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Long-Range WiFi. Blazing Fast 11ac Speeds. Simple 3 minute setup. Built-in Smarthome hub. Exquisitely designed.
Long-Range WiFi. Blazing Fast 11ac Speeds. Simple 3 minute setup. Built-in Smarthome hub. Exquisitely designed.
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Almond+ production and shipping update

Posted by SECURIFI (Creator)

As promised, albeit much later than we had initially planned, in this week’s update we’ll get into details with regards to our production and shipping schedule for the Almond+. 

The good news is that we’ve passed the EMI certification, but the bad news is that we had to change a small component to pass the certification. Due to lead times for this new component, we’re not going to be able to go into production until late May or early June. There’s very little we can do about reducing the time it takes for the manufacturer to get us this component as they don’t have sufficient stock on hand, so we have to wait for them to produce more of the component in question. We will provide an exact production date once we’ve received this shipment of components. All other components required for the manufacturing of the Almond+ were purchased a long time ago and we’ve already taken delivery of those. 

Our initial expected delay of 3-4 months with regards to the hardware and software platform change ended up being much longer than we ever could’ve anticipated due to a complex combination of issues, of which almost all have been solved by now and we’d like to thank all of you for your patience during this period of time. 

The production will take about two weeks for all of the units, including PCB production, assembly, testing and packaging. As such we expect to have produced all units by early to mid June. Once all the units are produced, shipping will commence on a regional basis to allow us some kind of consistency with regards to sending and tracking the packages. 

Keep in mind that we offered the Almond+ in five different colours for four different Z-Wave regions, so there will be a fair bit of work on our side to get everyone the right unit in the right colour and with the right power adapter. We’re not saying that this is a huge challenge, but it’s important that we get this right the first time around. Based on our expectations, it will take one to two weeks to get all the units sent out. We’ll be making an announcement in a couple of weeks with regards to what delivery service we’ll be using, but we’re currently leaning towards TNT. 

Lastly, we’d like to add a quick reminder about our community forums which is slowly but surely growing. It’s a great place to ask questions and get some details about what’s going on outside of Kickstarter. You can find the forums here 


The Almond+ Team

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    1. Missing avatar

      leo on

      Why is the securifi touchscreen wireless N router with boost extender on sale at WALMART!!!!!
      89.00 !!!

    2. SECURIFI Creator on

      @Christal - Well, yes and no. You can update the shipping address by going to your pledge and then clicking on "Your Response" next to the survey. There is a link at the top for changing your address.

      That said, as we've mentioned, we will have a payment system going up for those that want extra sensors and this will also be the final place where everyone can double check their shipping details before we send out the Almond+. We'll have more details on this shortly, we're just making some final tweaks to things.

    3. Christal Bardfield on

      Will you be sending out another address update request when the shipments are finally made? We are a military family and it's possible we'll be moving before this ships with the current round of delays. Thank you.

    4. Heath Buckmaster on

      Like many others I've pretty much forgotten that I participated in this kickstarter. Thankfully I only spent a hundred bucks. Not really sure this product has a place in my home network at this point. What a shame.

    5. Curtiz on

      To be honest this product is so delayed I had forgotten all about it seeing as I went ahead and purchased the latest apple AC router. I still have high hopes for this device, I just hope it actually delivers on its numbers and features and doesn't end up being just another custom router with a touch screen. I need a router that actually gets better reception, actually delivers better speeds and delivers a constant, secure and reliable signal. Those are most important for me, however I add more and more smart/wireless devices to my current config and I hope this router will simplify their management as well as handle the load all these constantly connected devices place on the routers wifi strength and its download / upload capabilities. I have faith Almond, I have faith :)

    6. Daniel on

      @Michael, the router will work with Comcast. A router simply connects all your wire or wireless devices to a network. Your Comcast cable modem will still be needed for using the internet.
      @Aseem, same as above.

    7. Aseem Kishore on

      In addition to Michael's question, can it replace a AT&T uverse router?

    8. Michael Wrigley on

      Quick question: I'm not a technical genius or anything; is there a way to figure out if the router will work with my ISP? I have Comcast. (I live in Tennessee if that helps)

    9. SECURIFI Creator on

      @Adam - It's most definitely been a learning experience, some good, some bad and a lot of frustration. We really expected to go into production and get the units out this month, but the change of the connector we have to do due to the EMI test really threw a spanner in the wheels so to say. If nothing else, we've learnt a lot of things about how to do a Kickstarter campaign and if we ever do another one, it'll be handled very differently.

    10. Daniel on

      I concur with Mike. Adam C. does not know what he's talking about. Most Kickstarter projects aren't as simple as some want to believe. An unfortunate delay is not "an absolute failure" or whatever that may mean. It's just how life is. Things don't always go according to plan.

