the US? Will TNT hand off to the post office? I am fairly certain that there is no TNT depot within 100 miles of here.

    8. Missing avatar

      Chad Siegmann on

      @steven did you get an e-mail saying yours was shipped?

    9. Eli Miller on

      Quick question, will any units be shipped to the US prior to June 25th? I'm moving and need to know if I should swap my address in the SECURIFI webstore?

    10. Missing avatar

      Steven Zebrowski on

      You guys, they're building/shipping our Almond+'s!


    11. Missing avatar

      Al O on

      Well done, Almond+ team!

    12. Missing avatar

      Chad Siegmann on

      @Patrick and @Paul and all the other negative people out there.

      I sure hope tnt doesn't deliver your almond+. I don't think you deserve all the hard work that the securify team had put into this. If it does show up your mind will be blown and you will probably still find something to complain about. Probably that it doesn't order your pizza or clean your house for you.

    13. Missing avatar

      Bao Nguyen on

      I'm excited. I hope after shipping you guys will continue to support with the automation stuff. The main reason I bought this b/c of that. Yes compare today standard it's not the fastest router out there but I can live with that if the automation stuff work well. I got a few Z-wave stuff can't wait to try.

    14. Missing avatar

      Baris on

      Thank you for the all the updates! Eagerly awaiting my new router!

    15. Missing avatar

      Maori1776 on

      Holy CRAP, I am so excited!!!!
      My amazing, top-of-the-line router is shipping very soon!
      And I can still change my shipping address? BRILLIANT!

      End my Midwestern-American sarcasm rant.

      You guys are making good on your better than originally advertised offer and shipping a great product. Who cares how much longer we had to wait. Thanks very much for your work, keeping us up to date and getting us a freaking sweet deal!!

    16. SECURIFI Creator on

      @Michael - See the reply in the comments section.

      @Giovanni - We're using TNT regularly and have had zero issues with them. DHL doesn't deliver to many places where we need to ship to, so we can't use them.

      @Fredrik - You can have your Almond+ shipped to any address of your choice, it doesn't have to be your home. However, as it's quite a valuable product and everyone's expecting to be able to track their package, we really don't have any choice here than to use a courier service.

      @Chad - Yes, you can have it shipped to your company. We're going to discuss the brokerage issue with TNT on Monday, but this might be out of our/their hands as some of these fees are charged by the local government in whatever country we ship to, not the courier company itself.

      @Paul - Please read previous updates, the Almond+ has been updated significantly, hence why we're only in production now. It's got a larger LCD, 3x3 802.11ac Wi-Fi, a faster dual-core Cortex-A9 SoC, 512MB of RAM/Flash and two USB 3.0 ports to mention some changes to the hardware. Once a campaign ends, it's no longer possible to make any changes to the main page of a Kickstarter campaign.

      @VinzzB - We send a lot of regular deliveries with them and we've never had a problem and they've never lost a package.

      @David - Could you please be more specific in terms of what you're suggesting might be outdated? We've upgraded every aspect of the product compared to what we originally announced.

      @Jonathan - Please see our reply in the comments section.

      @Oletros - It's hard to provide exact dates, as we've only just started production. We will be posting updates during this entire process and we hope to get the units out as quickly as possible. We wish we could give you an exact shipping date, but until your unit has been made, it's not possible.

    17. Mike k on

      People need to chill, they are shipping stuff and people are disappointed cause they are shipping stuff lol. They have provided timely updates and given reasoning for the delays. This is not a store!

    18. Oletros on

      Please, can you at least give an estimate time of shipping for the European units?

      July and August arrives and we will be in the middle of our vacation time, the worst time to send any package.

      I'm starting to be a little disapointed

    19. Missing avatar

      Patrick on

      @alan 10 different projects, including one that got cancelled. I stand by my statement.

    20. Jonathan Lane on

      If there is a $50 brokerage fee (as was mentioned in a pervious comment) for Canadian deliveries, I will refuse delivery and ask for a refund. There's no way I'm paying that kind of premium.

    21. Missing avatar

      Alan Claver on

      @Patrick Ha. Ha. Ha. How many KS and crowd sourcing projects have you participated in. These guys although a bit delayed have provided excellent updates which seem both truthful and valuable. I never once had had thought we wouldn't be getting a fine product.

      I've backed about 20 projects here and Indiegogo and this one has been conducted in the top say 30% of projects. And I'm a tough customer.

    22. Missing avatar

      Alan Claver on

      @Paul Stevens. They're not allowed to edit the Kickstarter page. Is this your first KS project? That's why they send out updates.

    23. Missing avatar

      Patrick on

      This is hands down the worst/messiest Kickstarter campaign I have ever backed.

    24. Paul Stevens on

      @Sly I'll go through the updates, but if they have updated the hardware, they may want to update the kickstarter project page to reflect that. My comment was based on what the main page still says.

    25. Dave W on

      Glad to see them shipping even 14 months late. I hope they aren't too obsolete. My AE is pretty toast but it lasted a solid 4 years so if the almond+ makes it 3, I'll be happy. $180 vs $100... People can't whine too much.

      Never got anything from TNT before. Hope this isn't a disaster.