      With that said, the one thing I do agree with Adam is the word "guarantee". Never, Ever, use that word. It gets people like Adam up in arms. Nothing can't ever be guaranteed.

    11. Mike k on

      I have to disagree with Adam. Security been very forthcoming about delays. There are always delays in any project of this scale. Plus the time gives them time to perfect the software.

    12. Missing avatar

      Adam Collins on

      See, now what did I tell you in Update 29 about saying we'd get these "before the summer guaranteed". You guys shot yourself in the foot with that one. Do not make a guarantee unless it's one you know you can keep.

      At the very least, I hope this has been a learning experience for you guys so that you know how to properly handle future projects. No matter how the actual product turns out, this Kickstarter campaign has been an absolute failure.

    13. SECURIFI Creator on

      @Ryan - Everyone will be able to purchase sensors, the survey was merely a means for us to judge if there was enough interest or not, which it clearly was. We'll have a system in place in a couple of weeks where everyone will be able to check their current order as well as change colour, add sensors and potentially the debug adapter as well.

      @David - We're already shipping via a courier service. The units will be shipping from Taiwan, so it's impossible for us to offer two day shipping. As soon as we're done making them, they'll be shipped straight to our backers.

      @Alex - Please check towards the end of the previous update on how to update your shipping address.

      @Chad - We shipped several beta/dev units to Canada and no-one got hit with any extra fees.

      @Jeffrey - Sadly it's not a firmware upgrade to get MU-MIMO, as Qualcomm decided that they wanted to do this via a new chipset that isn't available in mass production quantities as yet. Broadcom doesn't support MU-MIMO on their new platform, only more streams.

      @A. S. - Just send us a PM and we'll arrange a refund.

    14. Doc Rock on

      Yes folk its been long but this is gonna be an amazing product. if not for kickstarter these things go on all the time in product production and we never hear of them unless they are a large company and someone leaks the delays to the media. MY advise if you've given up hope is to kinda do just that, stop expecting and just be surprised when you get your almond in the mail. :)

    15. Missing avatar

      Nathan on

      @keith - I don't think anyone has lashed out at Securifi. I'm sure most of the issues are similar to mine - related to the process, not the people.

    16. Missing avatar

      A. S. on

      "At one point, during the many delays, you offered a refund procedure. I've lost faith in this process and would now like a refund. How would I go about this?"

      I've the same question.
      Reason: Waited long enough and I need a new AC router now. I've to buy one.
      I expected the Almond+ in late february/march (the time I ordered).

      Other reasons:
      Import tax and shipping costs + almond+ are now way higher than actual, top performing ac routers in my country. I don't need the touchscreen and home automation (would be a nice bonus). I just need a fast ac router now.

    17. Boone Simpson on

      Thanks for the update, I know you guys are working hard on a great product and are doing your best to get it out to us.

    18. Sharkeyx

      Thank you for the heads up!

    19. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Beaman on

      I'm still excited about the home automation features, but sadly by the time we receive the router the next generation of 802.11ac routers will be nearing retail. I hope it's a firmware upgrade to get MU-MIMO and some of the newest features. I've been reading about latest Qualcom/ Broadcom chips and already considering my next wifi purchase. Almond+ may turn out to be my repeater/dev router... =(

    20. Keith Rome on

      There's no need to lash out at the Securifi folks. My existing router finally gave up last week, forcing me to buy an alternative. I sent a polite PM to Securifi and they quickly processed a refund without any trouble at all.

      I wish I could have waited for the Almond+ though. The router I ended up getting was $200+ and doesn't have a touchscreen or any of the smart home features. So even with it being so late on delivery it's still a fantastic bargain (assuming the wireless speed/stability are as good as the competition - which is something of an unknown until they actually hit the market and get some customer reviews).

    21. Chad J Mac Donald on

      Although I'm disappointed, it does not reduce my excitement for this product! I'm ready to dump my alarm company/home automation as they can't seem to do anything right and this product will fit that bill as well as my networking needs....all in a terrific little package!

      The one thing I have some concern about is using TNT for shipping. They tend to ding us pretty heavily with fees in Canada. Just wondering if you have any idea how much, if any, fees we will be charged? Sometimes they can exceed the price of the actual device!

    22. Missing avatar

      Alex Sukalski on

      Is is possible to update the shipping address I gave on the survey back in February. I was hoping it would arrive before I moved, but it looks that won't be the case. Thanks!

    23. Colin Vesper on

      Thanks for the update and the details about the component. I appreciate how much you guys share about what's going on. As delays happen, people start to throw a fit, but they forget that this is about supporting you guys and not just buying something cool. Yeah it's been a long time, but most kickstarters take a long time, and it's going to be a sweet piece of equipment. Looking forward to it.

    24. Jonathan Walters

      I have to agree with @David, Securifi seems to have been very forthcoming regarding delays, and the hardware improvements have been significant for a device at this price point. Upon seeing some of the beta feedback, I'm convinced that this device is worth waiting for and I personally don't understand why you'd want a refund at this point (especially when shipment seems so close). After all, it's Kickstarter and not Newegg, right?

    25. Dave W on

      In retrospect tho, Securifi did upgrade the hardware to be more competitive (USB 3.0, 3x3 antennae, etc.) so I can't be too disappointed. Honestly, I think the disappointment overrides logic in most peoples' reaction (me included). Perhaps an option to offer expedited shipping at a reduced rate is more moderate?

    26. Dave W on

      Edit: This is why launching simultaneously in multiple countries is never a good idea unless you are a huge corporation. Sony and MS phase launch consoles, apps are regionalized and soft launched, etc. Wireless devices are even harder because of so many regional standards. I just think in the tech world, a 9 month delay is ancient. It's almost a full hardware cycle for Androids.

    27. Dave W on

      @Hector it's just old. Anything that pumps out electronic signals constantly for 5+ years is going to wear out. My guess is heat has damaged the RAM modules.

      @Daniel yes I'm serious. Almond is a fairly successful company with experience from being the original Almond to market. Mass 2-day shipping is available at a discount. Although you're right about international logistics. And I'm not a fan of caviar... Send me some truffled salsa.

      If I can find a comparable AC router for about $100, I'll just get a refund.

    28. Ryan I.

      Honestly, I'm surprised by all the refund requests. We have sat through 6 months of delays and now that we actually have what seems like a real delivery window in 2 months, people want out. SMH

      @securifi I never responded to the sensors survey, but now that they won't delay shipping, I might be interested. Is that possible?

    29. Ben Lorenz on

      This is very disappointing.

    30. SECURIFI Creator on

      @Ziv - Please send us a PM

      @hashish - All of the units we'll be shipping will include a flat cat 6 Ethernet cable and a few other accessories such as a desk and wall mount stand.

      @Wesley - We might be able to do that, it's something we bought specifically for our dev/beta backers if they happened to run into some issues that needed some extra troubleshooting. Luckily we haven't had any such issues so far.

    31. SECURIFI Creator on

      To those of you interested in the the more technical aspects of the EMI issue, here's a brief explanation - The component that we were having problems with was the dual port USB 3.0 connector. As many of you may know, USB 3.0's physical layer operates at a speed of about 10x compared to USB 2.0. If the connector is not carefully constructed it generates all sorts of spurious and harmonic signals in restricted bands. Unfortunately the original connector we used proved to be unsuitable for use in a router environment and we had to source an alternative. The older connector didn’t affect the USB 3.0 storage performance, but caused unwanted harmonics that prevented us from passing the EMI test.

    32. Missing avatar

      Wesley Stocker on

      OK, chalk me up as another who would like to know what component changed? Also, when you offer this ordering site you alluded to in comments below, maybe you could add the serial debug kit (Cable + USB Adapter) as an option as well as additional Almond+'s and sensors. Now that it won't further delay the router ship, I may be interested in adding more sensors than I responded for in the survey.

    33. Vinz Co on

      Just want to say thank you for your hard work on this product. I actually do not mind the delay, your updates on the problems reminds me of my own manufacturing business' daily conundrum. I hope to see a great product once you ship out the final unit.

    34. Tristan Rupert on

      Dear Securifi,

      I'm still excited about getting this hardware eventually. However, please provide more specific info on the component that is problematic. I am one of many of your crowd venture capitalists who want to know more about what is going on. The least you can do is satisfy our curiosity. I/WE are your funding PARTNERS, we deserve to know the specifics. Other than that a june/july delivery sounds decent!

    35. Brian Levinsen

      I got my developer unit, and even though it has some kinks on the software side, i'm still happy about this cool little device, and remember it is not just an 802.11ac router. Yes there are other 802.11ac some might even have a touch screen. But on how many of them can you write and install your own software, on how many of them can you set up home automation with ZigBee and Zwave, on how many of them do you have a company behind who actually promotes that you do some hacking on it? And will actively support the developer community? How many leave the serial console port readily available for you to do some hacking. And at the same time do it at the price point that Securifi does it? Yes there has been delays, but none of them has been in the hands of Securifi as far as I can see. Remember this is Kickstarter, not Amazon, and even if Securifi is a company that already has a product on the market, if this was another company with a huge financial backing, we would not have any insight on the delays, we would maybe hear about the product at a tradeshow, and then again when the product launches. As a Kickstarer backer you get an insight into the actual process of getting a product through all the hurdles that comes with making a complex device like this. And if you can't handle that, then don't pledge, go and shop on Amazon when the products are out.