    26. Anthony Lavado on

      I think the pictures have made this the most comprehensive update yet. Can't wait to get my NA Black Almond+ with two Key Fobs here in Canada!

    27. Missing avatar

      Cote, Sylvain on

      Hey Paul,

      With respect, i think you missed a lot of previous update. Please read at least upd 18, than post what you think! sly.

    28. Missing avatar

      VinzzB on

      TNT and insurance. --> Lol. They deliver to anyone that stands by your door. They don't ask for a passport or identity card, they just want a signature, doesn't matter from who... That said, Tnt has dropped lots of package by my door (apartment) and i never missed a package. But it would be quite easy to intercept package from Tnt.
      btw; They leave a message to call the Tnt postman directly and settle a new appointment when you weren't home. They will try again the next day If you don't call them. This is how they work in Belgium.

    29. Paul Stevens on

      I'm really happy that this is finally shipping, but can't help but be a little disappointed.

      When we all originally backed this we were all backing a state of the art, modern concept, today, well... USB 2.0 is outdated, your 802.11ac 5GHz 2x2 MIMO is two generations behind with the current generation being 4X4 MIMO and with speeds far beyond the 867Mps this router offers. the 620Mhz processor was at the time a fast processor for a router, today it lags far behind the current generation of routers.

      I had until now maintained the hope that you would upgrade the router to match if not the current generation of 802.11ac routers than at least the previous generation,

    30. Aaron Bushell on

      I've never seen so many people suddenly freak out about shipping, as if they've never ordered something online before. You can still change your shipping info, as they mentioned in the second comment. Have it delivered to your work if you will not be home during the day. It's not that difficult, folks.

    31. Chad J Mac Donald on

      TNT has a habit of charging exorbitant "brokerage fees" for Canada. Everyone should be prepared to pay at least $50 upon delivery. Is it possible to change to our work address given that they usually only have one distribution centre and it's not that convenient to get to?

    32. Fredrik Schmid on

      The thing about being home to recieve your package is something i have never understood. I live alone and work all day, like most people, and yet the people delivering my package expects someone to be at my house to sign for it. And you have no idea when they decide to drop by either. I do hope they leave a note i can sign that gives them the right to place the package at my front door, i do not want to drive all over region and pick it up myself like in past dealings with these services. I would Love to have it at my door if i was home all day every day, but that's not how it is for me or anyone around me.

    33. Giovanni Pandolfi on

      From all the couriers in China you select the worst. Even China Post is better than TNT it just take longer. DHL is a lot better and cost the same or around the same price than TNT.

    34. Michael Johnson on

      If you send an email with tracking numbers when the shipment takes place, I will take my chances (I assume my wife can also sign for this). If we are not home, what happens to the shipment? (i.e., they leave an address where I can pick it up or they try to deliver again or it returns to you,,, what are the options?)

    35. SECURIFI Creator on

      @Michael - We're expecting shipments to start next week if there are no unforeseen issues. We can put a hold on your order until you're back if you want, as the shipment shouldn't take longer than about a week.

    36. Michael Johnson on

      Based on your shipment criteria, I am pretty sure I am in the first group of early investors to receive a Black Almond + with no sensors located in the US. However, I still don't understand when the first 1000 units will begin to ship. (Shipping shortly is a little vague).
      I am going to be out of town for a couple of weeks starting tomorrow so I am interested in shipping lead times.

    37. Brian Levinsen

      Yay, it's on the way!
      @Frank, I suppose you have not ordered a lot of things before. Besides getting a tracking number, they will make usually two attempts to deliver, and after this they will leave a note where you can go and pick it up.

    38. Daniel on

      @Frank, Selective reading? If you would have read further along you would have read:

      "Also make sure your email address is correct and up to date, as we’ll be sending out tracking numbers to your email address once your Almond+ has shipped."

      Sheesh. Getting mad for no reason.

    39. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Nguyen on

      I too will change shipping address to work place address

    40. Mike k on

      Frank, I'm sure they will provide a tacking number once it is shipped. Every company does. You don't have to wait for it everyday.

      Securifi, Thanks you for an awesome update and the pics. I cant wait to receive the product.

    41. SECURIFI Creator on

      @Stephen - That shouldn't be a problem.

      @Frank - You'll get a tracking number once your unit has hsipped and TNT should contact you before they deliver, hence the reason why we needed a contact number. You can still update your shipping at Please understand that we're using a courier service because we want a working tracking system and insurance so nothing goes missing. We're shipping 7,500 units to over a 100 different countries, which is no mean feat and using regular post simply isn't an option.

    42. Missing avatar

      Frank on

      You said, "Many of you have also asked about who we’ll use for the shipping and we’ve settled on TNT which is a courier service. As such it’s crucial that there will be someone at your shipping address that can sign for your unit, as otherwise they will not deliver it."

      What kind of mess is that? First of all, we have no idea when you will deliver it. Are we supposed to stay home every day until we receive it? Second, had you told us this I would have had it delivered to my office instead. This is ridiculous.

    43. Stephen J. Weber on

      I can hope TNT delivers to college dorms, because I live in one of those. If not, well, that was a waste of $100.