    36. Missing avatar

      hashish on

      My router is dying, I have been holding off buying one because of this cursed project. Seriously, at this rate we should be getting some kind of freebie like a free flash drive or at least some cat6 cable. How about a screen protector or a microfiber cloth?

    37. Enno Van de Kerk on

      @securify this is getting old :-( and please reply on ghshephard.

      @ john casteele amen to that.

    38. pfa on

      I agree with ghshephard - it's Kickstarter, guys, a lot of people here backed the project to share the experience. So, please be more specific than just "we're waiting for some mystical component which cannot be produced earlier than June".

    39. dmkickstart247 on

      I'm with Nathan unfortunately... some delays can be tolerated, but this is ridiculous. I feel like I'm still waiting for a game boy I ordered in the 80s. The novelty has worn off.

      PM sent.

    40. Ziv Berin on

      Is there still a way to withdraw ? by the time you deliver this router, it's gonna be a 2 year tech and besides, not being able to meet up your deadline over and over again, for so many different reasons - doesn't look good.

    41. SECURIFI Creator on

      @Daniel - Yes, we just didn't want to include that in this update, as it wasn't specifically related. We'll provide more details shortly with regards to how we'll ship, how to check your order, how to make changes to your order and how to order sensors to go with your Almond+.

    42. Daniel on

      @David Wetty, Seriously? You think Overnight or 2-day shipping comes in cheap? Also the astronomical costs for international shipping? Would you like them to ship you caviar too? Sheesh. They aren't a big corporation, that's why they came to Kickstarter.
      You have waited this long, it's not going to kill you to wait a little longer.. Or just ask for a refund.. The option has been available since day one.

      @SECURI, just out of curiosity, with this delay, does that means those that want to purchase extra sensors can do so without further delay with their router?

    43. Missing avatar

      Hector Silva

      @David Wetty, What are you doing to your Airport Extreme to kill it? :-D

    44. Steve on

      That is too bad. However, an expected part of the process. I wish you the best of luck finishing up production smoothly.

    45. Dave W on

      Seriously disappointed as my AirPort Extreme isn't going to last until July. That means I'm going to have to buy an interim router. I may just find a similar spec AC router and call it a day.

      I understand that some of this is out of your control (regulations and suppliers are a huge hurdle), but we are now estimated to be 9 months past due. I think overnight or 2-day shipping is in order at the absolute least.

    46. Mike k on

      Thank you for the update!

    47. Chris Conner on

      Is there anyway I can buy one of those Almond+ that someone wants refunded for?

    48. SECURIFI Creator on

      @Nathan - Please send us a PM and we'll arrange a refund. We've offered refund to anyone that's asked for one.

      @Greg - We'd expect to ship all units in June and the beta/developer units only took 3-5 days to arrive at most destinations, so the time it takes from when we send the unit until it'll arrive with you guys is very short.

      @Andrew - Send us a PM and we'll let you know

      @John - As mentioned above, we'll be shipping in June. We're equally frustrated about this as you are, but we can't ship without meeting certain legal requirements, such as EMI, UL, CE etc. The issue is solved, but without this small change, it's impossible for us to go into production.

    49. Missing avatar

      ghshephard on

      For those of you who are upset regarding the delay - I can share that it has not been unheard of for an RF team (A full on team, with 15-20 engineers/QA/HALT/NPI/board layout/manufacturing/etc...) to do as many as a dozen spins of their board and components before releasing a final product. And then, when we integrate with a third party, it's not a shocker if *they* have to spin two-three times (usually on the power supply) to get a clean system. All in all we sometimes slip as much as a year on new RF products - I'd be pleasantly surprised if Almond+ is out by September - I honestly only gave them a 20-30% chance of success in ever releasing a product.

      What I'm missing though, is more of the interesting details - I certainly never backed them to get an actual router (though that would have been a nice bonus) - but I did want to hear the interesting details associated with their struggles in getting an RF product out the door - the hand waving about "component" and what was required to get past certification was disappointing - You can either (A) Be open, and share everything about your foibles and struggles, recognizing this is a kickstarter, or (B) Sell your product once it's done, and never share anything with anybody - one or the other. But I don't think it's reasonable to pretend to be an actual consumer electronics company AND kickstarter at the same time, and hope to get the benefits of both.

      So, share a little more!

    50. John Casteele on

      So basically, there's still nothing more than a vague idea of when things will be ready to ship and a vague idea of how things will be shipping. I guess maybe we'll see them by July? Or August or September, hopefully?

      This is fairly disappointing given how previous updates made it sound like things would be shipping next month (in regard to the sensors "delaying shipment until late May" and the like.) I was excited about the router when I backed it, but with delays (which I realize aren't always within your control), feature creep, and being one of those who can only use the extended features from the web interface instead of a dedicated app, every new update just strips away a little bit more of that enthusiasm.